[kab-uh-luh, kuh-bah-]
cabala: see kabbalah.
Cabala (alternately Kabbala(h) or Qabala(h)) may refer to one of several systems of Mysticism:

  • Kabbalah, the religious mystical system of Judaism
  • Practical Kabbalah, an agglomeration of all the magical practices that developed in Judaism from the Talmudic period down through the Middle Ages
  • Christian Kabbalah, the Christian application of Jewish Kabbalistic methods
  • Hermetic Qabalah, a Western esoteric and mystical tradition drawing on Jewish Kabbalah and other sources
    • English Qabalah, one of several different systems of Hermetic Qabalah that interpret the letters of the English or Latin alphabet as number and symbolIn music
  • Cabala (Led Zeppelin album), a Led Zeppelin compilation boxed set

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Cabala may also be a variant spelling of:

  • Jabala (Gabala), a Christian city in Syria during the Middle Ages
  • Karbala, a city in Iraq that is holy to Shiite Muslims
  • possibly a misspelling of Cabela's, the outdoor specialty retailer

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