Iris typically refers to:

  • Iris (mythology), in Greek mythology, a messenger god and the personification of rainbows
  • Iris (color), an ambiguous color ranging from blue-violet to violet, from the flower of the same name

Iris may also refer to:

In science and technology

In biology

  • Iris (anatomy), the sphincter around the pupil of the eye, named for the colors in human and animal eyes
  • Iris (plant), a genus of flowering plants, named for the Greek mythological figure
  • Iris (mantis), a genus of insects of the praying mantis family, in the subfamily Mantinae

In other sciences

  • 7 Iris, an asteroid named after the mythological figure
  • Iris nebula, a reflection nebula, NGC 7023
  • Iridescence, an optical phenomenon in which hue changes with the angle at which a surface is viewed


  • Diaphragm (optics), a mechanical device found in cameras, which mimics the function of the biological iris
  • Iris (diaphragm), any such mechanical device, as used in doors, pipes, or electrical engineering
  • Iris printer, a true color inkjet printer used for industrial prepress proofs and fine art printing
  • Iris (web browser), a web browser for mobile phones and embedded devices

In arts and entertainment

In music

Fictional characters

  • Iris, a fictional queen in Piers Anthony's Xanth novels
  • Iris (Mega Man), a fictional character in the video game Mega Man X4
  • Iris, a pre-teen prostitute played by Jodie Foster in the 1976 film Taxi Driver

In other arts and entertainment

In transportation

  • HMS Iris, Six historical warships of the British Royal Navy
  • USS Iris, any of several ships in the US Navy that have been named after the mythological figure
  • The Abraham Iris, a touring plane built in France before World War II
  • The Blackburn Iris, a British military flying boat first flown in 1926
  • The MV Royal Iris of the Mersey, the name of two Mersey Ferries operating on the River Mersey, England

Other uses

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