c.p.leo delibes

C.C.C.P. (band)

C.C.C.P. was a German high-energy techno and rock band, led by Rasputin Stoy. They were best known for their 1986 instrumental American-Soviets, released by Clockwork Germany. This six-minute song themed on the Cold War became a major hit at dance clubs and in the US-Billboard Charts, German Top 75 and many more European charts. The following single releases (Made in Russia, Orient Express) was released by BMG Europe and BMG Pacific. Both titles were no. 1 and no.2 in the official charts in the same week (Hong Kong, BeNeLux, France and Spain). Their 1990 song "Don't Kill The Rainforest" was also a minor alternative radio hit. C.C.C.P. recorded a couple of albums.

C.C.C.P. released their seventh album, "Quantic Shamanism Through Digital Western" featuring Meyhiel, in January 2008 on the art label *MILLEPLATEAUXMEDIA.

This is not the same CCCP that featured John Payne.

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