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C.N. Industrial, Saskatoon

The CN industrial Area is the industrial park located in southern Saskatoon. It is a part of the Nutana Suburban Development Area. A new auto mall has been constructed to the east in Stonebridge. This industrial park was established with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway crossing the South Saskatchewan River. Idylwyld Drive provides a concurrency for TransCanada Highway and Sk Hwy 5 next to this park providing a perimeter route around the city of Saskatoon and access to major trucking routes.


The CN Industrial is bordered to the south by The Willows, Saskatoon, on the north by Idylwyld Drive and Avalon. Stonbridge is to the east, and Sk Hwy 219 to the west. Diefenbaker management area and the South Saskatchewan River are west of the CN Industrial area. The auto mall is a newer part of the CN Industrial area east of Portage Avenue to Clarence Avenue. There is a new interchange at Clarence Avenue and Idylwyld Drive to provide easier access to the area.

The Grand Trunk Bridge (Saskatoon) or CN Bridge crosses the South Saskatchewan River between the Queen Elizabeth Power Station on the upstream (west) side and Diefenbaker Park on the downstream (east) side. The train bridge commenced construction work in 1906 with rail line service beginning on September 21, 1908. The proposed south vehicular bridge will travel from Clarence Avenue to an area near 11th Street on the west side of Saskatoon. The south bridge is planned to span north and parallel to the Brand Trunk Bridge.


The major employers in this area are Westfair Foods, Early Seed and Feed, Roadex Services, Ltd., N. Yanke Transfer, Ltd., and Speedway Moving & Storage. The Saskatoon Auto Mall includes Saturn, Mini, Sherwood, Chevrolet, BMW auto dealers which have relocated from 8th Street and Circle Drive to the auto mall.

Future Plans

Future plans include the completion of Circle Drive with a south bridge. Infrastructure preparations will include a major interchanges at the C.N. Industrial Park north perimeter along Circle Drive.

As a result of the increased traffic south of Circle Drive, a new Clarence Avenue and Circle Drive interchange was constructed providing an arterial roadway overpass of Clarence Ave over Circle Drive. Construction began in 2006 was completed by the end of 2007.



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