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List of W.I.T.C.H. characters (TV show)

This is a list of characters in the French animated television series W.I.T.C.H..

Characters are classified by importance and occupation. For the appearance lists, while some cameos are accepted, some aren't. Also, if an appearance list only lists a major character's appearances for the second season, this means he appeared in all of the episodes in Season 1, with the exception of Blunk, who appeared in every episode except "It Begins".



Elyon Brown

Character Voice Actress Season One Season Two First Appearance
Elyon Brown Serena Berman 21 episodes 12 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Appearances: Happy Birthday Will, A Service to the Community, The Labyrinth, Divide and Conquer, Ambush at Torus Filney, Framed, The Stone of Threbe, The Princess Revealed, Stop the Presses, Parents' Night, The Mudslugs, Ghosts of Elyon, The Mogriffs, The Underwater Mines, The Seal of Phobos, Escape from Cavigor, Caleb's Challenge, The Battle of Meridian Plains, The Rebel Rescue, The Stolen Heart, The Final Battle, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, D is for Dangerous, F is for Facades, H is for Hunted, J is for Jewel, K is for Knowledge, S is for Self, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Matthew Olsen

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Matthew Olsen Jason Marsden 6 episodes 17 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Appearances: Happy Birthday Will, Divide and Conquer, Walk this Way, The Rebel Rescue, The Stolen Heart, The Final Battle, A is for Anonymous, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, G is for Garbage, H is for Hunted, K is for Knowledge, L is for Loser, M is for Mercy, R is for Relentless, S is for Self, T is for Trauma, U is for Undivided, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Matt Olsen is Will's classmate and her big crush. He's lead guitarist, as well as the main singer of his band Wreck 55. A few of his songs have been heard, and he is seen to be a very talented singer (the few songs that were heard include "The Demon in Me" as well as "The Will to Love" a song written for Will). He first appeared in the Season 1 episode "Happy Birthday Will". In "Walk This Way", he asked her to the school dance, in "Divide and Conquer" Will and Sondra fought over him at the school ski trip. He gives Will a dormouse named Mister Huggles in "The Rebel Rescue" as a way of saying that he has feelings for her. At the end of "The Rebel Rescue" Matt is very happy to've gotten a kiss on the lips from Will.

Matt first learns about the Guardians in "The Stolen Heart", when he accidentally follows the girls through a portal and finds himself in Meridian. After seeing Will in her Guardian Form, Matt considers himself a part of the team. After sitting on the sidelines and watching the major events in "The Final Battle" and "A is for Anonymous", Matt soon decides that he wants to help, though the Guardians(mainly Will)are reluctant to allow him to in case he is injured. As a result of this, he asked Caleb to train him how to be a warrior in "D is for Dangerous", helping the girls fight Nerissa and the Knights of Vengeance in "G is for Garbage" and "K is for Knowledge".

Half way through season 2, Matt finds himself torn between two sides. In "L is for Loser" Matt is captured by Nerissa, who transformed him into Shagon, the Angel of Malice, the leader of the Knights of Destruction. Shagon has the appearance of a muscular man with feathery black wings and a golden mask on his face and has the power to generate green light beams from his eyes. Shagon constantly demorphed into Matt during the day so nobody would worry about him missing, to spy on the girls and to make Will hate him even more. It is later revealed that Matt still exists inside Shagon's mind. The two are able to communicate and, at times, Shagon was forced to allow Matt limited control over his body (for example, when he had to sing or play an instrument) so that he could continue to pass himself off as Matt.

In "S is for Self", Matt's love for Will allowed him to break free from Nerissa's control long enough to prevent the Knights of Destruction from harming Will. During this, Matt's conscience struggled inside of Shagon's body, and he was fully freed from Shagon's grasp power shortly afterwards, when Nerissa drained her Knights of power to fuel her reformed Guardians.

In "U is for Undivided", Matt was made a Regent of Earth by Lillian Hale, granting him Shagon's powers but allowing him to retain his free will, fulfilling his wish to help Will and the others effectively, but this time his powers are not based on the hatred of his enemies but his very own "Lillian powers". He now holds one third of the power of the Heart of Earth.

In "X is for Xanadu" Matt also fought in the Great Battle of the Infinite City using his powers. He also fought in the Battle of Kandrakar in "Y is for Yield". In "Z is for Zenith" all the Regents of Earth manage to create a Glamour Zone around the Guardians and Lord Cedric to keep the public from seeing a fight.He also helped Will gain back her humanity when she turned into the power of Quintessence.Using that power could cost any guardian her humanity, or being actually human.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Blunk Steven Jay Blum 25 episodes 20 episodes "It Resumes"

Appearances (Season 2): A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, K is for Knowledge, N is for Narcissist, O is for Obedience, P is for Protectors, Q is for Quarry, R is for Relentless, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Blunk is a small and smelly creature who lives on Meridian. He is a Passling, a short toad goblin like creature who travels through the dimensions to find and steal goods to sell. Blunk was captured by Prince Phobos and put in a cell that you had to climb up to get out of. After trying to escape over 3700 times, he got prisonmates, Caleb and Will in his debut in "It Resumes". Both took an immediate disliking to the extremely smelly Passling, but knew they had to work with him to escape, until the other Guardians arrived and saved all three.

The prison keeper Vathek was actually a spy for the rebel army and had given Caleb the key to escape once he had found a way to climb to the top. Caleb had a place he was supposed to put the key during his escape so Vathek wouldn't be discovered as a traitor, but Blunk found it and stole it. Blunk went to Earth with Caleb and the Guardians and quickly made a home there: the Silver Dragon's dumpster. Blunk learned about Earth and constantly took goods from Earth to sell to the Meridianites. In "The Key" Caleb learned that Blunk had taken the key from its hiding spot, as Vathek had already been suspected by Phobos to be a spy.

Caleb and the Guardians went to Meridian and were able to frame the high-ranking guard of Phobos, Raythor, of stealing the key. Vathek was saved but the Guardians and Caleb continued to dislike Blunk. Blunk, being able to sniff out portals, frequently went to Earth and back. Half the time he was in Meridian finding goods, helping the Guardians and selling to customers, and half the time he was in Earth finding goods, helping the Guardians and sniffing out portals for them. Once, Blunk got a cold and was treated by his mother. Blunk always helped Caleb in his missions, and when he was almost eaten by Cedric and Miranda, Caleb demanded a left-behind guard, Tynar where was his "friend". Blunk was so happy at Caleb and from then on sticks to him.

In "The Stolen Heart" Blunk was framed for stealing the Heart of Kandrakar, which an evil, greedy passling named Jeek had done. He suddenly became an outlaw to them, but decided to prove his innocence. Blunk found a portal to Meridian and combated Jeek for the Heart, just before it was going to have gone to Prince Phobos and Cedric. The Guardians arrived and helped Blunk, forgiving him. In "The Final Battle" Blunk wanted to prove that he was a warrior, not a scavenger and helped fight Cedric with Matt. Meridian was freed but Blunk decided to continue to go to Earth and back.

Blunk was one of the many allies of the Guardians that were summoned to Kandrakar to meet the Oracle and his Council. Blunk was excited to have found a new world because it meant new items to sell. When the Oracle caught Blunk stealing, he gave Blunk the Tooth of the Tonga, allowing him to create folds in the universe to traverse dimensions now that the Veil had been lowered and no more portals existed. In "B is for Betrayal", "F is for Facades" and "I is for Illusion", Blunk proved useful in sniffing out the Knights of Vengeance through the extremely smelly rhino Crimson. He can be easily persuaded into do other people favours in exchange for something else, usually garbage.

In "G is for Garbage" Blunk rediscovered the Horn of Hypnos, capable of turning innocent people into mind slaves to the user. Blunk outtraded Jeek for it, and used the Tonga Tooth to create a fold to go to Earth to give to the Guardians, but Jeek who had followed him to Earth stole it. Blunk tried to tell Irma this but Irma was mad at Blunk for putting all his garbage in her parents' garage. Blunk eventually got the message through and when the Knights of Vengeance got ahold of the Horn, they used it to make Jeek, Will, Matt, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin into Trance Marchers.

Irma had to team up with Blunk to free their friends and avoid hearing the Horn. Blunk took Irma to his secret garbage hideout, but Jeek was able to sniff them out. Blunk tried to remember the tune that broke the spell to the Horn, but couldn't. Eventually the two got along and Irma apoligized to Blunk for all the mean things she said to him. In working together, they were able to avoid the spell, destroy the Horn, and free their friends once Blunk remembered the tune.

Blunk continued to be useful in sniffing out villains and being the messenger as shown in "J is for Jewel", "K is for Knowledge", "N is for Narcissist", and "O is for Obedience". Blunk went with the Guardians to Zamballa, and helped them battle Nerissa and her Knights of Destruction. In "Q is for Quarry" Will hired Blunk to spy on her dad's new fiance, Sarina Sanchez, suspecting she may be a glamoured Nerissa. Blunk was competent at finding out that Sarina wasn't Nerissa.

Blunk played a major role in "R is for Relentless" where he had to help Hay Lin fold to different dimensions, including Earth, Meridian, Kandrakar and Zamballa to avoid Nerissa getting ahold of Yan Lin. Blunk learned that Nerissa had put a tracking spell on his Tooth, making Yan Lin falling to Nerissa inevitable. Blunk reappears in "V is for Victory" and "W is for Witch" where he helps the Guardians try and get Phobos accustomed to Earth and to defeat Nerissa. When Phobos takes siege on Meridian in "X is for Xanadu" both he and Caleb are captured in the Battle of the Infinite City.

Blunk and Caleb are sentenced to death by Phobos, but Taranee, Will and Raythor (now on the good side) are able to free both of them. Blunk goes to Kandrakar where he reunites with his Mama. Blunk participates in the final battle of Kandrakar where he helps Caleb, Gargoyle and Sandpit defeat Miranda. After that, Blunk returns to Meridian and continues to smuggle. IMOWHT....


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Caleb Greg Cipes 26 episodes 20 episodes "It Begins"

Appearances (Season 2): A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, H is for Hunted, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, K is for Knowledge, N is for Narcissist, O is for Obedience, P is for Protectors, Q is for Quarry, R is for Relentless, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Caleb is the leader of the Rebellion in Meridian. Because Prince Phobos had taken control and he was an evil tyrant making innocent people suffer and anybody against him was put to a work crew as a prisoner, a rebellion of all the young men started to defeat his evil forces. Caleb debuted in "It Begins" where he and his best friend and second-in-command Aldarn raided the castle to steal supplies for the rebels. Caught by the guards, they were chased by Cedric, but escaped on Hoogongs, ostrich like creatures. Aldarn escaped to the Infinite City while Caleb sought a nearby portal to Earth.

Just right when he reached Earth, Cedric caught him and pulled him back to Meridian as a prisoner. The new Guardians, who were practicing their powers right in front of the portal, saw all of this happen. Caleb was put in the guard's Vathek cell (the type you have to climb up to get out) where he met the smelly Passling Blunk. Soon later they were joined by Will, leader of the Guardians. Will and Caleb immediately started to bicker, but at the same time it seemed like they were going to start a relationship. However when the Guardians came to save them, Cornelia and Caleb took an immediate liking to each other. The Guardians evaded the guards, Lurdens and the rock monster Gargoyle and brought Caleb and Blunk to Earth.

On Earth, Caleb tried to learn regular human life like fashions and teens. He was unsuccessful most of the time and made a fool of himself. In "The Key" he learns that Blunk stole the key to the cell they were in, as Vathek, who was a spy for the rebellion, had given Caleb the key secretly to escape if he climbed to the top. Caleb had put the key in its hiding place to cover for Vathek but with Blunk having the key, he finds himself having to go back to Meridian to save Vathek. The Guardians help him and an officer guard, Raythor is framed for stealing the key instead.

In "Happy Birthday Will" Caleb attends Will's birthday party and two girls, Alchemy and Elyon get a big crush on him. In "Divide and Conquer" Caleb goes with the girls on a ski trip, and learns about snowboarding, which is like mumboarding in Meridian. In "Ambush at Torus Filney" Caleb constantly tries to smuggle goods and chocolate to the rebels from Earth, but the Guardians stop him, causing tensions between him and the team. Phobos and Cedric start a rumor that the Seal of Phobos has been found, and Caleb goes to the apparent place the Seal is, only to be trapped by a sand monster named Sandpit. The Guardians arrive and save him.

Phobos sends the Tracker to Earth in "Return of the Tracker" to defeat Caleb. Caleb finds himself battling the Tracker in a movie theatre in front of a live audience. However he is successful and with the girls' help he sends the Tracker back to Meridian. In "Framed" Caleb also plays the role of a hero when he and Irma use their jousting skills to save the other girls from a painting they are trapped in. Real shock occurs when Caleb learns from Vathek that Elyon, one of the girls that likes him, is really Phobos' sister and the rightful Princess of Meridian.

Caleb and Blunk spy on Elyon to make sure Phobos and Cedric don't take her to Meridian first, as Phobos' master plan is to drain her of all her mystical power so he will be invincible. Caleb fails at this task and Elyon goes to Meridian. Caleb tries to rescue her from Phobos a few times afterward but fails as Elyon uses ghostly images of herself to trick him. However he gets to her once in "The Mogriffs" where he bows down to her, shaking her faith in her brother a little bit.

Next, Caleb had to free Drake and other rebels from the Horn of Hypnos' mind control spell by playing a special melody on a guitar in Heatherfield. Caleb later learns that his father, Julian who was supposed to have been killed in The Battle of Grey Woods, is still alive. Caleb leads a rescue operation with the Guardians to save his father, and is successful. In "The Seal of Phobos" Caleb is captured and put in a rock quarry to work along with Drake and other rebels. Luckily the Guardians free him, but he doesn't jump into the battle before he kisses Cornelia(on the cheek).

Eventually Caleb and Cornelia start a full relationship as both love each other. They work together a lot of times, like for instance freeing rebels in "The Rebel Rescue" or prisoners in "Escape from Cavigor". Once, Aldarn was hypnotized by Elyon into believing the rebellion was wrong and Phobos is good, and because Caleb disagrees with him, Aldarn challenges Caleb to leadership. Caleb proves to be a better warrior and Aldarn is freed, with both participating together in the Battle of Meridian Plains once the rebel base, the Infinite City, is discovered.

Caleb and the girls lead the final battle to free Meridian and are successful in defeating Phobos, but before going into the castle, he finally kisses Cornelia(on the lips this time). Elyon learns the truth and becomes the new Queen of Meridian, and Caleb becomes her personal bodyguard. However in his decision to stay in Meridian, he has tensions with Cornelia, as seen in "A is for Anonymous", "B is for Betrayal", "C is for Changes", "D is for Dangerous" and "E is for Enemy". He eventually decides to win her back by making a complete fool of himself at the ice skating ring. The two eventually even out the odds and become a couple again.

The Knights of Vengeance capture him later that day in "F is for Facades" and even after rescuing him and the other rebels, it seemed like Caleb and Julian didn't make it out alive. Cornelia actually cries so hard for him, but Nerissa returns them to safety for some reason. After that, Caleb and Blunk go on many missions far away from the castle, seeking the Knights. When they release Prince Phobos in "J is for Jewel" Caleb tries to defend a currently unavailable Elyon's castle, but fails. Luckily Elyon arrives just in time, but gets captured by Nerissa after defeating Phobos.

Caleb learns that Nerissa was a former Guardian, but continues to wonder about her as she always goes easy on him as seen in "K is for Knowledge" and "N is for Narcissist". In "O is for Obedience", he learns his father Julian fell in love the Mage seventeen years ago, but Caleb also learns that the real Mage died eighteen years ago and she took the Mage's place: meaning Nerissa is Caleb's mother. Caleb has a hard time getting used to this as his attitude goes down while defending Zamballa from the Knights of Destruction.

After Nerissa "fails" to capture Yan Lin in "R is for Relentless", Caleb takes a break from the plot until the situation becomes desperate as the Guardians cannot defeat Nerissa's team of old Guardians. Will decides in "V is for Victory" to release Prince Phobos, and Caleb and Vathek, though not so sure on the idea, do it. Caleb tries to get Phobos adjusted to human life, but it all runs short when Phobos reveals his true intentions in "W is for Witch": capturing Nerissa's power for himself.

Caleb leads the defense troops in Meridian, but Phobos is too powerful and the rebels have to retreat to Kandrakar. However at the Battle of the Infinite City, Caleb and Blunk are taken prisoners and are sentenced to death by Phobos in "Y is for Yield". Luckily, Will, Taranee and Raythor (who is now a good guy) rescue both of them. In the final battle for Kandrakar, Caleb and his date Cornelia fight off evil, and after the Guardians leave to defend Earth, Caleb is able to stop Miranda from destroying the Aurameres, the source of the Guardians' power. With evil defeated, Caleb returns to Meridian with Elyon and continues to live happily, while going to Earth frequently to see Cornelia.

According to Season 2 episode 9, ("I is for Illusion") he wears Size 9 shoes.

Mister Huggles

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Mister Huggles Dee Bradley Baker 2 episodes 7 episodes "The Rebel Rescue"

Appearances: The Rebel Rescue, The Final Battle, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, L is for Loser, S is for Self, U is for Undivided, W is for Witch, Z is for Zenith

Mister Huggles is Matt's pet dormouse. In "The Rebel Rescue" he was given to Will by Matt as a present, although Will's mom did not allow her to keep it, so he went to Irma's house. Irma also couldn't keep him, so Hay Lin started taking care of him. In "The Final Battle" he gave the Guardians an idea of how to get the rebels under the castle for Elyon's coronation. Mister Huggles remained with Hay Lin until he escaped his cage and make havoc in the Silver Dragon restaurant in "D is for Dangerous".

Huggles found himself at Taranee's house next, but Taranee couldn't keep him because her dad had fur allergies. Next, Cornelia tried to take care of him, but her sister Lillian let Mister Huggles "play" with Napoleon creating a huge chase around their apartment, resulting in a huge mess. Elyon tried to take care of him next but couldn't because her schedule was so busy, so Matt took him back.

Mister Huggles remained with Matt until "L is for Loser" when both were captured and transformed by Nerissa. While Matt became Shagon, Nerissa used her power to create Huggles into Khor the Destroyer. Mister Huggles remained this way until "S is for Self" when he returned to regular form. When the Heart of Earth was revealed to be Lillian, Cornelia convinced her to give her power to regents, and thus Mister Huggles became a Regent of Earth, having the free will to transform into Khor and back, starting in "U is for Undivided". As Khor, Mister Huggles helped defeat Nerissa, Phobos and Cedric.

Astral Drops

Appearances: Ambush at Torus Filney, The Mogriffs, H is for Hunted

The Astral Drops are soulless doppelgangers, summoned when the Guardians have to go on a mission and need doubles so their absence is not felt. Any Guardian can use the Heart of Kandrakar to create an Astral Drop, so long as they know the words to summon it. Although a Drop is a perfect physical copy of a person, they possess none of their memories, and have no personality of their own. All the Astral Drops make their debut in "Ambush at Torus Filney". Cornelia makes another Astral Drop in "The Mogriffs" and Will in "H is for Hunted".


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Yan Lin Altermere Lauren Tom 0 episodes 8 episodes "R is for Relentless"

Appearances: H is for Hunted, R is for Relentless, S is for Self, T is for Trauma, U is for Undivided, V is for Victory, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

An Altermere is an Astral Drop brought to life through the power of Quintessence. Unlike Astral Drops, they don't fade away when "Astral Drop" is said, they are actual living beings with feelings, emotions and memories. The concept of Altermeres is introduced in "H is for Hunted" when Will creates an Astral Drop to do her chores. Nerissa soon creates trouble by making it in an Altermere. Nerissa lets the Altermere live a life to have experience. Altermere Will has a wonderful time, but when she learns that she will be absorbed back into the Heart of Kandrakar by Will, she decides to replace her permanently.

The real Will tries to hunt her down but fails until they confront outside the school dance. Both go into Guardian form and have a battle. The other girls and Caleb can't tell which is which, but eventually they figure it out and trap her. Will tells them to stop when they realize Nerissa has caused all the trouble, and the Altermere wants to live. An annoyed Nerissa uses her power on the real Will, but the Altermere saves her life and Will absorbs her into her body, gaining all her memories.

In "R is for Relentless" Nerissa is trying to corrupt Yan Lin to her side, but can't. So she traps Yan Lin in the Seal of Nerissa and creates an Altermere double who doesn't realize she isn't the real Yan Lin until Nerissa tells her. Altermere Yan Lin, not having the strength of character as the real one, is corrupted by Nerissa, and the former Guardians are reunited. Hay Lin thinks Yan Lin has betrayed her as she doesn't learn that the former Air Guardian she is fighting is not the real Yan Lin.

Eventually the former Guardians break free from Nerissa's control, so she traps them, including the Altermere Yan Lin, into her Seal. In "Y is for Yield" all the former Guardians plus the Altermere and Elyon are able to contact Taranee through being in harmony and thats when Hay Lin learns her grandmother never betrayed her, and even the Altermere is now good. In "Z is for Zenith" all of them, except Nerissa, are freed, and Yan Lin introduces her long-lost sister she found in China to Joan and Chen Lin: Mira.


Prince Phobos

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Phobos Mitchell Whitfield 26 episodes 8 episodes "It Begins"

Appearances (Season 2): A is for Anonymous, J is for Jewel, O is for Obedience, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Lord Cedric

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Cedric Dee Bradley Baker 26 episodes 6 episodes "It Begins"

Appearances (Season 2): E is for Enemy, J is for Jewel, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

The Knights of Vengeance

A group of warriors who were originally servants/fighters for Prince Phobos during his reign. They appeared individually in Season One, but after Phobos' defeat Nerissa gathered them into her henchmen, the Knights of Vengeance. Their objective was to restore Phobos to the throne and destroy Elyon, the Guardians and the Rebels. They were the primary antagonists for the first half for Season 2, where, with the help of Nerissa, they planned numerous attacks on Meridian and the Guardians. After Phobos's breakout and attack on the palace in "J is for Jewel", Elyon locked them up in their cells along with Phobos.

They came back at the end of Season 2, when Phobos was released by the Guardians to help them get the Seal of Nerissa, but betrayed them and instead used the Seal for another attack on the palace, in which the Knights of Venegance assisted. Miranda, Frost and Crimson were locked up again. Raythor, Sandpit and Gargoyle became good guys and helped protect the Palace. The Tracker was killed and Sniffer probably locked up again.


Character Voice Actress Season One Season Two First Appearance
Miranda Grey DeLisle 6 episodes 12 episodes "The Mogriffs"

Appearances: The Mogriffs, Escape from Cavigor, The Battle of Meridian Plains, The Rebel Rescue, The Stolen Heart, The Final Battle, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Gargoyle Dee Bradley Baker 3 episodes 11 episodes "It Resumes"

Appearances: It Resumes, The Battle of Meridian Plains, The Stolen Heart, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Gargoyle is a giant rock monster who worked for Phobos, protecting and guarding the moats from any rebel that dared to try and sneak into the castle. He is very tall and big, he only has one eye and cannot speak at all. In "It Resumes" Gargoyle made his appearance fighting the Guardians after rescuing Will from Phobos, when Gargoyle reached through a portal to grab Irma, Will quickly closed the portal, chopping the left hand off. He appeared again during the battle of Meridian Plains helping the Lurdens and in "The Stolen Heart" during the invasion of the Infinite City.

When Phobos is captured and Elyon becomes the new queen, Gargoyle goes into hiding in one of the cells in Cavigor prison. Nerissa meets up with Gargoyle and convinces him to join the Knights of Vengeance after she recreates his left hand in a club-boulder weapon. Gargoyle's main job was to smash down any buildings and to carry the other Knights on his head. Gargoyle did very little fighting the Guardians but when he did, he usually failed as he is not very smart.

In "J is for Jewel" he helps lead the attack on the castle with Phobos, knocking down the gate. Elyon returns from her meditation and defeats Phobos, putting Gargoyle in a cell in the Infinite City. Gargoyle is released again in "X is for Xanadu" when Phobos betrays his oath and releases his minions to attack Meridian and Kandrakar. Raythor, the former leader of the Knights of Vengeance, convinces Gargoyle to join the Guardians as Phobos has no loyalty, honesty or honor.

Gargoyle helps fight for the Guardians in the Battle of Kandrakar in "Z is for Zenith" and is successful because of his size. When he tries to battle Cedric he is injured badly but continues to fight for good. The Guardians win and Gargoyle becomes a Castle Guard to Elyon, preferring good over evil.

The Tracker and Sniffer

Characters Voice Actors Season One Season Two First Appearance
Tracker/Sniffer Jeff Bennett/Dee Bradley Baker 3 episodes 11 episodes "The Labyrinth"

Appearances: The Labyrinth, Return of the Tracker, Framed, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith.

The Tracker was a cloaked-skeletal looking tall monster who was recruited by Phobos to track rebels. He was recruited because of his abilities with his monstrous dog Sniffer. The Tracker and Sniffer first appeared in "The Labyrinth" when the Guardians were lost in Phobos' library, and Phobos wanted the Heart of Kandrakar, so they were sent to capture Will. The girls and Caleb were able to defeat the Tracker, luckily. The Tracker and Sniffer were sent to Earth again in "Return of the Tracker" after Phobos wanted Caleb captured. They trashed up Heatherfield badly but luckily were spotted by few. The combined efforts of the Guardians, Caleb and Blunk were able to defeat the Tracker in front of a human audience.

When Elyon became Queen of Meridian, Tracker and Sniffer went into hiding in the wilderness. However, Nerissa recruited them to the Knights of Vengeance with her own persuasion. The Tracker and Sniffer were valuable members of the Knights, for Tracker's strong abilities and Sniffer being able to sniff off the Royal Guard. After a while, when Phobos was released again and defeated in "J is for Jewel", the Tracker and Sniffer were also captured and put in a cell. When Phobos returned to power again, he released Tracker and Sniffer.

In "Z is for Zenith", in the great battle for Kandrakar, the Tracker was killed when Drake dove into his body as Tracker was releasing his bat army, taking control over Tracker's body for a while, but when Drake came back out of his body. Tracker turned into dust and all that remained of him was his hat, cloak and chain-ball. It is unclear of what became of Sniffer, probably been put in a prison cell without his master.

Sniffer is a huge black dog, he is very good at sniffing if he has a scent and is very strong, fast and agile. The Tracker has an army of bats at his disposal to attack his enemies and be scouts for him, while his main weapon is a glowing green electrical chain capable of doing massive damage.


Character Voice Actress Season One Season Two First Appearance
Sandpit Kath Soucie 1 episode 11 episodes "Ambush at Torus Filney"

Appearances: Ambush at Torus Filney, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Sandpit is a living pit that any victims walk over and swallows them, imprisoning them. It also helps Phobos capture rebel members, he has no distinct personality and can't talk. Sandpit first appeared in "Ambush at Torus Filney" capturing Caleb after going for a false story about the Seal of Phobos. The Guardians manage to save Caleb from the pit's grasp. Irma and Taranee combine their powers to transform Sandpit into a shiny glass lake.

In "A is for Anonymous", when Nerissa is starting to form a group of Knights, she visits Sandpit and through the power of Quintessence, Sandpit came back to life and worked for Nerissa. Since coming back to life, he is now a tall new humanoid form that is free to wander. He is joined the Knights of Vengeance, mainly using his powers to make sure the Knights to safety and using his sand to blindsight or knock-over the enemies. Sandpit proved to be a useful member as he could disguise himself as a solid object in Earth, as seen in "C is for Changes" and "I is for Illusion" when he helps Miranda and Nerissa with their schemes.

In "J is for Jewel", Sandpit helps Raythor and Miranda release Prince Phobos and using his transparent abilities to unlock the gate for the Knights to escape. Elyon is able to defeat Phobos and the Knights, and Sandpit is trapped in a container so he can't escape at any cost. When Phobos breaks his oath and attacks Merdian, freeing his minions, including Sandpit, the giant humanoid sand monster is convinced by Raythor to join the good guys, the Guardians.

Sandpit decides to and helps the rebels during the Battle of Kandrakar. He is most useful in helping Caleb, Blunk and Luba stop Miranda from destroying the Aurameres by knocking her out. When Elyon returns to Meridian, Sandpit becomes one of her Castle Guards.


Character Voice Actors Season One Season Two First Appearance
Raythor Steven Jay Blum 1 episode 14 episodes "The Key"

Appearances: The Key, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, O is for Obedience, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Raythor was a high-ranking knight of Phobos. Raythor debuted in "The Key", when Caleb escaped from the castle, he managed to get out of handcuffs by using a key, this leads Raythor to suspect that Vathek (the rebel spy cell guard), helped Caleb to escape. Soon it is discovered the key is missing. The Guardians rescue Vathek and take down Raythor. As they do, Will hides the now found key in his uniform, so when Cedric and his troops arrive, they take Raythor for the blame of stealing the key, and Raythor, not Vathek, is thrown into the Abyss of Shadows.

Raythor then appears in "A is for Anonymous". He is seen climbing out of the Abyss of Shadows. When he gets to the top of the cliff, of where he was thrown off, he meets Nerissa telling him what he should crave for and that is vengeance. He joins with the other knights of Phobos to form the Knights of Vengeance. Raythor is made leader since he has good decision planning and thinks before charging into a battle, Frost objected to this, but Raythor outsmarted him. Raythor has a desire for vengeance and hates Queen Elyon, the rebels and especially the Guardians.

His first act was to attack and capture those who swore a loyalty oath to Phobos but betrayed their master for the rebellion: Vathek and Tynar. The Guardians eventually arrive and a huge battle in the Knights' temporary base occurs. Raythor's plan fails and the Knights have to retreat, making all their spirits go down. In "F is for Facades" Raythor acts without Nerissa's permission, leading the Knights of capture Caleb, Julian, Aldarn and Drake. Raythor is punished for not consulting with her.

In "G is for Garbage" Jeek sells Raythor the Horn of Hypnos, and Raythor is able to turn Will, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Matt and Jeek into Trance Marchers. Irma and Blunk, however, ruin his plan to turn Elyon into a Trance Marcher and he and his Knights have to retreat again. In "I is for Illusion" Raythor's attacks on the Royal Guard lead Caleb and Blunk to search for them, learning that Raythor and his men were avoiding them using the scent of the sulfur pits. A battle occurs and this time Caleb and Blunk have to retreat.

Raythor is ordered by Nerissa to attack Alborn and Miriadel in "J is for Jewel" but he breaks her will again by deciding to attack Elyon and her palace by releasing Prince Phobos. The attack seems successful but fails when the Queen returns from her meditation. She and the Guardians defeat Phobos and all the Knights of Vengeance, including Raythor, are put to prison in the Infinite City. Raythor later learns in "O is for Obedience" that Nerissa gathered the Knights as a distraction and that she didn't care about their vengeance at all. This upsets Raythor greatly and he calls her a disloyal hag.

Much later in "V is for Victory" the Guardians' situation gets desperate so they release Phobos to steal the Seal of Nerissa from Nerissa. At the same time, an invisible Hay Lin goes to Raythor's cell and makes him swear not to tell anyone that she is there. Hay Lin asks Raythor why he is still loyal to Phobos "who is dishonest, unhonerable and unloyal to anyone". Raythor tells her he swore an oath to him, and he can't break it. But when Phobos breaks his oath to the Guardians in "W is for Witch" and releases the Lurdens and the Knights of Vengeance, Raythor is ashamed and decides to join the Guardians.

Raythor becomes a double-agent to the good guys, convincing Phobos to attack Kandrakar instead of Zamballa, for more power, which is what the Guardians want because if Phobos attacks Kandrakar, he will be defeated because then he would have broken his mystical oath to the universe. Raythor still has to fight for him and he co-leads the attack on the Infinite City, with the rebels and Blunk not even knowing he is a spy for them.

In "X is for Xanadu" Caleb and Blunk are captured and in "Y is for Yield" Phobos sentences them to elimination, which Raythor, Will, Taranee, Gargoyle and Sandpit save them that night. During the Battle of Kandrakar, Raythor tries to get Phobos to actually go to the half of Kandrakar that is still Kandrakar and not Phobos' kingdom, but can't. Cedric betrays Phobos and eats him whole, and thats when Raythor reveals to everybody that he, Gargoyle and Sandpit are fighting for the Guardians. Eventually the good side wins, and Elyon returns to Meridian. Raythor becomes her personal body-guard, seeing that good is much better and happier than evil.

Frost and Crimson

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Frost/Crimson Dee Bradley Baker/Michael Bell 2 episodes 13 episodes "Ambush at Torus Filney"

Appearances: Ambush at Torus Filney, Framed, A is for Anonymous, B is for Betrayal, C is for Changes, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, F is for Facades, G is for Garbage, I is for Illusion, J is for Jewel, O is for Obedience, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

Frost the Hunter was a high-ranking member of Phobos' army. Frost makes a cameo in "Ambush at Torus Filney" but his real debut is in "Framed" where he and his mount three-horned rhino, Crimson, go to Elias Van Dahl's painting to defeat the Guardians who are trapped in the painting. The girls, who can't transform, try and escape Frost with help from Elias by painting escape routes, but when Cedric and the Lurdens join him the situation looks desperate. Irma and Caleb eventually enter the painting and they use their jousting skills to defeat Frost, Cedric and the Lurdens.

In "A is for Anonymous" Frost learns that Elyon has become the new ruler of Meridian so he uses his last magic from Phobos to go to Earth and glamour himself as a human. He is able to capture Irma, Cornelia and Hay Lin in a sphere of magic and threatens Taranee to bring Will to him and give him the Heart of Kandrakar. His plan backfires and Will uses the Heart of free the others and in Guardian form, the five easily defeat Frost and Crimson. For there humiliating defeats, Frost and Crimson join the Knights of Vengeance.

Frost challenges leadership to the Knights but Raythor outsmarts him in a mini-battle. He participates in all the Knights' activities proving to be a useful member, along with Crimson. Frost lacks intelligence and is a downright brute, showing his unintelligence by Crimson being the rhino's name when he is black-green. Frost is also very impatient, has a short temper and never thinks before he acts. In "J is for Jewel" he helps release Prince Phobos but when Elyon returns from her meditation, she defeats Phobos, with Frost and Crimson being one of many imprisoned in the Infinite City.

In "O is for Obedience" Frost is mad at learning Nerissa was the Mage all along and that she wasn't interested in their vengeance. Frost even considers telling the guards this information, when he learns out they know. Frost and Crimson reappears in "X is for Xanadu" when Phobos breaks his oath and frees all his minions too. Both help fight for Phobos in the Battles of the Infinite City and Kandrakar.

In "Y is for Yield" Cedric betrays Phobos and eats him whole, gaining all his powers. Frost decides to bow down to Cedric and Miranda, and is put in charge of defeating the rebels. However the Guardians eventually win and both Frost the Hunter and Crimson are imprisoned again in the Infinite City. Frost is actually the only member of the Knights of Vengeance who remains loyal to Phobos, who doesn't either betray him later or die - as Miranda, Raythor, Sandpit and Gargoyle all betrayed Phobos and Tracker was killed in battle.

The Knights of Destruction

The Knights of Destruction are four warriors who feed off negative emotions that were created by Nerissa and the Heart of Meridian's power. After the Knights of Vengeance were imprisoned in the Infinite City, Nerissa needed a stronger, deceiving group of henchmen to distract the Guardians while she tried to collect former Guardians. Using her Quintessence power, she created Tridart the Despair from ice and Ember the Pain from lava. She captured Matt Olsen and Mister Huggles and transformed them into Shagon, the Angel of Malice, and Khor the Destroyer.

The four knights, led by Shagon, made several attacks on Earth, Zamballa and Kandrakar. They used the Guardians' negative emotions against them, especially Shagon playing the facade on Will that he had done something to Matt, when he really was the dark side of Matt. They debuted in "L is for Loser" and lasted until "S is for Self" when Nerissa used their powers to fuel the previous Guardians' transformation in Meridian. Tridart and Ember were destroyed, and Shagon and Khor returned to Matt and Huggles. Later, the Heart of Earth, Lillian Hale, thinking it is a story tale, gives her powers to Matt, Huggles and Napoleon to become the Regents of Earth. Matt and Huggles gain the free will to transform into Shagon and Khor and back.

Khor the Destroyer

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Khor Dee Bradley Baker 0 episodes 11 episodes "L is for Loser"

Appearances: L is for Loser, M is for Mercy, N is for Narcissist, O is for Obedience, P is for Protectors, Q is for Quarry, R is for Relentless, S is for Self, U is for Undivided, W is for Witch, Z is for Zenith

Khor the Destroyer was a terrifying beast of legend that fed off anger. When Mister Huggles the dormouse was trapped in Nerissa's cell on Mount Thanos with Matt in "L is for Loser", he squeezed through the bars to escape only to tortured by Nerissa. She transformed Huggles into a beast resembling the original destroyer, Khor. Khor the Destroyer became one of the four Knights of Destruction, still obeying Shagon's commands as Shagon was really Matt, his owner. Khor fed off anger and attacked Taranee in the first battle against the Guardians because her anger over her mother for not letting her see Nigel made him even more powerful.

Khor is the only knight who doesn't have wings, and is the most barbaric, running on four legs and jumping on people to attack. Khor does Nerissa's and Shagon's bidding, participating in the fighting on Kandrakar and Zamballa, mainly fighting Caleb. In "S is for Self" Nerissa uses the power of the Knights of Destruction to fuel the transformation of the former Guardians, and thus Khor was destroyed, with Mister Huggles returning to his old self.

In "U is for Undivided" the Heart of Earth, Lillian Hale, gives her powers to the three Regents of Earth, Huggles, Matt and Napoleon. Mister Huggles regains the powers to transform to Khor, but this time at free will and Khor isn't fueled by anger. Khor helps defeat Nerissa in "W is for Witch" and later helps make Heatherfield into a giant glamour zone for the battle against Cedric in "Z is for Zenith".

Shagon, the Angel of Malice

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Shagon Jason Marsden 0 episodes 14 episodes "L is for Loser"

Appearances: L is for Loser, M is for Mercy, N is for Narcissist, O is for Obedience, P is for Protectors, Q is for Quarry, R is for Relentless, S is for Self, U is for Undivided, V is for Victory, W is for Witch, X is for Xanadu, Y is for Yield, Z is for Zenith

See Matthew Olsen

Tridart, the Despair

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Tridart Jim Cummings 0 episodes 8 episodes "L is for Loser"

One of the Four Knights of Destruction, created by Nerissa using her Quintessence power from the numerous icy stalactites found in the cave which Nerissa was sealed in. He represents the despair Nerissa felt in her prison. Tridart has the appearance of bald, tall and winged man made from ice. He gets his power form the despair and fear of his opponents. Tridart basically controls the element of ice. His weapon is a axe from which he can conjure icy blasts. He was destroyed by his own creator in "S is for Self", as he and his form was absorbed by Nerissa when she reformed C.H.Y.K.N. to be Guardians again.

Ember, the Pain

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Ember Cree Summer 0 episodes 8 episodes "L is for Loser"

One of the Four Knights of Destruction, given life by Nerissa with her power over Quintessence from the lava which flowed around Mount Thanos. She represents the pain that Nerissa felt for killing Cassidy. Ember gets her strength from the pain and hurt of her opponents. She looks like a lady with a pointy hair-do made from lava. Ember basically controlled the element of lava. Her weapon is like a trident only made from lava rather than ice and shoots lava blasts instead of icy blasts. Ember appeared to have some kind of "relationship" with Tridart. She was killed in "S is for Self" by Nerissa when she was absorbed by her.


Secondary Characters: Family

Vandom Family

Susan Vandom

Appearances: It Begins, Happy Birthday Will, A Service to the Community, The Labyrinth, Return of the Tracker, Parents' Night, Ghosts of Elyon, The Rebel Rescue, C is for Changes, D is for Dangerous, E is for Enemy, H is for Hunted, J is for Jewel, M is for Mercy, N is for Narcissist, V is for Victory, Z is for Zenith

Tony Vandom

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Tony Vandom Dan Gilvezan 0 episodes 4 episodes "M is for Mercy"

Tony Vandom is Susan's ex-husband and Will's father. He divorced with Susan and disappeared for six months as said in "N is for Narcissist". He is now visiting and is engaged to a woman named Sarina Sanchez, who Will believed was Nerissa. He first appeared in "M is for Mercy" and has red/burgundy hair. Will has an unstable relationship with her father.

In the comic he is called Thomas, and is a totally different person, a slightly aged looking gambling addicted mean guy who tries to blackmail Will and Susan.

Lair family

Anna Lair

Character Voice Actress Season One Season Two First Appearance
Anna Lair Candi Milo 3 episodes 4 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Anna Lair is Irma's mother. She looks a lot like Irma, only taller and with longer hair. Her personality is similar to Irma's too, but she is a little more mature. Anna is a little oblivious to Chris's bad behavior, and seems to protect him from his sister. Irma has hinted that she gets embarrassed by Anna in two episodes, "Happy Birthday Will" and "Parents' Night". She likes to party, although in a "lame" way. Anna is proud of her husband being a police officer. She likes to go to the beach as shown in "I is for Illusion" and "J is for Jewel". She was attacked by Shagon in "M is for Mercy". In the comics, she is Irma's stepmother but in the show she is Irma's birth mother.

Tom Lair

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Tom Lair Byrne Offutt 3 episodes 4 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Tom Lair is Irma's overweight police officer father. He is a party animal and a sports fan who hates when the garage gets dirty and has little patience for fussy people. He can be nice and mean towards Irma at times. He is very strict and expects his children to be clean well-behaved and get good grades. Tom is an expert in interrogatories, as Irma puts it. He is a little more aware of Chris' bad behavior than his wife. He is seen doing patrol duty in "Z is for Zenith" where he is almost killed by Cedric.

Christopher Lair

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Christopher Lair Cesar Flores 2 episodes 3 episodes "Return of the Tracker"

Christopher Lair, always called Chris, is a total brat who especially enjoys annoying his sister and her friends. He is in first or second grade and likes amusement parks, toy cars and scary stuff. His favorite toy is a toy fireman truck, which spits water and is controlled by remote control. Cornelia accidentally destroyed the truck after Nerissa gave it life.

Chris is somewhat immature, and his bad behavior is not tolerated by his father, but his mother seems to protect him from punishments. It seems his behavior is from observing Irma who secretly cares about him, as she confesses in "I is for Illusion", that she doesn't like it when anybody but her picks on him. He strongly resembles a male version of Irma and has the exact same hair and eye color as she does, and also has a bit of a Spanish accent. He is interested in ninjas as shown in "W is for Witch", with this episode also showing how much he admires his sister, which deeply touches her.

Cook family

Theresa Cook

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Theresa Cook Mia Korf 0 episodes 4 episodes "D is for Dangerous"

Taranee's mother and a judge. She's very strict and doesn't approve of Taranee seeing Nigel after what he got her in trouble for defacing a statue. She seems to be an Asian-American.

Lionel Cook

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Lionel Cook Dorian Harewood 0 episodes 2 episodes "D is for Dangerous"

Taranee's father, and a very good cook. It seems he works as a chef. He is allergic to fur, and by extent, Mr. Huggles. Yet he thinks animals are very cute and regrets his allergy. Lionel is a little bit overweight and is an African-American.

Peter Cook

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Peter Cook Ogie Banks 0 episodes 4 episodes "B is for Betrayal"

Taranee Cook's brother. Peter seems to be between 16 and 18 years old. He used to date Cornelia (posing as her "older sister Lillian") while she was mad at Caleb for choosing Meridian over her. Peter has dreadlocks and is a gifted basketball player, skater and ice skater. Taranee thinks of her brother as cool and nice. Peter is also a clutz when it comes to being around pretty girls as seen in "B is for Betrayal" and is also strong enough to pick up his little sister with one arm. As we see in the episode "F is for Facade" he has commitment issues. In the episode "M is for Mercy" he was attacked by Shagon.

Hale Family

Elizabeth Hale

Character Voice Actress Season One Season Two First Appearance
Elizabeth Hale Nancy Linary 2 episode 3 episodes "A Service to Community"

Elizabeth Hale is Cornelia and Lillian Hale's mother. She is always cheerful and hates the fact that Cornelia doesn't like to show her face that often.

Harold Hale

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Harold Hale Jim Cummings 1 episode 2 episodes "Parents' Night"

Harold Hale is very rich and owns a successful bank. He is blond and wears glasses. He was seen in "Parents' Night". He seems to be strict in the embarrassing way, like at the carwash. He was the one who made Cornelia babysit Lillian in "U is for Undivided".

Lillian Hale

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Lillian Hale Alyson Stoner 2 episodes 7 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Lillian Hale is Cornelia's little sister. She is six years old, has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Lillian likes to play pretend, hear fairytale stories or even play games with her classmates or sister. Annoying Cornelia and playing pranks on her has also become a hobby to her.

Lillian is the "baby" of the family and is therefore a bit spoiled. Her parents baby her a lot, and expect Cornelia to do it as well. Although Lillian looks up to her sister and likes to "hang" with her, the two sisters are usually mean and spiteful towards each other. Lillian feels sad about Cornelia's attitude towards her, as showed in "U is for Undivided". But Lillian and Cornelia do care for each other and can be quite nice with one another. They even have similar personalities when you think about it. Lillian also likes to hang with Cornelia's friends, she thinks they are cool and they are nice to her.

During the second season, it is revealed that Lillian is the Heart of Earth, the center of mystical power on Earth. This makes her very powerful, with power equal to Elyon Brown's and the Heart of Kandrakar's. Perhaps that's why Cornelia had been chosen to be the Guardian of Earth to be wise enough to help her sister. But Lillian's powers developed prematurely and she is unable to control them because she is too young. Lillian's powers are discovered when, after being scorned by Cornelia, Lillian wishes Napoleon could talk. After Lillian leaves for her room, Napoleon comes up to Cornelia and says that Lillian's got something special. After consulting Luba in Kandrakar, they discover Lillian's position as the Heart of Earth and Napoleon's position as Lillian's familiar. Once Cornelia is told by Luba that Nerissa would attempt to befriend Lillian as she did with Elyon, outraged Cornelia demands that she be taken immediately straight home, as nobody is allowed to mess with (let alone harm) her sister other than Cornelia herself.

After Lillian causes much confusion by unknownly using her powers to turn a bedtime story Cornelia tells her about a Princess Lillian, an Evil Sorceress Nerissa and the Princess's four protective faeries into reality, Cornelia tells Lillian that to protect herself, Princess Lillian of Earth gave her powers to the Noble Knights of Earth: Sir Matthew, Sir Huggles and Sir Napoleon, until she is old enough to use them. Lillian still thinks it's all pretend play, and with a toy crown and a toy wand endows her knights with her powers, unknowingly making them the Regents of Earth.

Lillian remains unaware of her status as Heart of Earth and doesn't know about Magic, Kandrakar, The Guardians or other worlds. However Cornelia secretly whispers to her sleeping sister that she pledges to always be there for her younger sibling to make sure nothing ever divides them again.

It has been shown that with her power, Lillian or the Regents have the powers of:

  • Reality Warping.
  • Glamouring.
  • Turning drawings, thoughts or even stories into reality.
  • Create zones were the reality follows her wishes and rules and might be different from the outside world. The zones are surrounded by an invisible wall, and look normal from the outside. When one steps into the zone, he automatically become part of its reality.
  • Endow others with powers.
  • Give objects and animals unusual abilities, such as the ability to talk.
  • Super speed and Super strength (Napoleon and Huggles).
  • Generate rays of energy (Matt).
  • Telekinesis.

Following the examples of all other mystical Hearts shown, Lillian can also probably open folds in time and teleport, as well as have the power to create impenetrable prison bubbles.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Napoleon Edward Asner 0 episodes 5 episodes "B is for Betrayal"

Napoleon is the Hale's family cat, Napoleon debut was in Season 2 in "B is for Betrayal", which Lillian named him as Napoleon. Later on, in "U is for Undivided", Lillian wishes that Napoleon would talk and when she leaves the room, Napoleon starts talking (freaking Cornelia out in the process.)

When the Guardians discover that Lillian is the Heart of Earth and without Lillian knowing, Cornelia manages to transfer the Heart of Earth into Napoleon and bits off the Heart into Matt and Mister Huggles. This also formed the Three Regents of Earth. In "W is for Witch", Nerissa came back to Earth in order to get Napoleon on Halloween (the only time of day when a Heart can be taken by force.) Since Napoleon had most of the Heart of Earth's powers, Nerissa went on a wild chase to get him. Nerissa caught Napoleon who was really Phobos in a glamour (Unknown by Nerissa), after that, Phobos takes her Seal, and imprisons Nerissa inside of it.

In "Z is for Zenith" Napoleon helped Matt and Mr Huggles form a Glamour Zone around the Guardians and Lord Cedric to make no one notice and panic thinking a giant monster is coming to kill them. The plan worked and managed to take care of the Glamour Zone when Cedric was defeated. He spent most of his time with Lillian without telling her what he really does.

Lin Family

Chen Lin

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Chen Lin James Sie 3 episodes 3 episodes "Return of the Tracker"

Yan Lin's son and Hay Lin's worrysome father who does not believe that she is old enough to take care of herself. In "Return of the Tracker" he called her every two minutes to make sure she was safe at a movie premiere. In "Walk this Way" he fell under the spell of the Horn of Hypnos. Chen also came to Parents' Night and helped ward off angry customers at the Silver Dragon in "D is for Dangerous". He got very nervous at Hay Lin's art contest and was also worried about where Yan Lin had disappeared to. He, like the rest of Hay Lin's family is of Chinese origin.

Yan Lin

Joan Lin

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Joan Lin Rosalind Chao 2 episodes 2 episodes "Return of the Tracker"

Hay Lin's mother, who is of Chinese origin. She seems to be stricter than her husband but less worried about Hay Lin. She isn't always as nervous as Chen Lin, either.

Herbert Olsen

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Herbert Olsen Val Bettin 1 episode 2 episodes "The Mogriffs"

Matt's grandfather who seems to mostly take on the parent role. He is very kind and seems to be not an organized guy. He owns a pet shop. He gave a Will a part time job at his shop. In "M is for Mercy" he was attacked by Shagon.

Thomas Brown

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Thomas Brown/Alborn Mark L. Taylor 3 episodes 6 episodes "Parents' Night"

Elyon's adopted father, a Meridianite who raised her in Earth to hide her from Phobos. His real name is Alborn, and he is head of the Meridian army and currently lives with Elyon in her palace in Meridian. In the second season, he becomes Head of the Royal Guard. Before Elyon returned to power, he was captured and put in Cavigor Prison to be freed by the Guardians.

Eleanor Brown

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Eleanor Brown/Miriadel Vanessa Marshall 3 episodes 5 episodes "Parents' Night"

Elyon's adopted mother, a Meridianite who raised her in Earth to hide her from Phobos. Her real name is Miriadel, she is Alborn's wife and head of the Meridian Investigation group. She currently lives with Elyon in her palace in Meridian. In season one both she and Alborn are captured and put in Cavigor Prison but the Guardians rescued them.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Julian Loren Lester 5 episodes 6 episodes "The Underwater Mines"

Julian is Caleb's father and he was the Co-leader of the Meridian Rebel Army. He was believed to be dead but Aldarn's father Aketon discovered that he actually was in prison in Phobos' underwater mine, from where he was rescued in "The Underwater Mines". He fell in love with the Mage 17 years ago, without knowing that the real Mage had died a year before that and been secretly replaced by Nerissa. After Cedric's defeat Elyon gives him Weira's jewel which contains Nerissa who is trapped inside it forever.

Secondary Characters: Sheffield Institute

Principal Knickerbocker

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Knickerbocker Candi Milo 8 episodes 9 episodes "It Begins"

Principal Knickerbocker is head of Sheffield Institute. She is disliked by almost all the students there, and is thought of uncool, like when she tries to rap the morning announcements. Knickerbocker is fairly strict, but she is fair. She thinks high of the W.I.T.C.H. girls but low of Uriah and his gang. In the first season, she dealt with Rick Hoffman (Cedric's alias) a lot in development of the school, resulting into some problems. She became a Trance Marcher in "Walk this Way". In the second season, she finds herself having to put up with the W.I.T.C.H. girls especially Will and Taranee due to problems occurring through Nerissa the Guardians having to break rules to protect Earth.

Dean Collins

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Dean Collins Cam Clarke 3 episodes 8 episodes "A Service to the Community"

A history teacher at school who dates Will's mother, Susan. He was believed to be a monster from Meridian and was attacked by the Guardians. He is also the head of the school newspaper and owns a lizard called Mr. Scales. In the second season, he once again has a relationship with Susan, which really makes Will mad but when Collins saves Susan from death due to Shagon, Will gains trust in him and welcomes him to the family. In the comics, his relationship with Susan is much more serious, they actually getting married in the later part of the series. Susan also confronts him about Matt, wanting to know his "criminal record", as she puts it.

Galgheita Rudolph

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Galgheita Rudolph Marianne Muellerleile 1 episode 2 episodes "The Seal of Phobos"

A math teacher at Sheffield Academy. She is a Meridianite, and the nanny who stole the Seal of Phobos and brought Elyon to Earth as a baby. In her true form, she is a frog-like monster-creature. During season 1, Galgheita receives messages from Elyon while she is living with Phobos in Meridian, and passes them on to the Guardians. During season 2, she moves back to Meridian due to the restored peace, and becomes Elyon's tutor.

Martin Tubbs

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Martin Tubbs Dee Bradley Baker 7 episodes 8 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

An unpopular nerd who has a helpless crush on Irma, calling her strange nicknames like Cream-puff and Sweetie-Bums.In the comics, His most popular name for her is Sweet-Thing. He believes she has feelings for him, but doubted when Irma publicly humiliated him on school-wide radio. Irma likes Martin only as a friend, but admitted she would miss it if he didn't bother her now and then, and seemed very jealous when he started to pay more attention to the new girl Sondra in "Divide and Conquer". In "L is for Loser" it was the pain Irma felt for losing Martin's friendship that made Ember able to defeat her, and later her realizing that the important thing was to let Martin know she felt sorry that allowed her to defeat Ember. It is believed that deep in her heart, Irma likes Martin back. He sits with the group at lunch and hangs with them a lot. Martin is also a technology expert, and knows a lot about computers and machines. He works at the K-Ship Student Radio during season 2, mostly to be near Irma. He has blonde hair and wears red glasses.

Uriah Dunn

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Uriah Dunn Byrne Offutt 7 episodes 6 episodes "It Begins"

A trouble making kid at school, disliked by Elyon, Alchemy and W.I.T.C.H. He has a gang consisting of Kurt, Clubber and Nigel for a while. He skateboards and is occasionally put in detention. He likes X-Treme sports and competes in the X-Treme Sports competition every year. In season two he competes in the Battle of the Bands. He claims he can play the guitar but is really awful. He used to hang out with Nigel Ashcroft, but teased him about liking Taranee Cook, "the nerdy girl". After that Nigel stopped hanging out with him and his gang. Uriah has orange spiky hair and strangely shaped eye and head. He does sport reports in the K-Ship student radio during season 2. Although Uriah is unintelligent and mean, he has shown sometimes to be a good guy.

Laurent Clubberman

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Laurent Clubberman Greg Cipes 3 episodes 6 episodes "It Begins"

One of Uriah's gang members, Laurent Clubberman is usually called "Clubber" due to Laurent not being a bully name. He is blonde and fat, but not as overweight as his friend Kurt. He always help Uriah in his pranks, and seems to be the dumbest of the group. He likes doing pranks, but is not smart enough to think them up, Uriah and sometimes Kurt does that. Clubber played the tambourine for the Dunnsters in the Battle of the Bands. Clubber is shown to be actually good at art, winning the art contest for his bunny painting in "X is for Xanadu".

His name is Laurent Hampton in the comics, but was changed Laurent Clubberman in the animated series.

Kurt Van Buren

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Kurt Van Buren Steven Jay Blum 3 episodes 5 episodes "It Begins"

A member of Uriah's gang, Kurt Van Buren is very obese and has purple-dyed hair. He is very dumb, but a little smarter than Clubber, having a bit more personality than him. He does whatever Uriah does, and likes insulting people for some reason. He took the drums when he was six and quit when he was seven, but his short drum lessons actually helped The Dunnsters during the Battle of the Bands. He likes skateboarding a lot, and got entranced by Stacey who is Nerissa in reality in "T is for Trauma".

Nigel Ashcroft

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Nigel Ashcroft Michael Reisz 2 episodes 5 episodes "It Begins"

Red haired Nigel Ashcroft is Taranee's big crush. He has only appeared three times as of "K is for Knowledge", but is expected to make comeback appearances in future episodes. He is a member of Matt's band Wreck 55, which was revealed in the episode "Walk this Way" which also began his relationship with Taranee. However, he is a part-time member of Uriah's gang as shown in "It Begins" and "K is for Knowledge" however he is less of a bully than his friends Uriah, Kurt and Clubber, which is why he prefers Matt and Taranee. In recent episodes, he shows his more caring side. He seems to like Taranee for who she is, saying that her "goodness" is what he likes most about her. Nigel and Taranee are basically dating, as he wrote their initials on a statue at school(TC+NA with a heart around it), called Taranee his girl and took her out on a few official dates. Because of his part time membership in Uriah's gang, Theresa Cook always interferes in their relationship because she thinks Nigel is a bad boy. However when she learned that Taranee and Nigel were framed stealing money from a restaurant, she gained trust in him and had no problems from then on. In the comics, their relation is much more important and serious.

Eric Lyndon

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Eric Lyndon Justin Shenkarow 0 episodes 8 episodes "J is for Jewel"

Eric is Hay Lin's crush. He is a new kid in Heatherfield who lives with his grandfather, Zacharias. At first, Hay Lin admires him from a distance, later deciding to talk to him. Eric was thought a cutie by many girls at school and two cheerleaders fought over him constantly, when he liked neither. This made it difficult for Hay Lin to talk to him, but she eventually manages to. He was put under a spell by Nerissa to taunt Hay Lin and break her spirit. When he wakes up from the spell, his first comments are "Where am I? And how did I get this golden tan?" He then notices Hay Lin got braces, which she says are ugly, but he reassures her by saying that they're "so shiny!" and was rewarded by Hay Lin kissing him. Eric is convinced by Uriah to join the Dunnsters, as he is good at playing the saxophone. Hay Lin thinks that he has a musical name, and gets very nervous when he's around. The result of this is that she once accidentally turned invisible and made her bike float in mid air. Eric saw both these things, but seemed to think they were illusion. Eric has shiny black hair and dark eyes.

Andrew Hornby

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Andrew Hornby Byrne Offutt 0 episodes 3 episode "L is for Loser"

A cool, popular kid at school with brown hair and a dark voice is Irma's semi-secret crush. He is a little bit older than her and in the higher grades, but Irma and Andrew do have a weak relationship, as he approves of her apologizing to Martin and thinks she's nice. In "W is for Witch", Irma sees him out trick or treating after he said in school that it was "so totally kiddish". She is in her Guardian form and now he says "I'm beginning to think that it is the best part" after she says something about dressing up. Irma first shows interest in him in "C is for Changes" and is really upset when he becomes entranced by Stacey. In the comics, Irma tries to get him to like her by transforming herself to make her look older and prettier, but this plan backfires and she ends up turning him into a toad.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Alchemy Lauren Tom 2 episodes 3 episodes "Happy Birthday Will"

Alchemy is one of the best friends of Elyon and Cornelia. She has reddish-brown messy hair and big melow-blue eyes. She is in the same classes with them, and seems to be the least feminine of them all. Whenever she is upset, she gets cheered by listening to real depressing music. She has a small cat for a pet. In the second season, she gets worried over Elyon's super-long "vacation" and convinces Knickerbocker to start an investigation, causing a lot of trouble for the W.I.T.C.H. girls, who were believed by the authorities to have done something with Elyon. To stop all this, Elyon decides to go back and forth from Meridian to finish the school year. When Elyon leaves Heatherfield once and for all, Alchemy is very upset. She later appears in the Battle of the Bands, being the lead singer in a group called Alchemy and the Grumpers. Alchemy is shown to have a small crush on Caleb when she saw him at Will's surprise birthday party in season one.

Bess and Courtney Grumper

Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Bess Tracy Martin 2 episodes 3 episodes "The Stone of Threbe"
Courtney Courtney Peldon 2 episodes 3 episodes "The Stone of Threbe"

Bess and Courtney Grumper are two twin girls known as "The Grumper Sisters". They have bright red hair and glowing green eyes. They love spreading gossip. They are big into fashions and rivals of Cornelia. In season one they join the school newspaper to write about fashion. In the second season they do the gossip on the K-Ship Student Radio and are disliked by many students and especially by Irma because of the nasty rumors they make up about people. They seem to be more or less popular among boys. They have more action in the comics.

Secondary Characters: Meridian


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Aldarn Dee Bradley Baker 9 episodes 7 episodes "It Begins"

Aldarn is the son of weapon maker Aketon and the second-in-command of the Meridian Rebellion. He is the best friend of Caleb and helps him in almost all his missions. He tries street-talk a few times, but can't seem to get it right. In "Caleb's Challenge", he was hypnotized by Elyon into signing a peace treaty, and challenged Caleb leadership to the rebellion. He was able to break the spell and their friendship returned. He was the top commander during the Battle of Meridian Plains, but was captured by Elyon and put in the dungeons, only to be saved by W.I.T.C.H., Caleb and Tynar. After Phobos' defeat he helped the Mage guard Phobos' cell and was one of the first four along with Vathek, Drake and Tynar to be attacked by Nerissa.

He is later captured by the Knights of Vengeance after he is awarded the Medal of Honor from Elyon for being in the rebellion. He is rescued, though. He is usually in charge of the catapults when the Knights attack the palace. When the Knights released Phobos, Aldarn tried to hold the gate but failed. Later on, Phobos released the Knights after betraying W.I.T.C.H. and attacked Meridian and Kandrakar. Aldarn participated in both these battles, helping holding out Phobos' and Cedric's minions while Caleb went after Miranda. Once peace was restored to Meridian, he continued to work as a Royal Guard.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Drake Michael Bell 4 episodes 7 episodes "Walk this Way"

Drake is a captain of the rebel army and a good friend of Aldarn and Caleb. He debuted in "Walk this Way", where he led an attack on Phobos' drills, but got turned into a Trance Marcher because of Cedric and the Horn of Hypnos. After he got freed of the spell, his luck continued to get bad when he got captured as a prisoner and put into one of Phobos' rock quarries, as shown in "The Seal of Phobos". He was freed along with the others and participated in the Battle of Meridian Plains. He later appears in "The Final Battle" where he is seen warming up next to a camp fire, and although he wasn't seen, he probably participated in the actual battle.

In the second season, Drake became a part-time sentry for Phobos, and was the first to be attacked by Nerissa. Drake recovered and was the manager for the reconstruction of Meridian, when the Knights of Vengeance attacked, badly hurting him and taking Tynar. Later, Drake was awarded one of the four Medals of Honor for leading the rebellion, and was captured by the Knights of Vengeance. The girls were able to free him and the others. When the Knights freed Phobos, Drake was in charge of protecting the gate to the castle, but was badly injured when Gargoyle slammed the door down on him. In "X is for Xanadu" he fought off Phobos again but lost, and was angry at the Guardians for losing, which was as they revealed the part of their plan. When Phobos and Cedric attacked, Drake fought back. In the great battle for Kandrakar Drake killed the Tracker by going inside his body. Drake returned to a peacefully-restored Meridian after the battle.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Guards Mitchell Whitfield/Steven Jay Blum Various episodes 11 episodes "It Begins"

The regular guards of Phobos are large bulky men that seem to have not much of a personality, although they are capable of thinking for themselves. Some of them join the rebellion and help the rebels in "The Final Battle". In season 2, they become the Royal Guards for Elyon, on the good side now. They participate in most battles concerning the Knights of Vengeance and Prince Phobos.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Jeek Paul Eiding 3 episodes 2 episodes "The Underwater Mines"

Jeek is an evil passling and Blunk's nemesis. A smuggler much like Blunk but has a tendency to make deals with the bad guys, as seen in season one when he steals the Heart of Kandrakar from Will to trade it with Phobos for money and in season two when he trades the Horn of Hypnos with Raythor. Conicidentally, Blunk is blamed for the stealing of the Heart of Kandrakar. In season two he becomes a Trance Marcher after he sold the Horn of Hypnos to Raythor. Also like Blunk, Jeek hates getting wet and having a bath.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Lurdens Dee Bradley Baker Various episodes 4 episodes "It Resumes"

The Lurdens are monstrous creatures who have brown or green skin. They lack barely any intelligence but are very strong, and even uglier than strong. They have huge teeth and are not capable of speech. They work in Phobos' grain plants, and help the guards fight the rebels. Unlike the Castle Guards they never joined the rebel army but always remained loyal to Phobos. In the second season, they are put in dungeons in the Infinite City, but are released temporarily by the Knights of Vengeance. When Phobos returns to power he releases them and they fight for him in the various battle on Meridian and Kandrakar. They are eventually defeated and put back to the Infinite City when Elyon returns to power.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Trill Candi Milo 5 episodes 4 episodes "The Labryinth"

Trill is a good natured red-headed woman who worked in the castle before and during Season 1 during the reign of Phobos. She passed information onto the rebels and has helped the Guardians on some occasions. At the beginning of Season 2, she is rewarded by Elyon, and likewise, she gives Elyon a jewel that had once belonged to Elyon's mother. Trill becomes Elyon's maid, much happier and more uplifted.

Eventually, it is revealed in "J is for Jewel" that she is really Nerissa in disguise and she only wanted to capture Elyon's powers much like Phobos wanted by using the necklace. The necklace was slowly siphoning her powers, and when she was tricked into hating her parents and throwing away the necklace that they had left for her, her powers went with it (Nerissa could not have taken Elyon's powers by force, but was able to steal them as they were given away freely).


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Tynar Daran Norris 2 episodes 7 episodes "The Rebel Rescue"

Tynar is a castle guard for Phobos. When Cedric, he and the other guards tried to capture Caleb and Blunk, he was severely wounded, and left behind to rot. The Guardians decided to take him to Earth to cure him. For a reward, he decides to join the rebels and spread the knowledge that what Phobos had told them were lies. He guides Caleb and the girls to the prison cell where Aldarn, Vathek, Julian and a lot of rebel were being held. Tynar keeps true to his word and spreads the truth around. He even convinces some guards to join the rebels who help the Guardians and the rebel army defeat Phobos and save Elyon.

In the second season he becomes a part-time sentry to Phobos and was attacked by Nerissa. He also leads the work crew to rebuild the village next to the castle, but is attacked and captured by the Knights of Vengeance to Drake's dismay. Later the Guardians are able to free him. After Phobos defeats Nerissa and sizes her Seal he helps the Guardians fight against him and his followers. He participates in the Battle of Kandrakar and returns to a fully-restored Elyon's kingdom.


Character Voice Actor Season One Season Two First Appearance
Vathek Lloyd Sherr 9 episodes 10 episodes "It Resumes"

Phobos' prison keeper, Caleb's friend and a spy for the rebellion. After Phobos is removed from the throne Vathek becomes the prison keeper of Phobos' cell.

In the comic book, Vathek was Phobos' loyal follower until he rebelled. In the TV series however it is unknown if he either was a spy amongst Phobos' or if he rebelled afterwards. But in season 2 he hints towards the latter.

Secondary Characters: Council of Kandrakar


A powerful sorceress who guarded the Infinite City during Phobos' reign. She used the Heart of Kandrakar to create the Star of Threbe. The original Mage died prior to season 1, and was replaced by a disguised Nerissa. She is unique to the animation and doesn't appear in the comic book version.

Voiced by B.J. Ward


A powerful wizard and mentor to both the old and new Guardians. During season 2, the Oracle was tricked into attempting to raise a smaller version of the Veil to guard the Aurameres. Nerissa redirects the Oracle's spell, and instead of creating a Veil around the fortress where the Aurameres are kept, he (by the aid of Nerissa) then creates a Veil that traps himself and the Council inside itself.

The Oracle remained trapped inside the new Veil, resembling a pink bubble, until the end of season 2, at which point the Heart of Meridian is used to break the spell.

Voiced by Michael Gough


A member of the Council of Kandrakar who played only a small part in the animated series. He had only a token role during season 1, and was trapped inside a smaller version of the Veil for much of season 2, and was only released in the final episode.

Voiced by Michael Bell (first voice), Michael Gough (second voice)


A member of the Council of Kandrakar and a great supporter of the Oracle. He was mistaken as being the Oracle by the girls because of his elderly looks in opposition to the young appearance of the Oracle himself. Along with the rest of the Council of Kandrakar, Tibor was trapped inside a miniature version of the Veil during season 2.


A Feline-like member of the Council of Kandrakar and the keeper of the Aurameres. Was forced to guard Kandrakar alone after Nerissa trapped the other Council members inside a miniature version of the Veil part way through season 2.

Voiced by Iona Morris

Secondary Characters: Zamballa


A Zamballian, who like all Zamballians is a living purple tree. She is thoughfull and leader to the Zamballians, she was made Regent of Zamballa when Kadma was taken by Nerissa, and later was given the job permanently. Ironwood now holds the Heart of Zamballa. Voiced by Masasa Moyo.


Possible partner of Ironwood, and also a Zamballian, like all of the Zamballians is also a living purple tree. He is thoughtfull and cares for Ironwood.


Ironwood's son, still a young tree. He is obedient and small.

The Heart of Zamballa

The Heart of Zamballa, like the Heart of Kandrakar is a jewel, but is shown to be a partially living being. Kadma consistently talked to the Heart, asking to be lent its power and to help "their" subjects, even occasionally asking for advice. The Heart, alike the Heart of Kandrakar has its own spirit, and is the owner of its own power, but is controlled by its holder.

The Heart of Zamballa was held by Kadma, and was later passed on to Ironwood.

It has been shown the Heart and its holders have the powers of:

  • Warping Reality
  • Glamouring
  • Creating force-field prisons
  • Increasing the natural powers of its holder
  • Allowing one to communicate with the Zamballans
  • Control over the elements
  • Telekinessis
  • Telepathy
  • Mind control/influence
  • Teletransportation
  • Creating bolts of energy or light

Following the examples of other Hearts, the Heart of Zamballa can probably open folds in time and space. It is assumed that the Heart of Zamballa cannot open portals, because it was stated that Kadma was stuck in Zamballa after the Veil was raised.

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