byte sex

SEX (computing)

The acronym SEX (written in capital letters) redirects here. For other meanings, see Sex (disambiguation).

In computing, the SEX assembly language mnemonic has often been used for the "Sign EXtend" machine instruction found in the PDP-11 and many other computer architectures. A computer's or CPU's "sex" can also mean the endianness of the computer architecture used. x86 computers do not have the same "byte sex, as HC11 computers, for example. Functions are sometimes needed for computers of different endianness to communicate with each other over the internet, as protocols often use big endian byte coding by default.

SEX in software: rarely used jargon

The TLA SEX has humorously been said to stand for Software EXchange, meaning copying of software. As file sharing has sometimes spread computer viruses, it has been stated that “illicit SEX can transmit viral diseases to your computer.”

Other sightings

The Commodore 64 Video Interface Chip (VIC) II contains registers to double the size of the hardware sprites in one or both directions. The register $d017 (Sprite EXpand Y) contains 1 bit per sprite to allow expansion in the Y direction, while $d01d (Sprite EXpand X) alters the X size in the same manner.


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