Bypass may refer to: Bypass (slang)(digestive), where gas is expelled through anus during the event of a voluntary fecal restriction, thus the gas bypassed through the fecal matter and released via anus.

  • Bypass (computing), in computing, circumventing security features in hacking, or taking a different approach to an issue in troubleshooting
  • Bypass (effect), in effects units, a switch that allows sound processing to be "turned off" to get a "dry", unprocessed sound output
  • Bypass (road), road or highway that goes around a more congested or problematic area
  • Bypass (surgical), creating an alternate route for blood flow or food
  • Bypass (telecommunications), multiple meanings
  • Bypass (valve), in diving, a valve in rebreathers to bypass the flow rate control valve
  • Bypass duct, passage in turbofan aircraft engines that allows airflow to bypass the engine core
  • Bleach bypass, in film processing, an optical effect reducing saturation, increasing contrast, and giving a pastel look

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