coronary bypass

Surgical treatment for coronary heart disease to relieve angina pectoris and prevent heart attacks. It became widely used in the 1960s. One or more blood vessels—usually an artery in the chest or a vein from the leg—are transplanted to create new paths for blood to flow from the aorta to the heart muscle, bypassing obstructed sections of the coronary arteries.

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Bypass may refer to: Bypass (slang)(digestive), where gas is expelled through anus during the event of a voluntary fecal restriction, thus the gas bypassed through the fecal matter and released via anus.

  • Bypass (computing), in computing, circumventing security features in hacking, or taking a different approach to an issue in troubleshooting
  • Bypass (effect), in effects units, a switch that allows sound processing to be "turned off" to get a "dry", unprocessed sound output
  • Bypass (road), road or highway that goes around a more congested or problematic area
  • Bypass (surgical), creating an alternate route for blood flow or food
  • Bypass (telecommunications), multiple meanings
  • Bypass (valve), in diving, a valve in rebreathers to bypass the flow rate control valve
  • Bypass duct, passage in turbofan aircraft engines that allows airflow to bypass the engine core
  • Bleach bypass, in film processing, an optical effect reducing saturation, increasing contrast, and giving a pastel look

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