[bahy-gawn, -gon]
Bygones is a popular television series on ITV exploring East Anglian history and traditional rural crafts, first aired in 1967. There are interviews with people who used to do traditional work now lost to history (such as using a horse-drawn plough or threshing) and investigation and preservation of surviving East Anglian culture.
It features mystery objects where the audience are asked to write in and guess what the implement's original function was.

Some of the most memorable editions of Bygones were documentaries directed by Geoffrey Weaver in the Seventies. 'The Harvest' totally re-created a harvest field around the turn of the last century, while 'Gone For a Burton' followed the seasonal trip of East Anglian agricultural workers to work in the Burton-on-Trent maltings after the hay and grain harvests.

Bygones has a distinctive theme tune played on accordion and the series was brought back by Anglia TV after 20 years following an overwhelming vote from viewers on a program they wanted reinstated and is presented by Eddie Anderson, the former assistant of the original presenter Dick Joice, and Wendy Hurrell. Antique dealer Alan Smith often presents a section as well.
The new series originally aired on Thursdays at 7.30 but this has changed to 5.20 on Sundays.


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