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Against All Odds

Against All Odds is a neo-noir 1984 film, a remake of Out of the Past. The movie was directed by Taylor Hackford and features Rachel Ward in a variation (with a different name) of Jane Greer's original role, Jeff Bridges filling in for Robert Mitchum, and James Woods in a version of Kirk Douglas's part. Supporting players include Alex Karras, Jane Greer (portraying the mother of her original character), Richard Widmark, and Dorian Harewood.

The movie's soundtrack, nominated for a Grammy Award, featured songs from Big Country, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Stevie Nicks, and Genesis breakout stars Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, and Phil Collins. Collins sang the title song, which was also nominated for an Academy Award and was one of the top-selling singles of 1984.


Terry Brogan (Bridges), ex-professional football player is cut from his team 'The L.A. Outlaws'. Aging, broke, and in need of money, Terry agrees to take a job from shady Jake Wise (Woods) to track down Jake's girlfriend, Jessie Wyler (Ward) somewhere in Mexico. "Here's $10,000 right now - and when you find her I'll give you another twenty," Jake says.

The search takes Terry to the clear blue skies and white sands of Cozumel. Terry and Jessie eventually meet on the tiny island and animal instinct overcomes the two as they unexpectedly fall in love. When trainer Sully (Karras) is dispatched to the island to look for the two, he is immediately killed in a chaotic scene with Jessie being the shooter. In a panic, Jessie flees the island leaving Terry. Looking for answers, Terry returns to L.A. to find that Jake's hold on Jessie is something larger: various politicians, lawyers and environmentalists who seem to be converging on some sort of land deal.

The movie includes extensive footage of the Mayan city Chichen Itza as well as Tulum but the exteriors and interiors don't match the actual location.



Production notes

  • The film featured cameo appearances by stars of Out of the Past on which the film is based. Jane Greer, who was the star of Out of the Past plays Rachel Ward's mother. Paul Valentine, who played hood Joe Stephanos in the first film, played a councilman in Against All Odds.


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