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Busy Bee Starski

Busy Bee Starski (also known as Busy Bee) born 1950s in the Bronx, New York, is an old school hip hop MC. First coming on the scene in 1977, Bronx-based Busy Bee worked with many of hip-hop's founding fathers, including Melle Mel, Afrika Bambaataa, and Kool DJ AJ.


Born David Parker and known for his comedic rhymes, he originally gained a large following through MC battles in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. He was famously roasted by Kool Moe Dee at Harlem World in Manhattan, NY, December 1982, in one of the earliest documented rap battles. In 1986, he won the New Music Seminar's MC World Supremacy Belt. In the early 1980s Afrika Bambaataa asked Busy to join his Zulu Nation where the young MC would DJ for Bambaataa's Zulu Nation parties. Busy Bee continues to rhyme today, most recently appearing on KRS-One and Marley Marl's collaborative 2007 album, Hip-Hop Lives

Film and Video

Busy Bee was featured in the 1982 film Wild Style, billed as the first hip-hop motion picture, directed by Charlie Ahern. More recently, he played himself in the 2002 inner-city drama Paid in Full. In 2007, he was included in the video documentary Hip Hop Legends.



Running Thangs (Strong City/Uni/MCA Records UNID-2, 1988)

  1. Running Thangs
  2. Suicide
  3. Murder
  4. Converse
  5. Get Busy
  6. I Don't Play
  7. Kickin' Flavor
  8. Express
  9. Old School
  10. Jazzy on the Mix

Thank God for Busy Bee (Pandisc Records, 1992)

  1. Flavor Man
  2. Get with Me
  3. Busy Bee's Block Party w/ Reynold's Rap, Jay Dizzy & Globe
  4. Jail Bait
  5. Bart Dance
  6. Busy Signal
  7. Kiss My Ass
  8. You Should be My Baby w/ Pure Blend
  9. Busy's Revenge w/ Kid Capri
  10. Home Boyz
  11. Poon Tang
  12. I Got Things Sewed
  13. My Personality
  14. Murder Style
  15. Thank God for Busy Bee

(Note: “Murder Style” is actually “Murder” from Runnin’ Thangs)

Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See (Jazz Child Records, 1998)

  1. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See w/ Grandmaster Caz
  2. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See w/ Grandmaster Caz (Chico and the Man Mix)
  3. Vintage Busy Bee
  4. Stop Lying by Joy
  5. DJ Parker Lee's Bee Sting (Mega Mix)
  6. The Bee Vs. The Funky Penguin Mix
  7. Look In da Sky Who Do Ya See (Inst.)
  8. Vintage Busy Bee (Inst.)


The Marvelous Three and the Younger Generation (Busy Bee, DJ Smalls, AJ, Cowboy , Kid Creole , Melle Mel , Mr. Ness , Rahiem ) - Rappin' All Over (Brass Records - 1980)

  1. Rappin' All Over (Rap)
  2. Rappin' All Over (Music)

School Days (Master Five - 1981)

  1. School Days (Vocal)
  2. School Days (Instrumental)

Making Cash Money (Sugar Hill - 1982)

  1. Making Cash Money (Vocal)
  2. Making Cash Money (Instrumental)

Busy Bee's Groove (Sugar Hill - 1984)

  1. Busy Bee's Groove (Vocal)
  2. Busy Bee's Groove (Instrumental)

Suicide (Strong City/Uni/MCA - 1987)

  1. Suicide (Vocal)
  2. Suicide (Instrumental)
  3. Suicide (Dub)

Express (Strong City/Uni/MCA - 1988)

  1. Express (Vocal)
  2. Express (Instrumental)

Express (Strong City/Uni/MCA - 1988)

  1. Express (Hyped-Up Mix)
  2. Express (Bonus Beats)
  3. Express (Radio Vocal)
  4. Express (Instrumental)

Express (Strong City/Uni/MCA - 1988)

  1. Express
  2. I Don't Play

Keep It Movin' (Blazin' - 2002)

  1. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (Main Mix)
  2. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (Kool Edit)
  3. Keep It Movin' (Bonus Drop)
  4. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (BRONXTALE Remix)
  5. Keep It Movin' (BRONXTALE Instrumental)
  6. Keep It Movin' w/ DJ Kool (LIVE AND RAW Remix)

Rock the House (Blazin' - 2002)

  1. Rock the House
  2. Rock the Drop
  3. Rock the House (Old School Super Bad Mix)
  4. Let the Party Out
  5. Let the Party Out (Instrumental)



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