A businessperson (also businessman or businesswoman) is someone who is employed at usually a profit-oriented enterprise, or more specifically, someone who is involved in the management (at any level) of a company. The term businessperson almost always refers to someone with a "white collar" occupation.

Word use

Businessperson is sometimes used in place of the words businessman or businesswoman to avoid sexism and to avoid unnecessarily perpetuating stereotypes if used generically.

The terms businessman or businesswoman are sometimes used for gender specificity. However, the term businessperson, with the "-person" suffix, is noted to be more commonly used today than in the past (when it was never used).

Dress code

'' Further information: Social aspects of clothing and Business attire

Male businesspeople typically wear standard business attire consisting of a suit with collar shirt and necktie. However, this may vary among companies and often depends on local business culture. In some countries, especially in Western countries like the U.S., business casual is appropriate for businessmen to wear and neckties can be left out. In several other countries, however, notably many East Asian countries, businessmen are more formally dressed and wear conservative suits with a necktie.

Female businesspeople's apparel has gone over many changes. Dresses and suits are in the norm today.

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