Didwana (डीडवाना) is a town in Nagaur district of Rajasthan in India. It lies in the Thar Desert. It was founded by Jats of Dudi clan. The town is considered more than 5000 year old and is closely associated with conversion of Rajput clan into a businessmen clan by the blessings of Lord Mahesh (Shankar) and with the name of Maheshwari

Now a days Didwana is a well known town of Nagaur/Rajasthan. Many people of Didwana and near by places are well settled elsewhere in India and hold important positions/ are famous Industrialists. The famous Maheshwari bushiness family Bangur hails from Didwana. Further it is also famous for two famous old Maths based on the Ramanuja Sampradaya, namely, the Jahlaria Math headed by Sri Sri 1008 Swami Ghanshyamacharyaji Maharaj and The Nagoria Math headed by Sri Sri 1008 Swami Vishnu prapannacharyaji Maharaj.

The city is very famous for its Hindu Tradition Culture and Philosophy and the Maths are Must Must visit for all Hindu Devotees once in Life time.

The temples of these maths are very beautifying and pure the heart. Though they may not be as big as other temples but they are regarged very high for Hindu community.

The town is famous for its VED Vidhalya where BRAHMINstudents are taught about Veda, dharma and other aspects of the Great Hindu Religion.


The name of Didwana is mix dilect of Persian Names called 'Deen Deewana' means the land of the pepole who are dedicated for Islam. This town was firstly founded and observed by a clan of Arabic Pepole who came with Khwaja Moinuldin Chishti of Ajmer in 1200 AD. He ordered some devotees to stay here for the service of humanity and to spread Islam. 'Didwana' is a short form of 'Deen Deewana'.


Didwana is located at . It has an average elevation of 336 metres (1102 feet).

Sherani Abad is in Didwana tehsil and very important from the political point of view. Sherani population is decisive for selecting the assembly and parliament members due to their 4000+ voters of single community.

The town in more than 5000 years old and has long history of great teachers who have taken the Hindu Religion a loang way and have shown the way how to lead life, how to grow etc.

In didwana there are eight baas and eight baasni (called in general language colony). There are live mali samaj in these baas and deswali samaj live in basani.

There are some chowk are famous. Chowk means Locelity 1.Narsingh Chowk Near Nagoria Math. 2.Shyam Ji ka Chowk Near Shayam Ji Ka Mandir. 3.Gaggro ka chowk. 4.Bangur Chowk. 5.Ghodawato Ka Chowk. 6.Bhargav Chowk. 7.Majejio ka Chowk Near Jhalaria Math.

In past There are Seven Big Gates for security of city But now there are six is exist one gate has lost.One thing is special for thease gate The lord Ganesh Temple are situated near every Gate. The name of gates are below

1.Nagori Gate. 2.Ajmeri Gate. 3.Kote Gate. 4.Deen Darwaja. 5.Khidki Darwaja.(Chapri Gate) 6.Fatehpuri Gate. 7.Delhi Gate. (This Is not exist now)

After the rise of Bangur Family who stayed in Sitaram Bagh, the Bangur family had built many Schools, a college, hospital, roads and other infrastructural facilities in the town. Thus the city was one of the most prominent town in the Rajastan State and important centre from people from nearby villges and towns as Ladnun, Kuchaman, Merta, Sujangarh, Kishangarh, Molasar, Borsu, etc.

Not only the town but also people form nearby places is indebted to the Bangur Family for its important role played in the development of the town.


As of 2001 India census, Didwana had a population of 44,661. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Didwana has an average literacy rate of 58%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 70% and, female literacy is 46%. In Didwana, 17% of the population is under 6 years of age. Now This City will become the District Headquarters because most of the offices of district level has been opened and rest of office will be opened soon.


The new generation of Bangur Family has been distanced from the town. Their hieger interest in city also with other pravasi industrialists will help the city attain a prominent location in Rajasthan.

The local people of the town have important role to play in this as if they take the Help of Bangur family and ask them to establish industries in the nearby area, the area can flourish.

Industrilisation and creation of more jobs are important. Since the area is semi arid, creation of a SEZ in the town can be a win win situation as area nearby are not good for farming. So creation for SEZ will not affect agricultural production of country.


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