[bur-ser, -sahr]
A Bursar is a senior professional financial administrator in a school or university. According to the bursar's website at San Jose State University, “Bursar is a term unique to higher education and means a Business Officer, or Custodian of University Funds. Our office is responsible for the billing and collection of cc tuition, fees, campus housing and other university related charges." Bursa is a Latin term meaning "purse". Billing of student tuition accounts are the responsibility of the Office of the Bursar. This involves sending bills and making payment plans with the ultimate goal of getting the student accounts paid off. Bursars are not involved in the financial aid process.

Famous bursars have included:

In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels there is a fictional character called The Bursar. This character, like the other faculty members of Pratchett's Unseen University, is almost always referred to by his job title.

The Bursar Statement is also known as a tuition bill or a student account bill.

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