burn the midnight oil

The Right Combination/Burning the Midnight Oil

The Right Combination/Burning the Midnight Oil was a duet album by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton, released in January 1972. It included the humorous "Her and the Car and the Mobile Home" (in which a wife leaves her husband, taking their trailer with her, leaving him abandoned and homeless), which became a concert favorite. The two title songs, "The Right Combination" and "Burning the Midnight Oil" were both top twenty hits on the U.S. country charts; the album reached #6 on the country albums charts.

Track listing

  1. More Than Words Can Tell (Porter Wagoner)
  2. The Right Combination (Wagoner)
  3. I've Been This Way too Long (Dolly Parton)
  4. In Each Love Pain Must Fall (Parton)
  5. Her and The Car and the Mobile Home (Dave Kirby - Don Stock)
  6. Burning the Midnight Oil (Wagoner)
  7. Somewhere Along the Way{Parton)
  8. On and On (Eddie Sovine)
  9. Through Thick and Thin (Bill Owens)
  10. Fog Has Lifted (Wagoner)

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