burn candle both ends


Both ENDS is a Dutch environmental organisation that supports the work of environmental movement in the South of the world and in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. The main objective is to implement sustainable forms of natural resource management.


Both ENDS envisions a world based on social justice and sustainable livelihoods where civil society organisations (CSOs) are key players in fighting poverty and environmental degradation.


Both ENDS strives for social justice and a sustainable environment by connecting and empowering civil society organisations, key players in poverty reduction and the improvement of environmental governance.


Both ENDS develops long-term relations with CSOs through three interdependent strategies, which are: Direct Services; Strategic Cooperation and Policy Development.

Direct Services

The objective of Direct Services: CSOs implement sustainable approaches of poverty alleviation and prevention. Direct services are provided through capacity building, funding opportunities, fundraising, information sharing.

Strategic Cooperation

The objective of Strategic Cooperation: CSOs have established long-term relations to develop innovative sustainable management concepts and approaches, present policy proposals, and share a lobby and advocacy agenda. Strategic Cooperation takes place through long-term working relationship and network development.

Policy Development

The objective of Policy Development: CSOs play an effective role in public and democratic control processes related to sustainable livelihoods. This is done through activities that directly contribute to policy changes of governments, multilateral institutions and the private sector by policy dialogue, advocacy and lobby. A good example are political cafe's on the role of MFIs (Multilateral Financial Institutions) like the World Bank.

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