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List of Knight Rider episodes

This is a list of episodes of the Knight Rider TV series ordered by the release date.

Season one (1982-1983)

Title Prod.#/Ep.# Airdate Director
Knight of the Phoenix (Pt.1) 101/1 26 September 1982 Daniel Haller Glen A. Larson
After Detective Michael Long is shot and left for dead, he is saved by the eccentric billionaire, Wilton Knight and his associate Devon Miles. He is given a new face by plastic surgery and a new identity as Michael Knight. Michael is then given the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT for short) – a dream car with super-spy gadgets and nearly invulnerable armor. Wilton asks Michael to carry on his crime-fighting crusade believing "one man can make a difference". Devon further persuades him to join the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG) as an operative. Michael considers the offer but first he must bring those who betrayed him to justice.
Knight of the Phoenix (Pt.2) 102/1 26 September 1982 Daniel Haller Glen A. Larson
The story continues as Michael locates his attacker, a woman named Tanya Walker, who is stealing technology secrets and embezzling money from the Comtron Corporation. With the help of a woman named Maggie, Michael lures Tanya into a trap by showing off KITT's abilities as bait. Once Tanya is caught red handed stealing from the company she tries to get away and Michael rushes to stop her.
Deadly Maneuvers 103/2 1 October 1982 Paul Stanley William Schmidt, Bob Shayne
Michael stops to help a stranded Army Lieutenant named Robin Ladd who was on her way to her new assignment at Englehart Weapons Center. Once at the base, Robin is informed her father had been killed and his death is suspicious. Michael conducts his own investigation which leads to uncovering the theft of nuclear warheads from the base. Once Robin and Michael's interference is discovered, the top brass decide to use them for target practice. KITT must survive a barrage of heavy ordinance before the traitorous military officials sell their nukes to the enemy.
A Good Day at White Rock 104/3 8 October 1982 Daniel Haller Deborah Davis
Michael and KITT head to the little town of White Rock where Michael plans to do some rock climbing. While in town, he meets a young store clerk named Sherry Benson and her little brother Davey. Soon White Rock is overrun by a biker gang called "The Scorpions" who harass Sherry and other townsfolk, all the while the cowardly Sheriff stands by and does nothing. Davey finds Michael and asks for help. Michael runs back to town to make sure Sherry is safe, but the Scorpions return and harass them. After a brawl in the street, the Sheriff arrives, but Michael is the one who gets arrested. Michael eventually breaks out and tracks the bikers to their camp. He overhears their preparations for a war with another gang called the "Road Dogs" and White Rock will be their battleground. Michael fetches Sherry and the two try to warn the Sheriff who'd rather lock them up than listen to them. They finally convince him the town is in danger, but Michael has a plan. He and Sherry go out and stir up the Scorpions who chase them back to town where the Sheriff and the angry townsfolk have a trap waiting.

NOTES: The title of this episode is a play on the classic 1955 movie Bad Day at Black Rock. An early episode of The A-Team, "Black Day at Bad Rock" is also a similar play on the title. Both episodes also contain notable parallels with both stories involving a biker gang terrorizing a small town. Sherry is played by Anne Lockhart, better known for her role as Lt. Sheba on the original Battlestar Galactica series.

Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular 105/4 22 October 1982 Bruce Bilson E. Paul Edwards & John Alan Schwartz
Michael is assigned to investigate a dare-devil stunt show whose operator has taken a second mortgage with a disreputable businessman named Lawrence Blake. Blake's clients have a nasty habit of becoming victims of mysterious accidents and Blake stands to buy out their property when their businesses fails. Now Sammy has become disabled after he wrecks his car during a blind-folded auto stunt which is his show's grand finale. Michael joins the stunt show to replace Sammy and with KITT's abilities he becomes the star of the show. Blake presses his thug Gordon to get rid of him but Michael uncovers Gordon's sabotage as well the involvement of a fellow stunt man named Mario.

NOTE: Gordon is played by Marc Alaimo, better known for his role as the Cardassian Gul Dukat on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Just My Bill 106/5 29 October 1982 Sidney Hayers David Braff
Devon assigns Michael to protect Senator Maggie Flynn who has made enemies in her political crusade to fight a new energy bill, which if passed, will mean hundreds of citizens losing their homes to make way for a new (and unnecessary) power plant. After numerous attempts on her life, Michael decides for Maggie to hide out with Devon, much to his chagrin, while he conducts an investigation with Maggie's assistant Jane Adams. The two suspect Maggie's rival Senator Forbes and a nefarious businessman to be involved in the attacks.
Not a Drop to Drink 107/6 5 November 1982 Virgil Vogel Hannah Louise Shearer
Michael is sent to help a group of cattle ranchers who are battling an acquisitive landowner Herb Bremen, who resorts to sabotaging the water supply in hopes the ranchers will leave so he can gain control of the whole valley. Getting in Michael's way is a troubled rancher's hot-headed daughter-in-law Francesca, who believes they don't need an outsider's help. Michael proves his worth when he stops a gang of thugs from destroying a pipeline and takes his grievance directly to Bremen himself. Bremen doesn't back down and has his goons dynamite a nearby dam to flood the valley instead. The bombs go off and now Michael and KITT must stop the rushing wall of water before it kills hundreds of innocent lives.

NOTE: Some prints of this episode contain the opening credits narration, others do not. One may notice that the flood scenes also contain reused footage from the first Superman movie. Francesca Morgan is played by actress Sondra Currie.

No Big Thing 108/7 12 November 1982 Bernard L. Kowalski Judy Burns
Devon is pulled over in a small town for a minor traffic violation but the officers add "resisting arrest" to the charges and toss him in the slammer. Soon Devon's contact, Frank Reston, an investigative reporter, is brought in for a drunk and disorderly. Devon learns that Reston is about to bust the county's Judge Paxton on a corruption scheme, but soon Reston is taken away and eliminated. Paxton believes Devon is a potential witness and quietly transfers him to the state prison. Meanwhile, the police give Michael the run around until he meets Carol, Reston's ex-wife, who believes her former husband and Devon are in trouble. Devon organizes a break out and Michael comes to his rescue. Now on the run, Devon must prove he is being set up by Paxton and bring him to justice.
Trust Doesn't Rust 109/8 19 November 1982 Paul Stanley Steven E. De Souza
Two petty thieves, Tony and Rev, break into a warehouse full of equipment owned by the Foundation and unwittingly reactivate KARR, (the Knight Automated Roving Robot), which was sitting in storage. Responding to the break in, Michael and KITT arrive to see KARR and the two thieves make a getaway. Devon informs Michael that KARR was KITT's prototype built by Wilton Knight, but unlike KITT who is programmed to protect human life, KARR was programmed for self-preservation. Michael questions why he was never told of the prototype, but Devon didn't see a need since he thought the car was dismantled. Eventually, the two thieves go on a crime spree using KARR to crash through bank vaults. Bonnie installs an experimental laser she believes will fry KARR's electronics but it only has two shots and limited range. While the thieves plot their next heist, KARR informs them that he requires maintenance. Tony manages to kidnap Bonnie and takes her to their hideout. Soon Michael and KITT come to her rescue but KARR and Tony escape and break into a warehouse where Tony makes off with a case of jewelry. At the scene, KITT and KARR have a stand off. Bonnie fires the laser but misses both times. KARR ejects Tony's "extra weight" and makes a run for it, but Michael is hot pursuit. He chases KARR to a seaside drive where he plays a deadly game of "chicken".

NOTE: The car that jumps off the cliff at the end is not KARR, but The Car, which was footage from a 1977 horror film starring James Brolin.

Inside Out 110/9 26 November 1982 Peter Crane Steven E. De Souza
Michael poses as a criminal wheelman named Dugan, after capturing the real driver and locking him up in a trailer. As Dugan, Michael infiltrates an organization led by the retired General Kincaid who trains his people in a criminal boot camp. He quickly becomes interested in Linda, a young woman who really wants out but says Kincaid can blackmail her if she tries to leave. Snooping around the camp, Michael learns Kincaid's plan is to break into a maximum security prison and free some of his captured associates. Michael sends KITT out to warn Devon of the plan, but he is shocked when he finds out that Kincaid's real plan has been to hijack a shipment of gold. Still posing as Dugan, Michael assists in the gold heist until he can contact Devon about the change of plans. Kincaid is already suspicious of Michael but things get serious when the real Dugan escapes the trailer and arrives at the camp to expose Michael as a fraud.
The Final Verdict 111/10 3 December 1982 Bernard L. Kowalski E. Paul Edwards & John Alan Schwartz (Story by Tom Greene)
Michael goes to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Cheryl Burns, a prison inmate, and close friend who has been accused of murdering her boss. Cheryl insists she's innocent but her only alibi lies with a nerdy accountant named Marty Kean who was with her at a bar on the night of the crime. Michael tries to locate Kean but finds he is the center of a police probe into the Falcon Corporation, a construction firm suspected of "cooking the books" for their accounts. Afraid that Michael is either a nosey cop or one of his boss' thugs, Kean plays hard to get and avoids Michael until he can convince him he is neither and just wants him to testify at Cheryl's trial. To earn Kean's trust, Michael helps him bring down his dubious employer and get the cops off his back.
A Plush Ride 112/11 10 December 1982 Sidney Hayers Gregory S. Dinallo
Michael infiltrates a bodyguard-chauffeur driving school operated by a man named Redmond. The Foundation believes one of the students may be an assassin plotting to eliminate a group of third world leaders meeting at a secret conference. Michael first suspects a woman named Margo Wells who secretly packs a weapon, but then another student named Jacobs uses real ammo to gun Michael down during an exercise. Margo comes to Michael's rescue and kills Jacobs. With the assassin taken care of, Michael departs, but something doesn't seem right. He returns to the school and finds Jacobs alive and well. Jacobs and the other students tie Michael up and prepare their operation to ambush the foreign leaders once they land at a private airport.
Forget Me Not 113/12 17 December 1982 Gil Bettman Richard Christian Matheson, Thomas Szollosi
Michael works with Marie Elena, a woman whose father, Eduardo Casafranca, is a South American leader visiting the United States. Her father is due to arrive any day, but Marie is concerned a rival figure, Rudy del Fuego, may have hired an assassin to kill him. Michael infiltrates del Fuego's private party to snoop around. There he meets a blonde woman named Micki who has had too much to drink and passes out in a bedroom. When del Fuego and his assassin discuss the killing they discover Micki in bed and decide to get rid of her. Michael witnesses del Fuego's thugs take Micki away and gives chase. Micki fights back and bails from the car, falling down a ravine and bashing her head. Michael saves her and takes her back to Marie's condo. She later awakens but she has no memory of what happened or who she really is. As time runs out for Eduardo's visit, Michael must help Micki remember who the assassin is before he strikes.
Hearts of Stone 114/13 14 January 1983 Jeffrey Hayden Robert Foster
Michael goes to Texas to meet Father Carlos Laguna, whose family is feuding with a group of gunrunners in possession of an advanced assault rifle called the X-19. The weapon fires 800 rounds per minute and has a laser-guided grenade launcher making it one of the most deadly weapons on the black market. The Lagunas know the gunrunners plan to sell the X-19 to Nicaraguan guerilla fighters and do not want to see the weapons in the hands of rebels in their homeland. The situation worsens when Carlos' brother Roberto is shot with an X-19 during a drive-by. Michael infiltrates the gunrunner's compound with the help of a bar waitress named Angie. He poses as a gun collector and offers to buy the whole shipment of X-19s. A deal is struck and they make plans to meet Michael for the sale the next morning. Angie tricks Michael however, and leads him to an empty warehouse where she steals his suitcase of money. Michael must get it back since it was Foundation charity money provided by Devon. NOTE: This is the episode where KITT gets his three-bar LED voice display. Don Peake also takes over composing the music for the rest of the series.
Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death 115/14 21 January 1983 Bernard L. Kowalski David Braff
Michael enters KITT in an alternative fuel race where the coordinator, Dr. Kempler, believes someone is conducting sabotage. Kempler and Devon feel an oil-producing nation would like to see the advanced fuel technologies fail. Michael investigates every driver's background, but a nosey magazine reporter named Liberty Cox becomes his prime suspect, especially after he uncovers her long criminal record and a radio detonator device in her luggage. Little does Michael know, Liberty is being set up by the real saboteur; a ruthless cable television sponsor Clark Sellers, who stands to make a killing off of the filming rights of the race if every car makes a "spectacular crash".
The Topaz Connection 116/15 28 January 1983 Alan Myerson Stephen Katz
A high-profile "skin magazine" editor named Philip Royce is murdered and Michael helps his daughter Lauren investigate who killed him and why. The clues may be found in Royce's computer, but the file he was working on is password protected under the code name "Topaz". The plot thickens when a private investigator Royce hired calls Lauren to reveal the story, but the man is killed by a sniper. Lauren and Michael then follow the P.I.'s leads to Las Vegas in hopes of uncovering the meaning behind Topaz, but quickly come across more thugs who want them eliminated. (guest star Tina Louise)
A Nice, Indecent Little Town 117/16 18 February 1983 Gil Betteman Frank Telford
Michael poses as a freelance bounty hunter looking to capture a counterfeiter named Ron Austin. He tracks the criminal to the small town of Alpine Crest. At the same time, Devon is giving the town a Foundation award for the city with the lowest crime rate per capita. While following Austin, Michael befriends Jobina Bruce, a local reporter looking for a big story; but little does he know Jobina is also working for a CIA agent named Larken, who is conducting his own investigation of a local religious printing business, "Hallelujah Press". While Michael tries to make a connection between Austin and Barnswell (the print shop owner), he is arrested by Sheriff Moore, a corrupt official who also has KITT impounded. Michael soon uncovers that Moore may have a hand in the counterfeiting scheme as well.
Chariot of Gold 118/17 25 February 1983 Bernard L. Kowalski William Schmidt
Michael investigates an archeological dig, but his contact, Dr. Litton, suddenly goes insane and slips into a coma. Elsewhere, Devon and Bonnie speak with Litton's partner, Dr. Graham Deauville, who is also the leader of the prestigious "Helios Society", an organization of genius minds. Deauville has just inducted Bonnie and Devon into the society and invites them to a ceremony. Michael attends the gathering and learns Litton is just the latest member of Helios to fall victim to a mysterious death. Eventually, Michael stumbles upon an elaborate plot learning Litton was killed because he discovered the burial artifacts were fakes and the dig site is a front for something bigger. Meanwhile, Deauville puts Bonnie under mind control and has her lure Michael into a trap. Next, Bonnie reprograms KITT to assist in a museum gold heist; just one of Deauville's phases in a much larger scheme; to fund the building of an underground complex that he believes will save him form the nuclear armageddon of World War III. When Michael comes to rescue Bonnie and stop the heist, he finds KITT standing in his way and programmed with orders to kill him.
White Bird 119/18 4 March 1983 Winrich Kolbe Virginia Aldridge
Michael learns that the woman he was once engaged to, Stephanie Mason, has been arrested for her involvement in a money laundering scheme. Unfortunately, he was engaged to her when he was Michael Long and Stephanie thinks he is dead. The Justice Department has given Stephanie the option of turning in her boss Gilbert Cole, or face conspiracy charges if she refuses. The situation intensifies when Cole sends thugs to eliminate her before she can testify before a grand jury. Now Michael must protect the woman he once loved and capture the people who are setting her up, all the while avoiding slip ups that may give away his secret identity.

NOTE: Stephanie is played by actress Catherine Hickland, who at the time of this episode was engaged to David Hasslehoff.

Knight Moves 120/19 11 March 1983 Christian I. Nyby II William Schmidt
Michael goes to New Mexico to do some investigating for the Alliance of Independent Truckers (AIT) whose rigs have been getting hijacked on isolated stretches of highway. The union, led by Rick Calley and his sister Terry, was formed so private truckers could stay competitive with larger commercial trucking companies. Rick is the latest victim of the attacks and was shot by gunmen who stole his trailer filled with valuable electronic equipment. More problems arise when Riggins Distribution, AIT's main client, threatens to do business with AIT's biggest rival, Prairie Trucking, whose trucks - suspiciously enough - haven't been hit by thieves. Things get more serious when a man named Falker arrives to urge the AIT drivers to work for him. When Michael discovers Falker is secretly involved with Prairie Trucking, he decides to pay them a visit, but Falker knows Michael is trouble and sends his thugs to eliminate him.
Nobody Does it Better 121/20 29 April 1983 Harvey Laidman David Braff
The C.E.O. of Dalton Microelectronics, Elliot Stevens, hires the Foundation to help him catch whoever is stealing software codes for his company's latest video games. Michael suspects someone on the inside; a programmer named Julian Groves. Michael follows Groves to a tennis club where he trains with an instructor named Connie Chason. However, Connie is more than just a trainer; she has a criminal history as well as being a failed model and actress. Soon Michael is tailed by an overzealous private investigator named Flannery Roe who has been hired by Linda Groves, Julian's wife. She believes Julian is having an affair with Connie, but Michael is convinced that Connie is just a middleman for whoever Julian is selling corporate secrets too. The plot thickens when Connie is suddenly found murdered in Julian's bungalow and the software engineer is now on the run. Michael doesn't believe Julian is capable of murder and he and Flannery are forced to tolerate each other and work together to find the real killer.

NOTE: Julian is played by Tony Dow, who is best known for his role as Wally Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver.

Short Notice 122/21 6 May 1983 Robert Foster Robert Foster
On his way home from a fishing trip, Michael picks up a wandering hitch hiker named Nicole Turner. He and Nicole share a room at a motel in the town of Long Pine, but the next morning two bikers arrive. One busts into the room brandishing a gun. During the struggle, Michael accidentally shoots the gunman while the other flees. To Michael's bewilderment, Nicole flees the scene as well. Soon, the police arrive and arrest Michael for murder. He claims self-defense but without a witness it's hard to prove. Devon bails him out but fears the DA's investigation may dig into his past and jeopardize his career with the Foundation. Michael has no other choice but to find Nicole. He gets a lead when he learns the gunman was a member of the felonious biker gang "Satan's Stompers". He tracks her down learning that she is fighting to get her young daughter Natalie back from her psychotic ex-husband and leader of the biker gang, Harold Turner. Harold just wants Nicole to turn over a microfilm containing some criminal evidence as trade for little Natalie. Michael agrees to be the bagman for Nicole's testimony, but Harold has no intention of handing over the child over. Instead, he and his thugs plan an ambush to kill his ex-wife that leads Michael and KITT to an abandoned movie set for a wild west-style shoot out season finale.

NOTE: Nicole is played by actress Robin Curtis who played Lt. Saavik on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Season two (1983-1984)

Season Two saw the departure of Patricia McPherson as Bonnie Barstow, and was replaced by Rebecca Holden as April Curtis who became the new mechanic for KITT. This season also saw a change in relationships between Devon and Michael. Devon always seemed annoyed and argumentative with Michael, however their friendship was more solid and less formal by second season. Michael also doesn't "flirt" nearly as much with April as he had done with Bonnie.

Title Prod.# /Ep.# Airdate Director
Goliath (Pt.1) 201/22 2 October 1983 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
Michael goes to Las Vegas to help a woman named Rita Wilcox, whose brother has gone missing. Elsewhere, Devon has a meeting with Elizabeth Knight, Wilton Knight's widow, who remains involved with funding the Foundation, although Devon distrusts her motives. Both Devon and Michael are stunned to find Wilton's criminal son, Garthe Knight, who has been in an African prison for four years, has returned to the picture. Things get more complicated when Michael learns Rita is also involved with Garthe, and her brother was conducting some kind of investigation on him. Michael uncovers her brother's audio tapes containing information on a place known as "Red Bluff", a classified weapons storage facility deep in the Nevada desert. Red Bluff currently holds a collection of tactical missiles which would be dangerous in the wrong hands, especially a third world nation. When Michael learns Garthe is secretly meeting with an African military general named Tsombe Kuna, the pieces come together. Just how Garthe intends on getting the missiles out of the highly guarded facility isn't certain; that is until Michael comes face-to-face with a massive semi truck known as "Goliath" which is protected with the same indestructible molecular bonded shell technology as KITT. Garthe shows Michael just how unstoppable Goliath is when he lures Michael to a dry lake for a showdown. Goliath clobbers KITT in a collision that nearly destroys him.

NOTE: David Hasselhoff also performs the role of Garthe Knight.

Goliath (Pt.2) 202/22 2 October 1983 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
The story continues as KITT is immobilized, and Michael is left for dead, but he manages to get KITT back on his wheels and uses the turbo boost as a makeshift ram jet to get them back home. April repairs KITT and installs a powerful laser weapon which may give him an edge against Goliath. Elsewhere, Michael surprises Garthe when he shows up alive and well at the casino and embarrasses Garthe by beating him at a craps table. In anger, Garthe chases Michael down in his Mercedes, but Michael lures him into a trap where Devon and April hold him hostage. Michael then poses as Garthe to fetch Rita from the casino, and intercept Goliath before General Kuna uses it to break into Red Bluff. In the meantime, Garthe manages to escape and rushes to stop Michael before he can plant a bomb on Goliath. Once Michael is discovered, he is taken prisoner by General Kuna and is forced to watch Goliath smash its way into Red Bluff. A squad of Kuna's soldiers then load the missiles into Goliath's trailer. Michael isn't finished yet, and has KITT cause a disturbance so he can slip away. Back inside KITT, Michael chases down Garthe to confront him in a final showdown before Kuna can take possession of the weapons.
Brother's Keeper 203/23 9 October 1983 Sidney Hayers E.F. Wallengren
Michael infiltrates a maximum security prison to spring a convict named Peter McCord, who is terrified to leave the big house, and even turns down his parole. Police investigator Philip Hunt however, wants him released so he can draw out a former mob boss, Eric Fenton, who has a personal vendetta against McCord. Fenton threatens to explode a powerful bomb hidden somewhere in the city if McCord is not handed over, but McCord manages to get away when Hunt's agents drop him off for Fenton's thugs. Michael goes looking for McCord and his only lead is his estranged daughter, Lisa, who refuses to even speak to her father believing he murdered her mother Rachel. Once McCord is found, he confronts Lisa and claims his innocence saying Fenton murdered Rachel, who had also been Fenton's lover for a time before the mobster was sent to prison. By the time Fenton was released, he found Rachel and McCord had married and was furious. Now McCord must prove himself to his daughter and help Michael bring Fenton down and find the bomb with only minutes left before detonation.

NOTE: Phillip Hunt is played by Tim O'Connor, better known for his role as Dr. Elias Huer on the Buck Rogers television series. Eric Fenton is played by Michael Fairman who plays the crimelord Adelei Niska on the Firefly science fiction series.

Merchants of Death 204/24 16 October 1983 Alan Myerson William Schmidt
Michael goes to Phoenix to investigate the disappearance of Amelia Clermont, a private investigator and a former love interest of Devon. Michael and Camela, Amelia's daughter, search for clues in her mother's personal files and discover a diagram of a weapon guidance computer and photos of an army surplus yard owned by a man named Strock. Strock is also involved in funding a re-election campaign for Congressman Albert Ebersol. In a ravine near the facility, Michael finds the gruesome remains of Amelia's burned out car. KITT determines the car was destroyed by a rocket fired from the air. Devon informs Michael that the schematics are for a rocket called the "Sledgehammer", which is the main armament for an experimental helicopter known as the "SX411". Michael sneaks into the surplus yard and finds the helicopter. He believes the facility is a front for the sale of illegal weapons, and the money is being funneled to Ebersol. The next morning, Devon and the police, raid the facility but find it empty. Strock of course feigns ignorance and there is no evidence to bring him in. Michael's next plan is to pose as an arms dealer to draw out a gunrunner named Kragen who can be linked to Strock. Strock's next move however, is to eliminate Michael and Camela and orders Kragen to use the SX411 to get rid of them.

NOTE: Strock is played by Dana Elcar best known for his role as Peter Thornton on MacGyver.

Blind Spot 205/25 23 October 1983 Bernard L. Kowaalski Jackson Gillis
The Foundation receives a strange phone call from a worker at a wrecking yard who claims the owner is exploiting illegal immigrants as slave labor, and who murdered one who opposed him. The caller only wants to make an evidence drop and prefers to remain anonymous. Michael goes to fetch the evidence at a shopping mall parking lot and keeps an eye out for the tipster. Two gunman show up and shoot a man they believe to be the snitch, then escape in a Porsche. The victim however, is an innocent bystander, John; the boyfriend of a blind woman named Julie Robinson. The gunman first see Julie with her guide dog and are relieved that she can't identify them by sight. So Michael proposes that she goes driving with KITT, and make them think she can see, to entrap them. Julie also identifies the caller by hearing his voice on KITT's recording. But the crooks make her their next target. Michael must now protect Julie who is caught up in the situation she had nothing to do with and expose the ruthless businessman behind the shooting.

NOTE: The blind character Julie Robinson is played by the sighted actress Elyssa Davalos best known for her role as Nikki Carpenter on MacGyver.

Return to Cadiz 206/26 30 October 1983 Alan Myerson Larry Forrester
Michael goes to a beach to test KITT's new "Aquatic Synthesizer" which allows him to drive on water. He aborts the test when KITT discovers a body of a young diver named Bobby Shell who is alive but suffering from the bends. Michael rushes him to a hospital where he meets his sister, Jennifer. Michael looks over the boy's diving gear which has clearly been sabotaged, and also finds a solid gold Aztec coin. Michael further investigates down at the shore and discovers the fishing vessel Fin Quest, which is supposed to be part of an aquatic research project, is captained by a man named Zachary Sloate, a ruthless treasure hunter. Devon informs Michael that Sloate is obsessed with finding an Aztec statue called "Nacinda". After another attempt is made on Bobby's life, Bobby confesses that he had found Nacinda while diving, and hid it in a secret place called "Cadiz". Michael knows Sloate is willing to kill to get Nacinda back, and the situation intensifies once he learns Jennifer has been kidnapped.

Note: Jennifer is played by Anne Lockhart, her second appearance on the show.

K.I.T.T. the Cat 207/27 6 November 1983 Jeffrey Hayden Janis Hendler
Michael investigates a series of cat burglaries, the most recent, the theft of a priceless ruby necklace. The burglar leaves a calling card behind and Devon indicates he was once robbed by a thief with a similar modus operandi named Raymond Fallon; although he was never caught. Devon also mentions Fallon was killed in a plane crash a month earlier so it couldn't possibly be the same thief. This burglar happens to only be stealing from other criminals and they don't report the thefts to authorities. Michael wonders if Fallon taught his criminal trade to someone else and suspects Fallon's daughter, Grace. Grace admits she in fact trained with her father, but she is not responsible for the recent thefts. Michael soon crosses paths with a trigger-happy police detective, George Barth, who suspects Grace and is revealed to have personal vendetta against her. He failed at catching her father and now that the master thief is dead, he is determined to nail his daughter in the act. Michael and Grace must now dodge Barth and plan a trap to catch the real thief.

NOTE: Grace is played by actress Geena Davis. KITT goofs in this episode when he claims that a ruby is a form of carbon, but this applies only to diamonds. Ruby is a form of corundum.

Custom K.I.T.T. 208/28 13 November 1983 Georg Fenady William Schmidt, Robert Specht
A rare and priceless car, "The Pennington Ascot Regency", is stolen from Devon who was borrowing it from an old friend, Commander Smythe. Devon wants the car found before his friend gives him an earfull. Michael goes to the only place nearby that such an exotic vehicle could be sold, the "Barton Springs Custom Classic Show". There, Michael meets Carrie Haver, a young woman trying to win a trophy for her deceased father's exotic car, but Carrie is being strongly urged by the show coordinator, Suzanne Weston, into selling it to her. When Carrie's car gets stolen, Michael immediately suspects Weston who has a criminal background, but trailing her doesn't lead to the stolen vehicles. Michael's next plan is to decorate KITT with a flame job, gold rimmed racing wheels and a huge spoiler in an attempt to draw out the real car thieves.
Soul Survivor 209/29 27 November 1983 Harvey Laidman Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
Michael stops to help a woman whose car has broken down, and after rendering aid, the woman insists he join her for a drink at her home. There, she mesmerises him with strange music while outside, a kid in a pest control van full of computer equipment hacks into KITT's systems. Michael later awakens at the side of the road. He and Devon return to the woman's house and find it completely empty, however, KITT's AI module is found in the garbage. April restores what is left of KITT and temporarily installs him in a portable television set. While KITT undergoes a personality complex, Michael borrows Devon's Mercedes to look for Randy Merrit, a young whiz kid who Michael suspects to be the hacker. His only lead is Randy's worried mother who explains the boy has had relations with a strange woman named Adrianne Margeaux. Later, he learns Adrianne had dealings with George Atherton, a man who was once on the Foundation's board of directors. He learns Adrianne may be using Randy to operate KITT's body and steal Atherton's priceless art collection which is being transported in an armored van.
Ring of Fire 210/30 4 December 1983 Winrich Kolbe Janis Hendler
April and Michael abort a test of KITT's new "pyroclastic lamination" (which will protect him from sustained heat up to 800 degrees), when Devon interrupts and gives Michael a tape recording of a distressed Cajun woman named Lela Callan. Lela is afraid her murderous ex-husband Cray, who has just escaped from a Louisiana chain gang, may try to kill her for testifying against him at his trial. Michael goes to the bayou to investigate and soon meets a reverend who says he sent the tape. The reverend is then shot by Cray and Michael gives chase, but KITT has an unexpected systems malfunction and becomes stuck in the swamp. Michael looks for help but is attacked by hound dogs and taken to a shack where Lela is hiding. Meanwhile, Cray and a gang of criminal bounty hunters begin a manhunt for Lela. With KITT struggling to remain operational, Michael must find a way out of the swamp, which Cray has set ablaze, and rescue Lela who is trapped in a cabin filled with dynamite.
Knightmares 211/31 11 December 1983 Sidney Hayers Tom Greene, Janis Hendler
Michael is chasing down a suspect who leads him to an abandoned dam, but the suspect gives him the slip. Michael finds a secret door, but the thug ambushes him and tosses a grenade. Michael narrowly avoids the blast and is injured. He later awakens in a hospital with a concussion and the only thing he remembers is his former identity; police officer Michael Long. He eventually returns to his old precinct but the cops tell him he's been "dead" for two years. In shock and suffering from amnesia, Michael becomes more confused especially after a driverless, talking car begins following him around. KITT returns him to the Foundation where Devon and April try to explain his past, but Michael refuses to believe any of it and leaves. KITT follows and convinces him to retrace his steps back to the dam. Bombarded with flashbacks, Michael must recall his identity as Michael Knight and find the man who tried to kill him.
Silent Knight 212/32 18 December 1983 Bruce Kessler Robert Gilmer, Janis Hendler
Michael goes to a small town to shop for a tuxedo for the Foundation's annual Christmas banquet, but he accidentally hits a Gypsy boy named Tino. He claims to be hurt and Michael begins to drive him to a hospital, but a quick scan by KITT determines the boy is fine and he has a very expensive gold watch on his person. Although Tino denies it, he lifted the watch from a group of men and Michael takes him to the police. The police inform Michael the watch was stolen during a bank robbery and the men are suspects. The crooks aren't finished with Tino yet. Fearing the boy can identify them, they try to hunt him down. Michael meets Tino's worried sister Marta and suggests to her that Tino "lie low" for a while at his Uncle Stephano's camp until the cops find the suspects. Marta's devious boyfriend Nick, however, has personal connections to the crooks, and informs them where to find Tino. Marta is disgusted by Nick's betrayal and goes after her brother, warning Michael that he is still in danger. Now he must find the troubled teen before the bad guys do.
A Knight in Shining Armor 213/33 8 January 1984 Bernard McEveety Janis Hendler, Tom Greene
A burglar breaks into the Foundation's guest house and murders Charlie Granger who is an adventure writer, treasure hunter, and close friend of Devon's. The killer also steals a treasure map and disappears. Devon fears Granger's daughter, Catherine, may be next since she carries the "key" to the treasure in a locket. Michael goes to the private Woodgrove School to fetch her, but the pompus and arrogant girl refuses to go with him and hardly shows remorse for her father who she doesn't consider a part of her life. Michael resorts to kidnapping and forces her back to the Foundation where he tries to prove she meant everything to her father. Meanwhile, Catherine's guardian, Christopher Stone, demands Devon hand her over but he refuses until the murderer is caught. Stone's threats lead Devon to believe he is the one behind the killing and may want the treasure for himself. Elsewhere, Catherine has made contact with Stone, the only person she trusts, but she quickly finds out Stone indeed wants the treasure and will kill her to get it.
Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend 214/34 15 January 1984 Jeffrey Hayden Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
A fashion model named Rachel is found dead; an apparent suicide, or so the police believe, however her friend Lauren believes she was murdered and contacts the Foundation for help. Michael meets Lauren at a photo shoot and poses as her old boyfriend to avoid suspicion while he investigates. He starts by checking out Chris Carlson, Rachel's boyfriend, but finds him murdered in his apartment. After chasing and losing a suspect who fled the scene, Michael decides to snoop around during a lavish party hosted by Lauren's boss, Bernie Mitchell, who gives expensive-looking, but fake, diamond jewelry to his models. He discovers Mitchell is switching the real diamonds with the fakes after his models return from shoots in Europe and South America. His girls wear them to sneak them past U.S. Customs and Mitchell then sells them illegally to foreign VIPs. Michael guesses Rachel and Chris knew about it and planned a little heist of their own, but Mitchell caught on to their scheme. Michael still needs proof, and after Lauren is dragged down to Mexico City for Mitchell's next sale, Michael heads there and devises a sting operation involving Devon to pose as a buyer for the diamonds and catch Mitchell with enough evidence to bring him down.
White-Line Warriors 215/35 29 January 1984 Bob Bralver Richard C. Okie
Michael goes to Vista Beach to investigate a string of robberies; the most recent hit is an art gallery owned by Marietta Mattheson and her niece Cindy. He learns the crimes occur when a local car club meets for street racing. Michael later runs into a gruff police detective, Chief Craig, who dislikes outsiders, especially ones who drive "suped-up" cars. Michael's prime suspect is Ron Prescott, Cindy's boyfriend, who has a police record and mysteriously skips town after a jewelry store is hit. Craig has another confrontation with Michael when he shows up at the gallery looking for Ron and harasses Cindy for his whereabouts. Craig indicates Ron's car was spotted leaving the crime scene, but Cindy refuses to believe Ron had anything to do it. Michael eventually finds Ron who swears he's not the thief and fears he's being set up. He has Ron hideout aboard the Knight mobile unit and investigates further. He soon becomes suspicious of a song "Crumblin' Down" played by a local radio deejay, "Handsome" Anson, and realizes the song is broadcast just before each robbery while the cops are busy chasing after the racers. Believing the song is a signal for the real thief, he heads to the station to confront the deejay, but Chief Craig arrives, and Michael soon discovers the detective is planning a "wealthy" retirement with Ron as his scapegoat.
Race for Life 216/36 5 February 1984 Georg Fenady Bruce Belland, Roy M. Rogosin
April's niece Becky, is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. At the same time, a fierce thunderstorm completely cripples the city's telephone network and the hospital is unable to access the donor database. Michael and KITT come to the rescue with KITT contacting the database and listing the compatible donors. Only one, "Julio Rodriguez", can be located. The problem is, Julio is a gang member and he's currently on the run from the "Conquerors", a rival gang who thinks he shot their leader Jimmy during a fight. Michael finds Julio hiding in a church and pleads for him to help Becky, however Julio doesn't feel safe. Michael strikes a deal; get the Conqueror's off his back and he'll help the dying child. Things go wrong very quickly however when the Conquerors kidnap Terri, Julio's girlfriend, and threaten to kill her if he doesn't turn himself over. Julio sneaks away to deal with the gang himself and now Michael must race against the clock and rescue him in time to save Becky's life.
Speed Demons 217/37 12 February 1984 Bruce Seth Green Tom Greene, Janis Hendler
After sponsoring a charity dirt bike race, the Foundation receives information that the deadly crash in last year's event was the result of murder. More specifically, the death of Danny Duvall, a champion endurance racer. At the track, Michael learns Duvall had enemies; namely Lee Carstairs, (a flamboyant, highly-promoted racer), and Wade Fontane, (a jealous hothead who wants Duvall's girlfriend Sabrina). Sabrina is also the sister of Kelly Travis, a fellow racer and Duvall's best friend. Kelly was injured in the crash and nearly paralyzed, but Michael is impressed that he still has the will to race. Michael keeps a close eye on Kelly especially after someone tries to sabotage his bike. Michael chases the saboteur who gets away on the dirt track where KITT cannot follow, but soon, April fits KITT with a new traction system that will help him ride the rough terrain. Meanwhile, Michael finds out the saboteur is Sabrina who fears for her brother's life and wanted to stop him from racing, but Kelly is determined to get win for Danny. As the race begins, Michael is at a loss for the killer's motive, but he soon learns Carstair's high-income promotional contracts expired and he needs a win to keep his sponsors interested. KITT gets a test of his new traction system when Michael enters the race to stop Carstair's from carrying out his deadly plan.
Goliath Returns (Pt. 1) 218/38 19 February 1984 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer, Tom Greene, Janis Hendler
Garthe Knight escapes from prison; broken out by his menacing truck "Goliath" which crashes through the prison walls. Meanwhile, Michael is attending a reception for Dr. Klaus Bergstrom, a brilliant scientist who is in town for a symposium on laser technology. Since Bergstrom's knowledge would be quite valuable to an enemy government, the Foundation is assigned to protect him, however things get complicated once Michael learns of Garthe's escape and the sudden appearance of Goliath which was thought to be destroyed. Later, Garthe teams up with another familiar enemy, Adrianne Margeaux, who once tried to steal KITT. Her technicians have rebuilt Goliath and this time made certain the truck's weaknesses have been eliminated. Soon, Garthe raids the Foundation and abducts Devon and April in a plan to lure Michael into a trap. With Michael temporarily out of the way, Garthe and Adrianne abduct Dr. Bergstrom and replace him with a surgically altered clone to deceive his niece Christina. Christina becomes suspicious that her uncle is an impostor after he loses his limp caused by a sprained ankle the night before. Michael arrives to check on her and confirms her suspicions that her uncle is a fraud. To avoid further complications, Michael has Christina play along with the ruse while he tries to locate Devon and April.
Goliath Returns (Pt. 2) 219/38 19 February 1984 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer, Tom Greene, Janis Hendler
The story continues as Michael and KITT find Adrianne's estate where Garthe is holding Devon, April and Dr. Bergstrom prisoner. The duo doesn't get far when they encounter Goliath blocking their path. Veering out of the way, KITT flies off a cliff but is saved by his new emergency parachute, however KITT is disabled in a rough landing. Garthe's thugs soon capture Michael and he's introduced to Garthe's dungeon; a rat infested cell just like the one Garthe was held captive inside of in Africa. KITT is held in a garage with his nemesis Goliath. Elsewhere, Devon, April and Bergstrom rig an explosive to escape their cell, but they are quickly captured again. Garthe reveals that Bergstrom will be "sold" to an interested government and smuggled out of the country via submarine which is waiting off the coast. Devon and April's fate will be to die along with Michael once Garthe self-destructs the mansion. Michael eventually escapes the dungeon by tricking the guards with an assembled recording of Adrianne's voice. He quickly fixes KITT and rushes to fetch Christina and has the impostor Bergstrom arrested. Once Christina is safe, Michael returns to the estate to rescue Devon and April before the whole place blows. He then races to rescue the real Bergstrom from Goliath's trailer and stop Garthe and Adrianne once and for all.
A Good Knight's Work 220/39 4 March 1984 Sidney Hayers Richard C. Okie
An international criminal named Cameron Zachary discovers Michael Long is still alive as Michael Knight. In fact, it was Zachary who planned the original hit on Long that failed when the assassin (and his lover), Tanya Walker, was killed. Zachary not only seeks revenge against Long, but also schemes to get his hands on Wilton Knight's dream; the Knight Industries 2000. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated case, Michael helps Gina Adams, a toy designer who claims the Triple M Toy company stole the schematics for her high-tech "Mighty Mouth" teddy bear. After breaking into Triple M, Michael discovers the factory is doing more than making toys and is secretly producing a hand held laser weapon. Michael also finds Zachary's thugs waiting for him and barely escapes. He now believes Triple M is a front company for Zachary and Gina set him up. He confronts her, but Zachary's thugs arrive and hold her hostage. Michael has no choice but to meet their demands and hand over KITT who Michael orders to shutdown. The thugs lock KITT inside a truck and Michael is taken to meet Zachary face-to-face who has unfinished business with Michael Long. Now Michael's only chance is a new secret homing device that remotely activates KITT and brings him to the rescue.

NOTE: One of Zachary's thugs, Simpson, is played by Robert O'Reilly, better known for his role as Gowron on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Mouth of the Snake (Pt. 1) 221/40 8 April 1984 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
Michael goes to Calexico on an investigation for Joanna St. John, whose ex-husband, attorney Arthur Abrams, has been murdered at the Mexican border. Abrams was investigating the smuggling of illegal aliens into the country. When Michael and Joanna check out the site, they find the operation was smuggling more than immigrants when pieces of pottery are found with flecks of gold. Heading back to Joanna's motel, the two find an intruder who makes an amazing acrobatic getaway. Michael learns the man is David Dalton, a federal investigator working secretly for the Justice Department. Dalton is after Eduardo O'Brian, an Irish-Mexican crimelord who Dalton believes is behind Abram's murder. Dalton is hard to catch, but once Michael finds him, he convinces him they are on the same side and should work together. Michael and KITT conduct the legwork of the investigation while Dalton stays close to Joanna who decides to infiltrate O'Brien's birthday party at a beach house estate owned by Elton Mathews. Mathews has been supplying the vehicles and equipment for a mysterious digging operation only known as "Boca Culebra" (a.k.a Mouth of the Snake). As KITT creates a disturbance, Michael hitches a ride aboard a truck and finds statues with gold bricks inside. Dalton learns O'Brien is using the gold to purchase a cargo plane, but the reason still eludes him.
Mouth of the Snake (Pt. 2) 222/40 8 April 1984 Winrich Kolbe Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
The story continues as Michael and Dalton investigate further and discover a warehouse filled with rockets. Michael and KITT soon learn the rockets are for a semi truck with a mobile launcher hidden in the trailer and the duo barely escape its attack. Elsewhere, Joanna becomes more acquainted with O'Brien who quickly becomes infatuated with her. He invites her aboard his yacht where she manages to steal the combination to his safe. Dalton later sneaks aboard and breaks into the safe where he finds plans for advanced weapon systems. O'Brien eventually figures out he's been duped when he finds the combination in Joanna's waste basket, however he doesn't immediately let on to her treachery. Meanwhile, Michael follows Mathew's trucks to the dig site discovering a cave "the mouth" and a secret tunnel "the snake" which leads to a military weapons depot. The pieces come together as O'Brien plans to use the rockets to attack the base while his men raid the depot vaults for the experimental weapons. The plane will arrive and transport the weapons out of the country. Now Michael and Dalton must stop O'Brien and Mathews who have kidnapped Joanna and set out on their operation to attack the depot.

NOTE: "Mouth of the Snake" served as a backdoor pilot for a short lived series entitled Code of Vengeance, resolving around the former Vietnam vet David Dalton, but it soon fell off the schedules after only five episodes.

Let it Be Me 223/41 13 May 1984 Bernard McEveety Robert Foster, Robert Gilmer
Greg Noble, the lead singer of the rock band "Class Action", is found dead from a drug overdose. His duet singer Stevie March however, believes Greg was murdered and contacts the Foundation. Michael knows Stevie all too well since she is really Stephanie Mason, Michael Long's former fiancée, who he helped on a previous mission. With her identity changed in a witness protection program, Stevie joined a rock band and started her life over. Michael infiltrates the group by becoming their new lead singer. The plot thickens when Michael and Stevie find one of Greg's video tapes contains a single frame of binary computer code hidden amongst performance footage. Michael decides to investigate the band's producer, Barbara Bellingham, who has a master tape hidden in a safe. He gets the tape to April who deciphers the code as airline schedules and weights for what she believes to be drug shipments. Soon, Stevie stumbles upon her manager, Paul Block, and her producer scheming their plans to transmit the code to a fellow drug smuggler. Now Michael must give the performance of his life to protect Stevie and stop her producer's plot.

NOTE: David Hasselhoff actually sings in this episode and has gone on to further his singing career in real life. Stevie is played by actress Catherine Hickland, who was Hasselhoff's wife at the time. This is her second appearance in the series.

Big Iron 224/42 27 May 1984 Bernard L. Kowalski Julie Friedgen
Michael heads to Tucson to investigate the theft of construction equipment from Frank Sanderson, a struggling contractor who stands to lose everything if his projects aren't completed on schedule. Michael's first suspect is Frank's former business partner, Lloyd Newald, especially after Michael finds a freshly repainted bulldozer on his lot that is similar to one recently stolen from Frank's job site. Newald hotly denies being a thief, but Michael knows Newald's financial problems could be a motive. Needing more proof, Michael tracks down the stolen equipment in a remote quarry, but he and KITT come under attack. A bulldozer pushes KITT into a ravine and buries him under tons of dirt. Michael and KITT barely escape the pit and give chase to the men leaving the site, but KITT is damaged and cannot keep up. Michael tracks the getaway truck's licence plates back to Newald and pays him another visit. Newald still denies being involved and offers to help find the real thieves. A surprising lead develops when Michael discovers Frank's wife Lucy, is having an affair with a dubious equipment dealer named Vance Burke, whose operation may involve stolen vehicles. With Frank and Lloyd's help, Michael lays a trap with a bulldozer as bait to catch Burke and his thugs in the act.

Season three (1984-1985)

This season saw KITT gain a new dash and abilities, Patricia McPherson returned as Bonnie Barstow and would remain for the remainder of the series. Michael and Devon had also become close friends as well as associates by this point, trusting one another enough to work and conspire in secret together without notifying KITT or Bonnie ("Knight in Disgrace"). KITT's renegade prototype KARR finally resurfaced.

Title Prod#/Ep.# Airdate Director
Knight of the Drones (Pt. 1) 301/43 30 September 1984 Sidney Hayers Robert Foster, Gerald Sanford
Michael meets up with Bonnie at a university research center in San Francisco to convince her to return to the Foundation. Elsewhere, a criminal mastermind named Margo Sheridan rounds up high-tech criminals (including Bonnie's college advisor) to pull a robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank.
Knight of the Drones (Pt. 2) 302/43 30 September 1984 Sidney Hayers Robert Foster, Gerald Sanford
Bonnie rebuilds KITT. giving him new improvements including the newly designed dashboard. Later, Michael faces off with Margo Sheridan, David Ralston, and his robotic drone cars that he unleashes to eliminate him.
The Ice Bandits 303/44 7 October 1984 Georg Fenady Gerald Sanford
Michael infiltrates a monastery that diamond thieves are using as a front for a clinic that specializes in plastic surgery. For humour, Michael and KITT also (briefly) encounter a donkey named Kit, much to KITT's displeasure.
Knight of the Fast Lane 304/45 14 October 1984 Winrich Kolbe Richard C. Okie
When Michael's friend gets into a coma, Michael investigates the crime. Later, Michael finds out she was involved with a Bonzai race. When Michael accepts a Bonsai Racing challenge against a murderous sports car driver/football team owner. He bets KITT, to be the prize.
Halloween Knight 305/46 28 October 1984 Winrich Kolbe Bill Nuss
After witnessing a murder, Bonnie is haunted by strange happenings staged to run her out of her apartment, like witnessing a gorilla murdering a neighbor lady.
K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R. 306/47 4 November 1984 Winrich Kolbe Richard C. Okie
A young beachcombing couple, John Stanton (a marine mechanic) and his girlfriend Mandy, discover a black car buried in the sand. John fetches his truck and pulls the car out which then activates on its own. Before taking the ride for a spin, John promises Mandy he'll take it to the police, but KARR reveals himself and convinces John to hide him. Elsewhere, KITT and Michael pick up a strange signal identical to one used by KITT. They track the source and find KARR alive and well. The duo give chase but KARR gets away. Later, John hides KARR at the marina while Michael does legwork around town to find him. Michael gets suspicious when he meets Mandy and senses she may be lying about her boyfriend who slips out the back when he arrives. Meanwhile, KARR tampers with a pacemaker belonging to Eddie, John's boss. Eddie has a heart attack and while in the hospital tells John he want to sell his business to him for five grand. John says he doesn't have that kind of money, but KARR convinces him to steal it with his help. After KARR tampers with an ATM and gives John the money, KARR decides to get some parts from the Knight Mobile Unit. KARR and John break into the trailer and find Bonnie and Devon working on the laser used against him to stop him the first time. John takes the laser. Later, Eddie recovers and finds John rigging the laser to his new supercar, which he has also repainted with a gray two-tone job. When KARR talks, Eddie is amazed, and tells John they could use KARR to get rich by knocking off "bigger targets" like an armored truck that KARR has his scanners on. John wants no part of it and walks, but soon, KITT and Michael arrive, and KARR escapes once again. Later, KARR imitates John's voice to lure Mandy to get inside him and he kidnaps her. He then tortures her until John agrees to help him rob the armored truck. The armored car job is ruse however to lure KITT and Michael to a ravine so KARR can finish off his nemesis for good.
The Rotten Apples 307/48 11 November 1984 Bob Bralver Gerald Sanford, Peter L. Dixon (story)
Michael helps a psychologist who has a ranch for troubled kids, and is being run out by angry townsfolk and corrupt sheriffs. As Michael investigates further, he learns that the ranch sits above a deposit of minerals worth millions.
Knight in Disgrace 308/49 18 November 1984 Harvey Laidman Simon Muntner
Michael gains a crime lord's trust by pretending to be a drug dealer, but the boss sends him to steal an electronic key from Devon. KITT, who is made unaware of Michael's scheme, refuses to help, believing Michael has really turned criminal. Micheael ends up shooting Devon to get the key and manually driving KITT. to get to the "vault." In this episode, Michael is suspended, for his behavior, and FLAG searches for a replacement for him.
Dead of Knight 309/50 2 December 1984 Bernard L. Kowalski Peter Baloff, David W. Wallert; (story by: Janis Hendler, Tom Greene)
A young dancer ingests a poison meant for Michael. He races to save her life by finding the assassin in Mexico and recovering an antidote.
Lost Knight 310/51 9 December 1984 Sidney Hayers Robert Foster, James M. Miller
Michael and KITT. become separated after an explosion damages KITT.'s memory. KITT. wanders around aimlessly until a young boy finds and befriends him. The boy however, is being pursued by a gang of thieves and KITT tries to protect him.
Knight of the Chameleon 311/52 30 December 1984 Winrich Kolbe Robert Sherman
Michael pursues a master of disguise known as the "Chameleon", who has stolen a secret jet pack from the military.
Custom Made Killer 312/53 6 January 1985 Harvey Laidman Burton Armus
Michael hunts down a customized car and its killer driver who have been hired by an extortionist wanting to bring down a garment trading business and eliminate his competition.
Knight by a Nose 313/54 13 January 1985 Bernard McEveety William Elliot
Michael investigates the death of a prize race horse which he suspects is a cover up by the owner to get out of an enormous gambling debt.
Junk Yard Dog 314/55 3 February 1985 Georg Fenady Valvin Clements Jr.
Michael tries to expose the illegal activities of an owner of a toxic waste dump. KITT is destroyed in an acid pit and rebuilt, but he must face his fears. With Michael's help, he regains his spirit and goes for the final showdown against the Junk Yard Dog monster truck.
Buy Out 315/56 10 February 1985 Jeffrey Hayden George S. Dinallo
Hoping to expose a saboteur, Michael volunteers to drive a high-tech armored limo while the developers test it against a missile strike.
Knightlines 316/57 3 March 1985 Charles Watson Sanford Richard C. Okie
Michael must stop an international criminal's plan to blow up a Government space weapons platform upon its completion.
The Nineteenth Hole 317/58 10 March 1985 Georg Fenady Gerald Sanford, Robert Foster
Michael infiltrates a rally race to investigate death threats made against the race sponsor.
Knight and Knerd 318/59 17 March 1985 Georg Fenady Larry Mollin
A nerdy kid helps Michael rescue a scientist's daughter from criminals who also steal the scientist's advanced laser weapon.
Ten Wheel Trouble 319/60 24 March 1985 Bob Bralver Burton Armus
Michael helps a convoy of truckers fight a ruthless takeover by a rival corporation.
Knight in Retreat 320/61 29 March 1985 Roy Campanella II Gerald Sanford
Michael poses as a scientist to infiltrate a club operated by a woman who deals in stolen space weapon technology.
Knight Strike 321/62 5 April 1985 Georg Fenady George S. Dinallo
Michael infiltrates a survivalist convention where stolen laser weapons are being sold. Judy Landers makes her second Knight Rider appearance.
Circus Knights 322/63 5 May 1985 Harvey Laidman David R. Toddman
Michael and KITT join a circus as a daredevil act in order to discover who is forcing them into bankruptcy.

Season four (1985-1986)

NOTE: Many fans consider this the point where Knight Rider "jumped the shark" and interest in the show declined leading to its cancellation by the end of the season. Hasselhoff, knowing the show was coming to an end, attempted to make a "series finale" and helped conceive the story "The Scent of Roses", the network instead aired "Voo Doo Knight" as the final episode. A new street-smart mechanic, played by Peter Parros, was added to the cast in addition to Bonnie. Of all KITT's features added in fourth season the most important of them is "Super-Pursuit Mode".

Title Prod.#Ep.# Airdate Director
Knight of the Juggernaut (Pt. 1) 401/64 20 September 1985 Georg Fenady Burton Armus, Robert Foster
Michael goes to Chicago on an assignment to guard a valuable isotope. Elsewhere, Wilton Knight's daughter unexpectantly suspends FLAG's operations and Michael and KITT find themselves out of a job. Meanwhile, an international terrorist kidnaps Devon Miles and replaces him with a surgically altered impostor as a plot to get his hands on the isotope. Devon's changed behavior alerts Michael's suspicions and he disobeys orders to "take a vacation" until he finds out what is going on. Clues lead to a warehouse, where KITT's molecular bonded armor is unknowingly neutralized by a chemical sprayer and he and Michael are attacked by an armored vehicle who KITT cannot defend against.
Knight of the Juggernaut (Pt. 2) 402/64 20 September 1985 Georg Fenady Burton Armus, Robert Foster
KITT is nearly destroyed in the armored car attack, and Bonnie is unable to repair him without Devon Miles' assistance or FLAG's facilities. She and Michael enlist the help of a friendly street kid named RC3, whose gang of friends take KITT to their garage to rebuild him. KITT is reborn with some new gadgets including a rocket-fast "super pursuit" mode. Michael must now race to save the real Devon and prevent the theft of the isotope.
KITTnap 403/65 27 September 1985 Bernard McEveety Skip Webster
Michael hunts down a criminal who has escaped capture for years, but the criminal's henchmen decide to slow Michael down by trapping and stealing KITT.
Sky Knight 404/66 18 October 1985 Jeffrey Hayden Carlton Hollander, Dennis Rodriguez
A plane Bonnie is traveling on becomes hijacked by an ex-intelligence agent who demands money and the release of political prisoners.
Burial Ground 405/67 25 October 1985 Chuck Bail Michael Eric Stein
Michael must locate a missing archeologist who has been kidnapped by an oil baron who is set to gain possession of Indian land if no artifacts are found.
The Wrong Crowd 406/68 1 November 1985 Chuck Bail George S. Dinallo
Michael must stop a gang of thieves who hijack Knight's mobile base truck thinking it to be hauling liquor. When they discover all the high-tech computer gear inside, they decide to use the equipment for a crime spree including hacking of a robotic military vehicle armed with a missile.
Knight Sting 407/69 8 November 1985 Sidney Hayers Herman Miller
Bonnie poses as a jetsetter in order to infiltrate a foreign embassy planning to smuggle a canister of deadly bacteria out of the country. KITT even goes undercover as a rare foreign car.
Many Happy Returns 408/70 15 November 1985 Georg Fenady Michael Halperin
Michael investigates the theft of a high-tech hovercraft and tries to intercept it before a black market arms dealer can smuggle it out of the country.
Knight Racer 409/71 29 November 1985 Charles Watson Sanford Paul Diamond
Michael investigates a race track plagued by mysterious accidents.
Knight Behind Bars 410/72 6 December 1985 Bernard McEveety Richard C. Okie
Michael investigates a women's prison where inmates have stolen plans of a hotel being used as a meeting place for defense conference.
Knight Song 411/73 13 December 1985 Georg Fenady Burton Armus
RC3 helps a friend who is involved in a real-estate plan that could help revitalize RC3's old neighborhood. A rival developer however, has other plans to keep the area a drug-infested slum.
The Scent of Roses 412/74 3 January 1986 Sidney Hayers E. Nick Alexander
Michael's wedding, and a near-fatal encounter with a criminal mastermind has Michael thinking about early retirement, and he considers quitting the Foundation.
Killer K.I.T.T. 413/75 10 January 1986 Chuck Bail Simon Rose
A vengeful computer expert reprograms KITT to turn against Michael.
Out of the Woods 414/76 17 January 1986 Harvey Laidman Gregory S. Dinallo
Michael works to expose a sawmill operation that has been cutting timber from a protected national forest.
Deadly Knightshade 415/77 24 January 1986 Sidney Hayers Philip John Taylor
Michael tries to prove a master magician has committed a murder, and used his stage illusions to appear to be on stage during the crime as the perfect alibi.
Redemption of a Champion 416/78 31 January 1986 Chuck Bail E. Nick Alexander
Michael investigates the murder of a boxing promoter who may have had incriminating secrets about a legendary fighting match. Special appearances by Don King & Carlos Palomino.
Knight of a Thousand Devils 417/79 7 February 1986 Gino Grimaldi Peter Allan Fields
An FBI agent, and close friend to Michael, is killed by a mobster who escapes during a botched raid. Michael and RC3 trail him to a dune buggy race, where the criminal is posing as a driver and planning an escape across the Mexican border.
Hills of Fire 418/80 14 February 1986 Bob Bralver Jackson Gillis
Michael and KITT investigate a string of arson fires in a national park, but the arsonist evades capture with an ATV to flee over terrain KITT cannot drive over. Bonnie also creates a special Satellite Infiltration Drone, also known as SID that can become any object when spying on the enemy.
Knight Flight to Freedom 419/81 21 February 1986 Winrich Kolbe George S. Dinallo
Michael goes to South America and tries to help an American political figure escape a country in the middle of a coup d'état. Michael gets caught and is to be executed by a firing squad.
Fright Knight 420/82 7 March 1986 Gilbert M. Shilton James Byrnes, Samm Smith, Leonard B. Kaufman
Michael and KITT investigate the grounds of a movie studio where unexplained accidents on the sets are thought to be the work of a legendary stage phantom.
Knight of the Rising Sun 421/83 14 March 1986 Winrich Kolbe E. Nick Alexander (story by: Burton Armus, Bruce Lansbury)
Michael must protect the son of Devon's friend, who a Japanese businessman is determined to kidnap, believing he is the descendant of the founder of a terrorist cult.
Voo Doo Knight 422/84 4 April 1986 Georg Fenady Tim Kring (story by: Tim Kring, Deborah Dean Davis)
Michael tries to stop a voodoo woman who is using mind control on innocent people and forcing them to commit crimes for her.

Knight Rider 2000

Title Airdate Director
Knight Rider 2000 May 19, 1991 Alan J. Levi Rob Hedden
Michael returns after a 10 year retirement to pilot the next generation of KITT supercar – the Knight Industries 4000. (See Knight Rider 2000 for details).

Knight Rider 2010

Title Airdate Director
Knight Rider 2010 1994 Sam Pillsbury John Leekley
This movie is very loosely based on the Knight Rider franchise. The story takes place in a Mad Max-style future and revolves around a smuggler named Jake McQueen who builds a super car from technology developed by his late father. McQueen uses the car to bring down the cyborg-enhanced leader of a sinister mega corporation. (See Knight Rider 2010 for details).

Knight Rider (2008 Film)

Title Airdate Director
Knight Rider (2008 film) February 17, 2008 Steve Shill David Andron
Glen A. Larson
Michael Knight's estranged son Mike Tracer, must save a kidnapped scientist and protect his daughter. (See Knight Rider (2008 film) for details).

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