[bur-jee, bur-jee]
Burgee is the name of the distinguishing flag, regardless of its shape, of a recreational boating organization

Yacht clubs and their members may fly their club's burgee both while underway and at anchor (however, not while racing). Traditionally, the burgee was flown from the main masthead, however it may also be flown from a small pole on the bow pulpit, or even the starboard rigging beneath the lowest starboard spreader on a flag halyard.


Traditionally, the first time a member of one club visits another, there is an exchange of burgees. Exchanged burgees are then often displayed on the premise of each, such as at a club office or bar.


There is a member institution of the Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques devoted to the study and recording of burgees, the Burgee Data Archives (BDA).

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