bunk room

Contemplating the Engine Room

Contemplating the Engine Room is a punk rock opera by Minutemen veteran Mike Watt.

Track listing

All tracks composed by Mike Watt

  1. "In The Engine Room"
  2. "Red Bluff"
  3. "The Bluejackets' Manual"
  4. "Pedro Bound!"
  5. "The Boilerman"
  6. "Black Gang Coffee"
  7. "Topsiders"
  8. "No One Says Old Man"
  9. "Fireman Hurley"
  10. "Liberty Calls!"
  11. "In The Bunk Room/Navy Wife"
  12. "Crossing The Equator"
  13. "Breaking The Choke Hold"
  14. "Wrapped Around The Screw"
  15. "Shore Duty Listen"
  16. "Non-Audio Content"


  • Mike Watt - vocals, bass
  • Nels Cline - guitar
  • Stephen Hodges - drums

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