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James Pond

James Pond is a computer platform game that was developed by Millennium Interactive and published by Electronic Arts for the Amiga and other platforms in 1990.

In the game the player controls a fish who has to solve puzzles to defeat the enemy. The game spoofs James Bond with levels mimicking Bond movies, with titles like "A View to a Spill", "Leak and Let Die" and "From Sellafield with Love."

The gameplay revolves around finding objects to perform specific tasks, such as keys to rescue captured lobsters, or sponges to bung up the holes in leaking oil tankers. James must also fire bubbles at his enemies to trap them, before popping them to finish them off.

James Pond was followed by two sequels; James Pond 2: Codename Robocod and James Pond 3: Operation Starfish. There was also a spin-off sports-themed game The Aquatic Games.

Other James Ponds

The "James Pond" name has also independently been used in many other instances:

  • A strip in the United Kingdom comic Buster, featured a frog secret agent called James Pond.
  • James Pond has often been used as a pseudonym by Mr. Christopher of Cuff to devastating effect.
  • Another amphibian James Pond, played by Kermit the Frog, has appeared in Muppet calendars parodying James Bond movie posters.
  • The James Pond name was also used in a Bill Nye the Science Guy sketch.
  • James Pond 077 is an alter ego of Puffy, the OpenBSD mascot.
  • James Pond - licence to fish is a character used by the Environment Agency in the North West of England to promote the sale of fishing rod licences.


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