bullfinch: see finch.

Common bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

Any of several species of stocky, stout-billed songbird (family Fringillidae). Eurasia has six species of the genus Pyrrhula, all boldly marked. The common bullfinch (P. pyrrhula), 6 in. (15 cm) long, is black and white; the male has a pinkish orange underside. It has a soft warbling call and is a popular cage bird. Usually found in evergreen groves and hedgerows, it is notorious for eating the buds of fruit trees. The trumpeter bullfinch (Rhodopechys githaginea), of arid localities from the Canary Islands to India, is a pale bird with a blaring buzzy note.

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Bullfinch is a name given to two groups of passerine birds.

The true bullfinches are thick-billed finches in the passerine family Fringillidae. They comprise the genus Pyrrhula. These birds are restricted to the Old World, and are:

There is an unrelated group of New World birds also named as bullfinches because of their superficial resemblances to the above species. These passerines were placed in the large bunting and American "sparrow" family Emberizidae, but are now considered tanagers (Thraupidae). Three are in the genus Loxigilla:

The fourth is

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