Bull, Olaf, 1883-1933, Norwegian lyric poet. The son of a successful writer, Bull began his career as a journalist. His poetic brilliance was revealed by the publication of his collection Digte [poems] (1909). He is noted for a style characterized by flawlessness of form and the use of daring imagery.
Bull, Ole Bornemann, 1810-80, Norwegian violinist. After his debut in Paris (1832) he toured in Europe and in the United States, playing mainly his own compositions and Norwegian folk music. He founded a theater for national drama at Bergen (1849), and in 1852 he attempted to found a Norwegian settlement in Pennsylvania.

See biography by M. Smith (1943, repr. 1973).

bull: see cattle.

A Bull is an adult male of various large mammal species including elk, moose, bovines (especially cattle), elephants, whales, seals, and sea lions.

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