build up

Workers Party of the Netherlands (build-up organisation)

Workers Party of the Netherlands (build-up organisation) (in Dutch: Arbeiderspartij van Nederland (opbouworganisatie), abbreviated APN(o)) was a communist party in the Netherlands. APN(o) was founded in 1980, following a split from the Communist Workers Organisation (marxist-leninist) (KAO(ml)).

APN(o) published Revolutionaire Arbeider.

In 1981 APN(o) released an electoral manifesto titled 'For the Socialist Republic' (Voor de Socialistische Republiek).

In 1981 and 1982 APN(o) took part in May Day rallies together with Turkish and Surinamese organisations. In 1982 the Portuguese People's Democratic Union branch in the Netherlands took part in the May Day Committee together with APN(o).

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