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List of New Mexico amphibians

This is a list of New Mexico amphibians: all frogs, toads, and salamanders native to the U.S. state of New Mexico.

New Mexico is a locale of extreme biomes, having mountain ranges down the east and west sides of the state, with forests in the west, desert in the central and eastern regions, and grasslands in the northeast near the border of Oklahoma. Despite its relatively, overall arid climate, it is home to a variety of amphibians.

New Mexico only protects a single species of amphibian, the Chiricahua Leopard Frog, Rana chiricahuensis. It is considered to be a threatened species.


True Toads

Family Bufonidae (True Toads)

Narrowmouth Toads

Family Microhylidae (Narrowmouth Toads)

Spadefoot Toads

Family Pelobatidae (Spadefoot Toads)


Tree Frogs

Family Hylidae (Tree Frogs)

Barking Frogs

Family Leptodactylidae (Tropical Frogs)

True Frogs

Family Ranidae (True Frogs)


Mole Salamanders

Family Ambystomatidae (Mole Salamanders)

Lungless Salamanders

Family Plethodontidae (Lungless Salamanders)


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