bubble chamber

Subatomic-particle detector that uses a superheated liquid which boils into tiny bubbles of vapour along the tracks of the particles. As charged particles move through the liquid, they knock electrons from the atoms of the liquid, creating ions. If the liquid is close to its boiling point, the first bubbles form around these ions. The observable tracks can be photographed and analyzed to measure the behaviour of the charged particles. Developed in 1952 by Donald Glaser, the bubble chamber proved very useful in the 1960s and '70s for the study of high-energy nuclear and particle physics.

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(1720) Speculation mania that caused financial ruin for many British investors. Parliament's acceptance of a proposal by the South Sea Co. to take over the British national debt resulted in an immediate rise in its stock. After soaring from 12812 to over 1,000 in nine months, the bubble of overvalued stock burst and the price per share dropped to 124, dragging other stocks down and leaving many investors ruined. An inquiry by the House of Commons found collusion by several government ministers.

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Bubble may refer to:

Physical bubbles

  • Liquid bubble, a globule of one substance encased in another, usually air in a liquid
  • Soap bubble, a bubble formed by soapy water
  • Antibubble, a droplet of liquid surrounded by a thin film of gas

Arts and literature

  • Bubbles (painting), a painting by Sir John Everett Millais
  • Bubbles Yablonsky, the protagonist in a series of mystery novels
  • Dome, an architectural element representing the upper half of a sphere
  • Speech balloon or speech bubble, a graphic convention used primarily in comics and cartoons





Video games

People and animals


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