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The Brush-Off

The Brush-Off is a 1996 Australian crime thriller novel, written by Shane Maloney. It is the second novel in a series of crime thrillers following the character of Murray Whelan, as he investigates crimes in the Melbourne area in the course of trying to keep his job with the Australian Labour Party.

Other Media

In 2004, this novel was adapted into a television movie by Huntaway Films and the Seven Network. The screenplay was written by John Clarke, and directed by Sam Neill. David Wenham was cast as Murray Whelan (reprising his role from the previous film Stiff), with a supporting cast that included Mick Molloy, Deborah Kennedy and Steve Bisley.


  • Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Writing, Best Australian Crime Novel Award, 1997: winner


This novel has been translated into German (2000), Japanese (2002) and French (2004).


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  • The Brush-Off Listing for The Brush-Off on Shane Maloney's official website.

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