bruno carinthia


[broo-noh; for 1, 3 also It. broo-naw]
Bruno is the latinized version of the Germanic male given name Brun. It is also one of the most frequent Italian surnames, also occurs, less frequently, as a given name.

Notable people

With the surname Bruno

With the given name Bruno

Fictional characters



  • Bruno's Supermarkets, a grocery store chain based in Birmingham, Alabama
  • BRUNO, the name of the first commercial WYSIWYG presentation program developed by Hewlett Packard in 1979.

Other uses

  • Bruno, the brown bear mascot of Brown University
  • Bruno, was a 2000 film directed by Shirley MacLaine, written by new-comer David Ciminello, then was released on video re-titled Dress Code
  • Bear JJ1, a German brown bear popularly known as "Bruno"
  • Bruno, the in-game name for Björn Jeansson, a famous pro gamer.

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