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Brown Bottle

Brown Bottle is a character in the British adult comic Viz.

He is a parody of traditional comic superheroes, and, according to Viz creator Chris Donald in his book Rude Kids: The Inside Story Of Viz, was inspired by a man Donald knew whose personality dramatically changed whenever he drank Newcastle Brown Ale. Brown Bottle, real name Barry Brown, is an unassuming newspaper reporter (in some issues he is a bank clerk instead) who in each comic strip is faced with a situation that requires some or other heroic act to be performed. He then proceeds to get drunk on Newcastle Brown, which he thinks will bring on his super powers, but in fact just turns him into a foul mouthed, almost incomprehensible drunk. The punch line is nearly always that at the end of the cartoon he ends up unwittingly saving the day after all. He also has a sidekick (originally an enemy), Ciderwoman.

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