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S.E.T.I. (album)

S.E.T.I. is the fourth album by industrial metal band, The Kovenant, and was released in 2003 through Nuclear Blast.

Album history

With their second Norwegian Grammy, The Kovenant toured Europe and the USA to promote the album. While in the United States the band found a new member, Angel, who would play guitars with Psy Coma; he is not of the black metal scene, but is influenced by bands such as Whitesnake.

Deciding to take a break from recording music the band went their separate ways after they returned to Europe. During 2002 a remastered version of In Times Before the Light and a re-release of Nexus Polaris took place. By November 2002 the band decided to record a fourth album.

In 2003 the new album S.E.T.I. was released and the band decided to do more touring than last time. However this conflicted with Von Blomberg's other projects (e.g. Mayhem) and it was decided that he would leave the band.

Soon two other members were recruited, Küth (of Ram-Zet) on drums and Brat (of Apoptygma Berzerk) on keyboards. With these new members The Kovenant again toured Europe and the USA.

Track listing

  1. "Cybertrash" – 5:57
  2. "Planet of the Apes" – 4:04
  3. "Star By Star" – 4:25
  4. "Via Negativa" – 5:59
  5. "Stillborn Universe" – 5:23
  6. "Acid Theatre" – 4:10
  7. "The Perfect End" – 6:50
  8. "Neon" – 5:46
  9. "Keepers of the Garden" – 5:50
  10. "Pantomime" – 6:23
  11. "Hollow Earth" – 5:44
  12. "Industrial Twilight" – 7:02
  13. "Subtopia" – 5:30 (Bonus Track)
  14. "The Memory Remains" – 4:33 (Metallica cover) (Bonus Track)


  • Lex Icon - Vocals/Bass/Keyboards/Programming
  • Psy Coma - Guitars/Keyboards/Programming
  • Angel - Guitar
  • Eileen Kupper - Female Vocals
  • Von Blomberg - Drums

Tour/New Members

  • Küth - Drums
  • Brat - Keyboards

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