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Brossard is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada, on the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River across from the island and city of Montreal. It is surrounded by four municipalities on the South Shore of Montreal: Saint-Lambert, Longueuil (Borough of Greenfield Park and Borough of Saint-Hubert), Carignan and La Prairie. Brossard is bordered by the Saint Lawrence River to the west and by the Saint-Jacques River to the south. (see Geographic location section below)


The city of Brossard was founded on February 14, 1958 and was known before then as « Municipalité de la Paroisse de La Prairie de la Magdeleine ». Later, the territory of Brossard was increased twice: a portion of land #121 from Greenfield Park was added on August 8, 1964. Furthermore, Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur merged into Brossard on March 25, 1978 to form the current city.

In the 1970's, an attempt was made by René Désourdy to construct a cemetery in Brossard. The attempt failed due to the water table being too high in most of the city, and as of 2007 Brossard has no cemetery.

Brossard was merged into the city of Longueuil on January 1, 2002 as a result of municipal reorganization in Quebec. Opposition to this amalgamation, during the following years, was headed by Louise Brossard, Gilles Larin and Pierre Senécal and resulted in a municipal referendum that took place on June 20, 2004. 38.70% of the 50,539 qualified voters voted YES for demerger, which met the requirements (35% or more of total voting population) needed for de-amalgamation. As a result, Brossard would continue to be a borough of the city of Longueuil only until the end of 2005.

On January 1, 2006, Brossard was reconstituted as a city and Jean-Marc Pelletier was elected as the new mayor. However, Brossard still remains part of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil and thus, Brossard sits on the agglomeration council (conseil d'agglomération) which determines certain powers of reconstituted cities.


List of the mayors of Brossard since its founding in 1958
Years in office Mayor
1958-1967 Georges-Henri Brossard
1967-1978 Léon Gravel
1978-1982 Alphonse Lepage
1982-1983 Claude Chevrier
1983-1990 Georgette Lepage
1990-2001 Paul Leduc
January 1, 2002 -
December 31, 2005
Nicole Carrier
(President of the borough of Brossard)
2006-Present Jean-Marc Pelletier

Geography and places of interest

Brossard is a suburb of Montreal which is subdivided into many smaller sections. Many of these sections are characterized by having street names that all start with the same letter. The residential sections of Brossard contain some 14-floor residential towers as well as smaller units. There are also large commercial zones such as Taschereau Boulevard, Mail Champlain, Place Portobello, Quartier DIX30) and an industrial zone. The commercial areas house largest vehicle purchase center in Quebec, "Le Complexe de l'Auto Rive-Sud"

Many parks are scattered throughout the city of Brossard, including Parc écologique des Sansonnets. The parks are connected to the other areas of the city by about 37 km of biking paths. The city also has a municipal library building connected to its city hall building via an indoor passageway.

Sports and culture

Brossard hosted the 2004 Canadian Little League Baseball Tournament. NHL Hockey Hall of Fame member and Team Canada hockey player Jean Ratelle made his home in Brossard during his career with the New York Rangers.


Brossard is the most ethnically diverse municipality in Quebec. 23 different ethnicities had at least a 1% share of the city's population. More than a third of the population are first generation immigrants. It has the highest rate of immigrants in Quebec off of the Island of Montreal.

Population history

1961 3,788
1966 11,884
1971 23,455
1976 37,635
1981 52,232
1991 64,793
1996 65,927
2001 65,026
2006 71,154

Ethnic Origin

Source: Canada 2006 Census
Ethnic Origin Population Percent
Canadian 24,960 35.3%
French 16,290 23%
Chinese 8,345 11.8%
Irish 4,085 5.8%
Italian 2,930 4.1%
East Indian 2,550 3.6%
English 2,255 3.2%
Scottish 2,120 3%
Greek 1,820 2.6%
Spanish 1,715 2.4%
Vietnamese 1,680 2.4%
German 1,365 1.9%
Romanian 1,155 1.6%
Lebanese 1,155 1.6%
Portuguese 1,135 1.6%
Filipino 1,095 1.5%

Visible minorities

From Canada 2006 Census
Ethnic Origin Population Percent
Chinese Canadians 7,995 11.3%
South Asian 3,805 5.4%
Arab 3,090 4.4%
Black Canadians 2,445 3.5%
Latin American 2,145 3.0%
Southeast Asian 1,785 2.5%
West Asian 1,155 1.6%
Filipino 970 1.4%


Mother Tongue Language From Canada 2006 Census
Language Population Percentage (%)
French 35,510 50.2%
English 8,880 12.6%
Both English and French 580 0.8%
French and a non-official language 665 0.9%
English and a non-official language 575 0.8%
English, French and a non-official language 145 0.2%
Chinese, n.o.s. 3,915 5.5%
Arabic 2,680 3.8%
Spanish 2,565 3.6%
Cantonese 2,205 3.1%
Vietnamese 1,295 1.8%
Greek 1,195 1.7%
Persian (Dari) 1,170 1.7%
Romanian 990 1.4%
Italian 805 1.1%
Urdu 760 1.1%
Portuguese 750 1.1%
Creole 695 1.0%
Tagalog 575 0.8%
Punjabi 505 0.7%
Mandarin 485 0.7%
Bengali 345 0.5%
Polish 325 0.5%
Hindi 280 0.4%
Russian 225 0.3%
Bulgarian 175 0.2%
German 175 0.2%
Korean 170 0.2%
Gujarati 165 0.2%
Tamil 135 0.2%
Hungarian 115 0.2%


Autoroutes and provincial routes

Brossard is serviced by Autoroutes 10 (Autoroute des Cantons-de-l'Est), 15, 20 (Autoroute Jean-Lesage), and 30 (Autoroute de l'Acier), as well as Routes 132 and 134 (Taschereau Boulevard). Autoroute 30 runs along the west side of Brossard. Along the Saint Lawrence River on the east side of the city, Autoroutes 15 and 20 overlap with Route 132; 15 to the south and 20 to the north. At the Champlain Bridge interchange, Autoroutes 15 and 20 overlap 10 and feed into the Champlain Bridge, which crosses over into Montreal. Autoroute 10 also meets with Route 134 at the Taschereau Interchange which runs north south through heart of Brossard.

Other important roads

  • Rome Boulevard
  • Milan Boulevard
  • Matte Boulevard
  • Pelletier Boulevard
  • Lapinière Boulevard
  • San Francisco-Tisserand-Stravinski Avenues loop
  • Panama Avenue
  • Provencher Boulevard
  • Chemin des Prairies
  • Auteuil Avenue

Public transit

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), one of the larger public transit carriers in the Montreal metropolitan region, services much of Brossard's territory as well as the rest of the South Shore. Terminus Brossard-Panama and Chevrier Park-n-Ride incentive parking lot are two of RTL's heavily used bus terminals located in Brossard.



  • Academie Marie-Laurier
  • Good Shepherd Elementary School
  • Harold Napper Elementary
  • Ecole Primaire Charles-Bruneau
  • Ecole Primaire Georges-P.-Vanier
  • Ecole Primaire Guillaume-Vignal
  • Ecole Primaire Marie-Victorin (Brossard)
  • Ecole Primaire Sainte-Claire (Brossard)
  • Ecole Primaire Saint-Laurent
  • Ecole Primaire Samuel-De Champlain (Brossard)
  • Ecole Primaire Tourterelle


  • Ecole Secondaire Antoine-Brossard
  • Ecole Secondaire Pierre-Brosseau

Adult education

  • ACCESS Career Centre
  • CEA Antoine-Brossard

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Notes and references

  • Lacroix, Yvon-André; Séguin, Claire Brossard, de 1958 à 1983 : la création et l'évolution d'une banlieue. Brossard, Quebec: Ville de Brossard.

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