broken home

Broken Home (song)

"Broken Home" is the third and final single from Papa Roach's first album, Infest (2000), and second released single in total.

While "Broken Home" was a critical and financial success it did not garner the same attention that their first single "Last Resort" did.

Music Video

The music video is set in Jacoby's childhood home, the bands performance in the house is occasionally interrupted with flashbacks of his childhood, from birth to young teen, primarily focusing on his mother's and father's crumbling relationship.

It is implied that his father is an alcoholic who abuses them verbally and physically (one scene even shows him coming home drunk one night and apparently raping Jacoby's mother), and the images flash between times of relative calm and those of abuse. The father eventually leaves the house, causing the mother to break down. By the end of the song, the band is literally breaking the home, destroying the interior with their instruments.

Track listing

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