Brogan, Denis William, 1900-1974, British historian and political scientist, b. Glasgow, Scotland. He was educated at the Univ. of Glasgow, Oxford, and Harvard and was professor of political science at Cambridge from 1939 to 1968. Brogan was best known as an interpreter of American history and politics for British readers. His writings include The American Political System (1933), Politics and Law in the United States (1941), The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1950), America in the Modern World (1960), American Aspects (1964), and Worlds in Conflict (1967). He was knighted in 1963.
Brogan or O'Brogan, is a surname originating in Ireland, anglicized from the original Ó Brógáin. The name can be traced back to Saint Brogan, Saint Patrick's nephew and scribe, and has many original meanings, including sorrowful, sharp faced, sturdy and strong.

Traditionally, Brogan has also been used as a first name for boys, after the Saint.

It may also be linked to 'bróg', the Irish word for shoe or boot, hence the reference to modern work shoes and boots as brogues. It is also common for someone with a heavy Irish, or Scottish accent to be described as speaking with a 'brogue', which derives from the same word.

Notable people with the name


Brogan is also a term generally applied to any heavy, ankle-high shoe or boot, more specifically, any such boot worn by a soldier in the American Civil War. The standard model of brogan worn by a soldier was the Model 1859 Jefferson, a square-toed model with four eyelets and leather laces.

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