TippingPoint sells Intrusion-Prevention Systems (IPS). It was acquired by 3Com in 2005.


Early 1999: Founded as Shbang!

TippingPoint was founded in 1999, selling internet appliances under the name Shbang!.

Late 1999: Renamed to Netpliance

In 1999, the company changed its name to Netpliance and released the I-Opener product. The product became infamous in 2000 when a Las Vegas engineer, Ken Segler, reversed engineered the $99 (USD) product to run the Linux Operating System. In 2001 the company was fined by the FTC for $100,000 for sales and billing practices.

2002-2004 TippingPoint

The company discontinued operations of the Internet Appliances business in 2002. CEO Kent Savage was replaced by chairman of the board John McHale. The company reinvented itself as a Network Security company and renamed itself TippingPoint.

As TippingPoint, the company invented the first Intrusion-prevention system. CEO John McHale stepped down in 2004, however remained Chairman of the Board. The position was filled by Kip McClanahan, former CEO of BroadJump. The company was sold to 3Com in January 2005 for $442 million.

The company continues as a division under 3Com with James Hamilton as President.


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