Laheriasarai is a city in North Bihar and considered as twin-city of Darbhanga.It has had a long cultural history.Its has long been an integral part of Mithila and has a religious significance for Hindus.Darbhanga is a district headquarter and many of its important offices are situated in Laheriasarai. It is named after a caste called Lahiri engaged in Lahathi making(Lac Bangle). However, the caste based profession has now completely vanished.


It has some excellent schools for education purposes like

  • M L Academy
  • Zila School
  • P.H.S.

Among private schools it has

  • Laheriasarai Public School
  • Jesus & Marry Academy
  • Rose Public School
  • Holy Mission School

Medical College

Darbhanga Medical College is one of the most famous medical college of Bihar and most prominent of north Bihar. Many a students from this college have earned international fame and during epidemic have serverd people from north Bihar

Health Care Industry

Benta is big medical market catering to the needs of medicine of North Bihar.Many a famous doctors do practice their

Important places

  • Laheriasarai Tower
  • Darbhanga Tower
  • Donar Chowk
  • Benta
  • Gandhi Tower Chowk
  • Bengali Tola
  • Balbhadrapur
  • Chatti Chowk
  • R.S.Tank
  • hanuman mandir
  • neem chowk(bhigo)
  • khanka chowk
  • town hall
  • Kalidham
  • Babu Saheb Colony(aashiana & dilruba)


  • Gudri, Commercial Chowk

Near Gudri , commercial chowk front of Bombay tailer one street going to 'VIDYAPATI SCHOOL' .

Railway Station

Laherisarai railway station is next to Darbhanga railway station and works like an important link as it has both Broad-gage and meter-gage
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