long jump

or broad jump

Track-and-field sport consisting of a horizontal jump for distance. It was formerly performed from both standing and running starts, as separate events, but the standing long jump is no longer included in major competitions. The running long jump was an event in the Olympic Games of 708 BC and in the modern Games from 1896. In 1948 the women's long jump became an Olympic event.

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River, western North Carolina, U.S. Rising in the Blue Ridge and flowing 210 mi (340 km) north through the Great Smoky Mountains into Tennessee, it then turns west to join the Holston River near Knoxville, forming the Tennessee River. Douglas Dam, part of the Tennessee Valley Authority, is on the river near the junction.

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A broad-tailed parrot is any of about 35–40 species belonging to the tribe Platycercini, sometimes considered a subfamily (Platycercinae). The members of the subfamily are small to medium in size, and all are native to Australasia, Australia in particular, but also New Zealand, New Caledonia, and nearby islands.

Current opinion is apparently starting to lean towards treatment as a subfamily. mtDNA sequence data suggests that the broad-tailed parrots form a distinct lineage as ancient as the cockatoos, lories and lorikeets. In addition, the genus Polytelis (and conceivably Alisterus and Aprosmictus also) might belong here too.

If the group is treated as a subfamily, the last genera Neopsephotus/Neophema (and possibly including Psephotus and relatives), Melopsittacus and Pezoporus are usually considered to form a distinct tribe from the rest, the Neophemini. It appears as if they do at least form a distinct clade.



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