bristly stubble



Stubble on a person's face is the unshaven hair growth that exists before it becomes long enough to cover the skin and be considered a full beard or moustache. "Stubble" can also refer to any regrowth of shaven hair (e.g. on a woman's legs), or to the short stalks left in a field after crops have been harvested.

In recent times, electric clippers have rendered stubble growth an easily maintained and fashionable style, as it can lend some men a rugged swarthiness and does not require daily attention. From the late 1920s to the mid-1960s, when a clean-shaven appearance was in vogue in the Western world, it was also known as a five o'clock shadow and a man sporting one was considered to be unattractive, unrefined, and even unclean. In the 1960 US presidential election's televised debates, Richard Nixon's five o'clock shadow was reputed to have counted against him in the voters' perceptions. Public school districts have disallowed facial hair for young teenagers and faculty - the Fort Bend Independent School District (Texas) has a strict policy for their athletic coaches since late 1984. Law enforcement agencies, like the Texas Department of Public Safety, disallow stubbles or any facial hair.

In the mid 1980s, hit television series Miami Vice popularized a stubbly beard (known as "designer stubble"), which had been a German fashion at the beginning of the 16th century, when many young men sat for their portraits sporting a week's stubble growth. At one time, a modified electric razor was sold as the Miami Device, which would trim stubble to simulate one, two, or several days' growth.

The German Punk-Rock band Die Ärzte made a song as a tribute to the stubble called 3-Tage-Bart.

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