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Growing Up...

Growing Up... is a series that airs on Animal Planet, a cable and satellite television network co-owned by Discovery Communications, Inc. and BBC Worldwide. Each episode is an hour long and follows the life (usually the first year) of a wild animal growing up in captivity.


The show has always featured mammals as the animal or animals being taken care of. The first episode to air was "Growing Up Marsupial". The episodes typically include one animal, two or more animals from the same litter, or two or more animals taken care of at the same facility that were either born in captivity or rescued from the wild. The animals that have been born in captivity either stay in their current facility or are moved to another facility while the animals that are rescued may or may not be released back into the wild.

Recurring Events

Recurring events in the series include:

  • Some time being dedicated to the gestation period of the mother.
  • Diseases, infections, sicknesses, or other health problems in the animal's life.
  • The animal's transition from milk to solid food.
  • The animal being introduced or reintroduced to other animals of its own kind or species.
  • The caretaker's interactions with the animal(s).
  • The animal's first birthday celebration.
  • The animal's interaction with enrichment toys.

Episode Guide

Episode Title Animal(s) Number of Animals Animal Name(s) Description
Growing Up Marsupial Spotted quoll; Tasmanian Devil; Wombat Four Three lucky people take on the challenging but rewarding job of hand-rearing Trowunna Wildlife Park's abandoned or orphaned babies. A spotted quoll, two Tasmanian devils, and a wombat are totally reliant on their new human 'moms' for nurturing and love.
Growing Up Lion African Lion Four Rex, Sheba, Amy (who is a male), and Leo At the prestigious Wild Animal Orphanage near San Antonio, four lion cubs are rescued and raised with loving care. The lion cubs face their share of challenges, from serious illness to natural disasters.
Growing Up Tiger Siberian Tiger Two Sarge and Lily At the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Texas, meet the founders of this home for more than 30 great cats that have been abused, neglected or displaced. Witness the birth of two tiger cubs and follow their incredible first year.
Growing Up Elephant African Elephant One Maximus (Max) His keepers describe Maximus as cocky and quick to learn. Witness the miraculous birth and a year of baby elephant's firsts, as Maximus goes from a 300-pound baby to an 11,000-pound giant.
Growing Up Cheetah Cheetah Four Kayla, Kane, Keiren and Kobar Four cheetah cubs, born at South Africa's Cango Wildlife Ranch's Cheetah Breeding Centre, are raised by a rancher and her Labrador Retriever. As they become adventuresome adolescents, their keeper must send some of her charges to other breeding programs.
Growing Up Wolf Timber Wolf Six Growly Pants and Truck Caretakers at Minnesota's Wildlife Science Center hand-raise six lively grey timber wolf pups. Pack dynamics are evident as the pups bond with human caregivers, domestic dogs acting as surrogate mothers, and the alpha female who will lead their pack.
Growing Up Clouded Leopard Clouded Leopard Two Ming and Mei Professional surrogate mother Sara Bratcher raises Ming and Mei, a pair of clouded leopard cubs, in her home. After three months, the siblings will be transferred to the Asian rainforest and clouded leopard breeding program at the Nashville Zoo.
Growing Up Black Bear Black Bear One Charlie Rescued from Internet auction by the Minnesota Wildlife Science Center, Charlie the bear cub learns to live in the wild. Caretakers distance themselves from the cuddly ball of fluff to allow him to follow his natural instinct to hibernate.
Growing Up Orangutan Orangutan Two Sakia and Lykke Two traumatized baby orangutans are brought to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation where Lone Droscher Nielsen will become mother to the pair. She devotes her life to teaching these endangered primates how to survive in the wild.
Growing Up Rhino White Rhino; Black Rhino Two Tunza (White Rhino) and Tandi (Black Rhino) Orphaned baby rhinos Tunzi and Tandi grow up in the safety of Pretoria's Wildcare Africa Trust. Tunzi takes his first mud bath while caregivers go to great lengths to save Tandi when she contracts a mysterious illness.
Growing Up Penguin Humboldt Penguin One Bonita (Beautiful in Spanish) It's nesting season for the Humboldt penguins at the Oregon Zoo... and eggs abound. Join zookeepers Shawn and Rick as they help an endangered penguin chick begin her incredible journey into adulthood.
Growing Up Zebra Zebra Three Cassidy, Shadow, and Sky Sanwild Animal Sanctuary founder Louise Joubert raises three baby zebras. Cassidy, a badly injured foal, grows into a mischievous rascal. He and his two cohorts, Shadow and Sky, experience joys, adventures, and adversity in their journey back to the wild.
Growing Up Baboon Baboon Four Visit South Africa's only wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the care of Chacma baboons. Four orphans are cared for by a team of volunteers. But their release back into the wild is threatened by politics, farmers, epidemics, and an unrelenting drought.
Growing Up Lynx Siberian Lynx One Kisa Watch Kisa, a Siberian Lynx, as this precocious kitten grows up into a healthy and rambunctious cat, forges friendships with some unlikely animal counterparts and embarks on a journey to become one of San Diego Zoo's most recognizable animals.
Growing Up Polar Bear Polar Bear One Inukshuk When hunters killed a polar bear and one of her cubs, the future looked bleak for the surviving cub. Follow the story of Inukshuk and the dedicated team of Toronto Zoo curators who care for this charismatic young cub during the first year of his life.
Growing Up Grizzly Grizzly Bear Two Little Bart and Honey-Bump Brad Pitt takes viewers on a journey to the foot of the Rocky Mountains in northern Utah, home of the Seus family, to follow Honey-Bump and Little Bart through the first year of their life, as they grow and discover the wonders of the world around them — their first swim in the river, their first drive into town for ice cream, and their first time on a movie set.
Growing Up Grizzly 2 Grizzly Bear Two Little Bart and Honey-Bump Jennifer Aniston hosts this special event and brings viewers up-to-date on the world's most famous grizzly bear cubs, Bart and Honey-Bump. Learn everything about these amazing grizzlies, and the human family they are a part of.
Growing Up Sitka Deer Sitka Deer Two Jewelie and Jade After her mother was killed, a tiny two-day-old Sitka Deer is rescued and brought to an Alaskan wildlife reserve. Named 'Jewelie', the little fawn must rely on human caregivers to brave the harsh Arctic elements and perhaps return to the wild.
Growing Up Walrus Walrus One Nereus An orphaned baby walrus finds a new home thousands of miles away from the Alaskan beach where it is found. Named Nereus, the baby gets round the clock care from his human keepers at the Indianapolis Zoo.
Growing Up Black Leopard Black Leopard One Eddy Join host Edie Falco as she takes us on an incredible journey following the first year in the life of a rare African black leopard named Eddy.
Growing Up Seal Harbor Seal; Ringed Seal Four Jonro, Swinglee, Ceve, and Butcher Stranded baby seals get a second chance at life at the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward, Alaska. Dedicated staff nurse a starving baby ringed seal back to health. A rigorous training program prepares the rescued seals for their return to the wild.
Growing Up Camel Dromedary Camel One Patsy (Inspired by the nickname of the American football team, the Patriots) Meet Patsy, a baby camel born on Super Bowl Sunday at a family-owned zoo. Too weak to nurse and facing starvation, she must be hand-raised in order to survive. Her caregiver does everything possible to enable Patsy to one day reunite with her mother.
Growing Up Giraffe Masai Giraffe One Kulula An orphaned giraffe is placed in the care of two keepers at a northern California wildlife sanctuary. Keepers Kim and Sheri fill Kulula the giraffe's tragic life with hope and devotion as they prepare her to join the sanctuary's herd.
Growing Up Moose Moose One Mush The moose is the largest deer on the planet and have few predators in the wild. However, a baby moose is a very different story. Follow the story of Mush as the staff at Zoo sauvage de St-Félicien give her the care and love she needs to survive in captivity.
Growing Up Hyena Hyena Several Homer, Bongo, Tika (means "hyena in African tribe languages) The hyena is often relegated to the role of skulking scavenger - always the villain and never the hero. But one man is committed to showing the world that hyenas are intelligent, strong and fearless predators - to be respected and not maligned.
Growing Up Gorilla Gorilla One Nona Follow the story of Nona, a baby gorilla orphaned at one month of age. She is nurtured to health at Mefou National park by Rachel Hogan who for the last decade has dedicated her life to saving Africa's dwindling population of wild gorillas.
Growing up Giant Panda Giant Panda A Panda Breeding Center brings up a little baby Panda. The care taker's friend also has a baby.


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