Hangman Records

Hangman Records is a British independent record label founded in 1986 by Billy Childish. It has released over 50 LP Records, including spoken word, experimental works and punk rock.

Many local Medway groups and artists had their first releases on the label, which is independent and non profit making.

For a time Hangman also had a subsidiary called Hangman's Daughter.


catalog # artist title year notes
HANG-01 UP The Milkshakes The Milkshakes Revenge! 1987 recorded in 1983
HANG-02 UP Billy Childish I've Got Everything Indeed 1987
HANG-03 UP Thee Mighty Caesars Don't Give Any Dinner to Henry Chinaski 1987
HANG-04 UP various Medway Powerhouse Vol.1 1987
HANG-05 UP Billy Childish & Sexton Ming Which Dead Donkey Daddy? 1987
HANG-06 UP Sexton Ming Old Horse of the Nation 1987
HANG-07 UP Thee Mighty Caesars Punk Rock Showcase 1987
HANG-08 UP various Medway Powerhouse Vol.2 1987
HANG-09 UP Billy Childish 1982 Cassetes [sic] 1988
HANG-10 UP Billy Childish & Sexton Ming Plump Prizes & Little Gems 1987
HANG-11 UP The Milkshakes Live from Chatham 1988
HANG-12 UP Billy Childish & Sexton Ming Ypres 1917 Overture (Verdun Ossuary) 1988
HANG-13 UP Billy Childish I Remember… 1988
HANG-14 UP Rocking Richard & Whistling Vic Tea and Baccy 1988
HANG-15 UP various The Medway Poets 1988
HANG-16 UP Billy Childish Poems of Laughter & Violence 1988
HANG-17 UP various Medway Powerhouse Vol.3 1988
HANG-18 UP Sexton Ming Six More Miles to the Graveyard 1988
HANG-19 UP Jack Ketch & The Crowmen Brimfull of Hate 1988
HANG-20 UP The Delmonas The Delmonas 5 1988
HANG-21 UP Wild Billy Childish and the Blackhands Play Capt'n Calypso's Hoodoo Party 1988
HANG-22 UP various A Hangman Sampler 1988
HANG-23 UP The Prisoners Rare and Unissued 1988
HANG-24 UP The Milkshakes After School Session 1988 reissue of 1983 release
HANG-25 UP various Medway Powerhouse Vol.4 1989
HANG-26 UP Thee Mighty Caesars Wiseblood 1989 reissue of 1987 release
HANG-27 UP The Pop Rivets Original First Album ! 1989
HANG-28 UP The Delmonas The Delmonas 1989
HANG-29 UP Thee Headcoats Headcoats Down! 1989
HANG-30 UP Billy Childish and the Natural Born Lovers Long Legged Baby 1989
HANG-31 UP Link Wray Swan Demos '64
HANG-32 UP Thee Headcoats The Kids Are All Square—This is Hip! 1990
HANG-33 UP Link Wray Jack the Ripper
HANG-34 UP — — — — — — unused catalog #
HANG-35 UP The Pop Rivets Live in Germany '79 1990
HANG-36 UP Sexton Ming Birds With Teeth
HANG-37 UP Billy Childish 50 Albums Great 1991
HANG-38 UP Thee Headcoatees Girlsville 1991
HANG-39 UP The Kravin' "A"s Krave On! 1991
HANG-40 UP Thee Headcoats W.O.A.H! Bo in thee Garage 1991 Bo Diddley tribute
HANG-41 UP The Discords Second to No-one
HANG-42 UP Downliners Sect The Birth of Suave
HANG-43 UP The Masonics The Masonics
HANG-44 UP The Singing Loins Songs for the Organ
HANG-45 UP The Squares Trapped in a Square
HANG-46 UP Thee Mighty Caesars Caesars Remains 1993 compilation
HANG-47 UP The Mummies Fuck C.D.'s It's the Mummies!
HANG-48 UP The Mystreated Ten Boss Cuts
HANG-49 UP Dave Russell Bricolage
HANG-50 UP Wreckless Eric & Eduadro Leal de la Gala The Donovan of Trash
HANG-51 UP The Singing Loins Steak and Gravy
HANG-52 UP The Squares Curse of the Squares
HANG-53 UP Billy Childish and the Blackhands Live in the Netherlands 1993
HANG-54 UP Thee Headcoats Live at the Dirty Water Club 2001

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