A bridesman is a male friend of the bride, one who walks down the aisle in the bridal ceremony in the traditional place of a bridesmaid.

The master of wedding ceremonies asks the bride out first at the bride house from the parents for his prospective husband. He makes it say goodbye to the family members afterwards (father, mother, sibling, grandparent, best man). All this with old verses.

Amuses it with a little rhyme before the different catches in the wedding party the already hungry wedding party. Does witty games besides, giving the guests to done one and with the newly married couple. Generally at midnight the candlelight waltz and the dance with the bride comes next. The newly married couple obtains his gifts at this time from the wedding party of what the master of wedding ceremonies conducts the performance likewise.

The master's of wedding ceremonies essential accessories the hat decorated with a bunch of flowers and the master of wedding ceremonies stick decorated with the bands.

Today already increasingly more the modern master's of wedding ceremonies, who is the wedding party, information, his moving, animating and the many poems spotlight his entertainment and instead of a folk custom. Many people receive a master of ceremonies, who appears in a suit, instead of master of wedding ceremonies and does not say a poem.

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