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SNS College of Technology

SNS College of Technology is another Institution of SNS Groups. Being a private self financing educational institution located at Vazhiampalayam of Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. This college has fake official records of infrastructure, facilities and also faculty. The mandatory disclosure documents submitted to AICTE during inception as well as during the various AICTE visits are false and are fake, thanks to corrupt and bribable visiting inspection committee members, the college is approved by AICTE and affiliated to the Anna University, Coimbatore. The college is also ISO certified for its educational process finding sufficient fraud Auditors. It is understood that heavy amount of bribe is paid every year to AICTE and also the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, Coimbatore that they are able to get away with this system for over more than 5 years now.

The college offers the following 7 undergraduate courses

B.E. (Mechanical Engg.) B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engg.) B.E. (Electrical and Electronics Engg.) B.E. (Computer Science and Engg.) B.Tech (Information Technology)

B.Sc (Computer Technology) B.Sc (Information Technology)

The college also offers the following three post graduate courses

M.C.A. M.B.A. M.Sc (Software Technology)


The College blossomed out as one of the well equipped Engineering College in the starting stage itself thanks to corrupt and non-detectable systems. Students pay huge fees where no reciepts are provided for the amount exceeding govt. norms. All fees collection is only dealt in cash (obviously) so as to fake records. The laudable aim of the institution is to provide qualitative and fruitful engineering education to the students, by offering modernized teaching and training but unfortunately every student after coming to this institution learns all these fraud mechanisms and become well versed to live in this practical world of corruption. It also provides valuable inks with outstanding organization / industries / politicians and corrupt systems prevailing. The noble objective of the institution is to make the students realize and adopt in their life, the dignity of labour, the significance of discipline, and the invaluable price of human virtues that includes learning from life experiences.

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