The Brew House

The Brew House is an artistic collective on the south side of Pittsburgh. It is located in the old Duquesne Brewing Company building that has been converted into living and working spaces for the artists. The building and the abandoned industrial lots around it have been the site of fantastic performance art, theatre and sculpture exhibits. Rent in the Brew House is low and the openings are few. They have a residency program for most kinds of visual artists as well as facilities for welding and pottery in shared workshops. It is also the home of SPACE 101, an alternative exhibit space founded by the Brew House Association in 1994.

Above the Brew House looms the famous South Side Clock. Its white hands on a black surface were stuck for over a decade at 6:30. In 2002, the clock was repaired and now runs again. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1 June 2002, Giant clock to run again on Monday)

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