Favre, Brett (Brett Lorenzo Favre), 1969-, American football player, b. Gulfport, Miss. As starting quarterback at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi he led the team to two bowl games and 29 wins. Drafted (1991) by the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, he spent most of his single season there on the bench. In 1992 he was traded to the Green Bay Packers, where the spirited quarterback revitalized the team during the 1990s. The first NFL player to be named most valuable player three times (1995-97), Favre led the Packers to two Superbowls, in 1997, when they won, and 1998, when they lost. His powerful arm and accurate throwing made him an outstanding passer, and he broke many records, including career marks for most completed passes, most touchdown passes, and most yards passing; all previously held by Dan Marino) and for most wins as a starter. He announced his retirement in 2008, but subsequently decided to return to football and was traded to the New York Jets; he "retired" again in 2009 before signing with the Minnesota Vikings. In 18 years with the Packers, Jets, and Vikings, he has started more than 280 games in a row, the most for any player.

See his For the Record (1997) and Favre (2004), both with C. Havel.

Brett, Reginald Baliol, 2d Viscount Esher: see Esher, Reginald Baliol Brett, 2d Viscount.
Brett may refer to several different things: A given name, from a Middle English surname meaning "a Breton", referring to an inhabitant of Brittany.


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