breaking and entering

Breaking and Entering (soundtrack)

The soundtrack for the film Breaking and Entering was released by V2 Records on November 6, 2006, almost two months before the film's theatrical release in the U.S.. The musical score is the result of a collaboration between Underworld and Gabriel Yared.

Track listing

  1. "A Thing Happens"
  2. "St Pancras"
  3. "Sad Amira"
  4. "Monkey One"
  5. "Not Talking"
  6. "Hungerford Bridge"
  7. "We Love Bea"
  8. "Happy Toast"
  9. "Monkey Two"
  10. "Will and Amira"
  11. "Primrose Hill"
  12. "So-ree"
  13. "Mending Things"
  14. "Broken Entered"
  15. "Piano Modal"
  16. "Counterpoint Hang Pulse"
  17. "JAL to Tokyo: Riverrun Version" (Japan Bonus Track)

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