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Etap Hotel

Etap is a European chain of basic-service budget hotels owned by the Accor Group. There are several branches in major cities and close to transport hubs like the Eurotunnel terminal in Coquelles (pictured).

The rooms

The rooms are simply furnished and in most cases the walls are whitewashed; they contain amenities such as a small desk, television (sometimes with cable/international channels, depending on location), a double or double with a bunk bed, a shower, a basin and a toilet. The rooms and entrance have coded locks to ensure security while also keeping costs down due to the fact no keys are required.

Other amenities

All Etap hotels have a breakfast area, a reception (only manned between certain hours) and an automatic reception for out of hours check-ins.


There are 330 hotels within Europe and the Middle East, most of which are in France.



Two styles of hotel exterior

There are two distinct exterior designs of Etap hotels, they are pictured below, the first one is found in hotels that were built after 2000 or form part of Accor estates such as those at Paris CDG Airport and in the Cité Europe Shopping complex near the Eurotunnel terminal; these are known in France as Zone Hotelier (Hotel Zones). The older style is found in individual properties and those built before 2000.

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