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Breakfast Food Killer

"Breakfast Food Killer" is the thirty-second episode of the animated television series Drawn Together.


As the story begins, a boy and his sister are having a picnic when a mascot named Quackers shows up in a bush disguise. The children easily catch him (in a parody of Trix), but he tells them to shut up and give him the cereal box. He abuses them and takes the cereal, then removes the UPC code and discards the rest. Suddenly, three masked people come and tell Quackers to give them the UPC codes he has, but he refuses. They proceed to beat him to death, but fail to get the UPC codes away from him.

After Quackers is killed, characters everywhere try to take his place, including the Drawn Together cast. Toot Braunstein comes to the audition and wins the part, but loses it moments later when Wooldoor Sockbat enters, and Franken Berry and the other judges give it to him instead. Wooldoor goes to the breakfast food club, where he meets the other cereal mascots. Toot swears revenge, but gets drunk, vomits, and passes out.

The next morning, Toot wakes up to find that Quackers is still alive. He gives her the four UPC codes and tells her to find the last one before Franken Berry does. Toot tells her housemates but none of them believe her, thinking she is lying to get back at Wooldoor (who is now addicted to cereal as if it's cocaine.) Toot tries to prove it by taking them to see the mascot's body, but Franken Berry has already moved the corpse, making Toot and Captain Hero (who came to have sex with the dead body) angry.

Toot stays up that night to uncover the mystery, but is distracted by a noise from downstairs. It turns out to be a cat (who makes her "sand sausage" every morning) but suddenly a breakfast cereal mascot (who resembles Lucky of Lucky Charms) appears and attempts to interrogate her about the location of the four other UPC codes, but to no avail. He tries to smother her by placing a rubber balloon over her head, but during the struggle the two accidentally open a cabinet that protects Foxxy Love's Funyuns. She saves Toot and the mascot commits suicide by eating a cyanide piece of breakfast cereal ("There's one in every box!"). Foxxy then agrees to help Toot uncover the mystery.

The two journey to the cemetery to get the last box-top from General Mills, and after they finally get it, he awakens from the dead, only to give them an unneeded message. Franken Berry sees this though a bowl of what resembles Froot Loops and sends his henchmen (the Soggies) to kill Toot. Wooldoor hears this, but Franken Berry brainwashes him by having sex with a woman and with the help of his cereal.

Foxxy and Toot escape the Soggies with the help of Foxxy's reckless driving and Toot's fighting skills. Toot gets the UPC codes in the mailbox and dodges a bullet shot at her. Six to eight weeks later, they are still waiting for the mail to come, not taking any time to do anything else but standing in front of the mailbox. The mail finally comes and Foxxy and Toot escape by getting into a cab driven by Ling-Ling. They find out that Franken Berry's lair is in Africa (Foxxy, knowing the Drawn Together story-line, already knows that what ever will happen will offend her). There he is holding thousands of African children as slaves to dig his cereal mine. Unfortunately, the group is confronted by Franken Berry and Wooldoor, who is now nearly completely brainwashed, though he manages to snap out of it when he realizes the flaws in what he is doing. He attacks the Soggies and Franken Berry which gives Toot enough time to destroy the lair. Franken Berry offers Toot her own cereal if she stops, but Toot easily declines, citing the fact that she's "vindictive". The whole factory explodes, killing Ling-Ling in the process. The Africans are at first happy, but suddenly realize that now they're no longer going to be making three cents an hour and as a result their families will all starve. Toot fires a grappling hook into the sky, which catches the belly of a passing plane, but is crushed after it falls out of the sky and lands on her in a fiery explosion.

Musical number: The theme song from the sitcom Good Times plays twice in the episode: first during the montage where Toot remembers Quackers, and later when Toot and Foxxy discover Captain Hero having sex with General Mills's corpse. "The Best Time of Your Life", the former theme song from the Carousel of Progress attraction at Walt Disney World, also plays multiple times.

Notes and inside references

Animated cameos

Cultural references

  • As stated in the dialogue itself, the party scene where Wooldoor meets the other cereal mascots is a parody of the film Boogie Nights. Just as Toot claims, the dialogue is taken virtually word-for-word, and even some of the characters are drawn to mimic the clothing worn by the actors in the pool scene (i.e., Frankenberry is suddenly wearing a scarf and red suit, Captain Crunch has on orange sunglasses, Trix Rabbit in a pink bikini on skates taking a picture. etc).
  • Quackers is a parody of Daffy Duck.
  • Franken Berry's murdering of Quackers is based on Palpatine from the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars is again referenced by Wooldoor's transformation that parallel's Anakin Skywalker's from Revenge of the Sith
  • During the mascot auditions, the cartoon character donkey Baba Looey jumps up shouting, "Baba Booey", the nickname of Gary Dell'Abate, producer of The Howard Stern Show, whose nickname is derived from the character.
  • It is announced that when Quackers's replacement is chosen, it will be signalled by rainbow smoke rising from a house's smokestacks. This is a reference to the white smoke used to signify that a new Pope has been elected.
  • The Soggies, Cap'n Crunch adversaries, are able become translucent and move through objects exactly as the Twins from the The Matrix Reloaded could. Toot's battle with them is similar to the same film, also the scene where Toot puts the letter in the mailbox is probably a reference to the animatrix.
  • The fifth UPC code is hidden in General Mills's tomb. This is a dual reference to General Mills, the cereal manufacturer, and Grant's Tomb.
  • When Foxxy is woken up during Lucky the Leprechaun's attempt to assassinate Toot, she says, "Someone after me Funyuns." This is a parody of the slogan for Lucky Charms cereal -- "They're always after me Lucky Charms."
  • The scene where General Mills challenges Foxxy and Toot to answer his question is based on the game show Family Feud.
  • When the Soggies chase Foxxy and Toot off a cliff, the two pause, note this, then fall, in a manner similar to many Looney Tunes cartoons, usually involving Wile E. Coyote.
  • Ling-Ling assisting Toot and Foxxy parodies Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • While fleeing the boulder, Foxxy says she'll be the first girl killed by a big fat marshmallow since the Chappaquiddick incident. This refers to a 1969 incident where Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge near Chappaquiddick Island, resulting in the death of his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne.
  • The Good Times Montages, aside from being a montage of stills from the previous scene with the characters having Afros, ends with a painting of the cast in the exact poses as the Good Times characters
  • The song playing in Ling-Ling's car is from the film Kung Fu Hustle.

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