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Kernen im Remstal is a municipality in the Rems-Murr district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located in the Rems valley, 4 km south of Waiblingen, and 11 km east of Stuttgart.

The town Stetten im Remstal belongs to the municipality. Stetten is famous for its wine, in particular the Stettener Riesling Pulvermacher and the Stettener Brotwasser. The Brotwasser lies below the ruins of the Y-Burg castle and is is owned by the Hofkammer, the state wine cellar (Weingut des Hauses Württemberg). It is said that towards the end of the 17th century one of the aristocratic ladies of the Duchy of Württemberg would dip her bread in the Brotwasser (bread water) which she would have filled with wine instead of water, and so the name stuck. Always at least of Kabinett quality, the wine is one of the Stuttgart region's finest specialities. The Y-Burg dates from the 14th century and its ruins are a popular local destination for walkers.

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