Braun, Karl Ferdinand

Braun, Karl Ferdinand

Braun, Karl Ferdinand, 1850-1918, German physicist. Braun taught at the Univ. of Marburg, Strasbourg Univ., Karlsruhe's Technische Hochschule, and the Univ. of Tübingen before being named director of Physics institute at Strasbourg in 1895. He conducted researches in electricity (an electrometer and a cathode-ray tube bear his name) and the transmission of signals by radio waves (wireless telegraphy). For his pioneering work on wireless telegraphy he shared with Marconi the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Braun is a common surname, originating from the German word for the color brown. The name is the 22nd most common family name in Germany. Many German emigrants to the United States also changed their name to Brown (see Brown (surname)).

In German, Braun is pronounced like "brown," as in Dr Wernher von Braun. In English, it is commonly pronounced like "brawn," as in Carol Mosely Braun. Pronunciation is an individual choice and is hard to guess unless one is in a position to hear the person's name spoken.



  • Braun (company), a German electronics and appliance company
  • B. Braun Melsungen, a German medical supplies and drugs company
  • Braun is a traditional British food made from boiling a whole pigs head until the meat and offal are separated from the bone, this is then served set from a mould.

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