Gustavo Assis-Brasil

Gustavo Assis Brasil is a Brazilian jazz guitarist. Based in Boston, he is considered a major pioneer in organizing the study and development of the hybrid picking technique for guitar In 1999 he received a full scholarship to get his Master's degree at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory. His main teachers were Mick Goodrick, Wayne Krantz, Ed Tomassi, Dave Fiuczynski, Rick Peckham, and Larry Baione. He has also studied with Charlie Banacos, and Prasanna. In 2005, Gustavo released the book Hybrid Picking for Guitar. This book is the first method entirely dedicated to the art of combining pick and fingers to play the guitar. He is the director of the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of the The Cambridge School of Weston and he teaches at Berklee College of Music during the Guitar Sessions. He has performed and recorded with artists like John Stowell, Tim Pascoal, Frank Potenza, Richard Smith, Sandro Albert, Hiromi, Tony Grey (John McLaughlin), Prasanna, Greg Hopkins, Brett Wilmott, Garo Saraydarian, Tony Gaboury, Matthew Nicholl, Tim Ries (The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder), Nelson Faria, Renato Pereira (Dionne Warwick Band), Jose Pienasola (Elis Regina, Romero Lubambo, Leny Andrade), Marina Elali, Michael Farquharson, Hiroaki Honshuku, Winnie Dahlgren, Dough Johnson, Natalie Dietrich, Fernando Huergo, among others.


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