brain wave

brain wave

brain wave: see electroencephalography.
Brain Wave is a science fiction novel by Poul Anderson published in 1954. Anderson had said that he could consider it one of his top five books

Plot Summary

Some point of time over a billion years ago the earth moved through an energy field in space. As long as earth was in this field all conductors became more insulating. As a result almost all of the life on earth with neurons died off. The ones that survived passed on their genes for extra conducting neurons. Now in modern times the earth suddenly moves out of the field, within weeks all life on earth becomes about 5 times as intelligent. The novel goes though the triumphs and tribulations of various people and non-human animals and groups on earth after this event. Asimov had a similar concept in his 1950 work Pebble in the Sky.


Some have argued that the book is too short which might have been a result of editor pressure at the time. For example Thomas M. Wagner writes:
"the book does feel somewhat rushed, as well as heavily edited, and I felt there was more Anderson was wanting to tell me. Anderson focuses his plot on a handful of lead characters"


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