boysenberry bush




  • Shrub, a type of woody plant, smaller than normal trees
  • The Bush, a term used in several countries for rural, undeveloped land or country areas
  • Bushcraft, a popular term for wilderness survival skills
  • Bush (mechanical), a mechanical fixing designed to minimize wear between moving parts, or for providing a strengthened fixing point such as in the suspension of a car or other vehicle
  • Bush baby, or galago, a small nocturnal primate
  • A slang term for pubic hair


Members of the United States political Bush family

Other people


United States



  • Short for ambush, transitive verb: the highwaymen bushed the unwary tourists.

Brand names

Media and entertainment

  • Bush Mechanics, a 2001 television documentary featuring an Indigenous Australian take on motor mechanics
  • Bush (band), a popular rock band, named after the Shepherd's Bush district in London
  • Bush (Canadian band), a Canadian band active in the 1970s


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