Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys is a 1935 British comedy film directed by William Beaudine and starring Will Hay, Gordon Harker and Jimmy Hanley.The film is set at Narkover School, where headmaster Doctor Alec Smart (Will Hay) becomes involves in the disappearance of a valuable necklace.

The setting is loosely based on the works of Beachcomber, where Narkover is a school specializing in gambling and extortion, and the headmaster is a "Dr. Smart-Allick".


Production and Reception

His first production for Gainsborough Pictures, the film was a breakthrough role for Will Hay and helped establish him as a film star throughout the British Empire. The role of the bumbling schoolmaster, which he had first developed in his 1920s music hall act, would be reprised in several other Will Hay films. The Radio Times Guide to Films gives Boys Will Be Boys three stars out of five, observing that the film contains "the blend of bluster and disthonesty that makes his films irresistable".


Based on this film, an Australian radio show was made called "Fourth Form at St Percys", which quickly changed it's title to "Yes, what!" The show features a teacher (Percy Pym) who sounded like Will Hay trying to teach a bunch of unruly children, the worst of who are Greenbottle (who sounded like Moore Marriott) and Bottomley. They never quite manage to get through a lesson through endless interruptions which easily lead the teacher astray which leads to punishments (hitting with a stick) being handed out. The shows were about 12 minutes long and normally begin with chimes and; "Good morning boys! Good morning sir" The series lasted from 1935 till 1937 and cost AU$10 an episode to make. Over seventy years later, it is still on a number of radio stations in Australia and is currently available on CD with one of the stars talking about the show.


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